Go get it, you can

Go get it. You can. Are you aware of that? Yes, you can.

Let me ask you: which qualities do you consider the most apt to bring you success?

I can’t say with certainty what your answer will be, but I dare to conjecture you will think of resolve, determination and hard work.

Please, let me know if I am right, close or far from it.

If I quickly thought of these three, it is because they are commonly known sterling qualities that have taken countless people up the ladder of success.

Undoubtedly, they will continue to do so.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if you come up with others like faith and persistence.

Here, I will still agree with you because faith and persistence are amazing forces when married to hard work.

Imagine the persistence of Christopher Columbus; how it contributed enormously to the great discovery that he made and which turned him into an historical figure.

Of course, you could still talk of courage, passion and self confidence. No one, I guess, can boast of any tangible reason to gainsay this.

These are also indisputable qualities that have led people in varied walks of life to success.

We have borne witness, time and again, to what they have done in the lives of people, taking some from total oblivion to superstardom.

You can begin to see why it is said success is not a day’s job.

I laugh when I find people who think they can get up, and in a day, become a top flight. It’s a big mistake.

For sure, it can happen; but that is rare; and an exception has never made the rule.

I say these things to encourage my readers to get to the top. That is precisely what I am here for; and have been in this all my life. When you have the right information or knowledge, you are best placed to make wise choices that will take you to success.

My work is to inspire, motivate, encourage and help people rise to the summit because that is where we all belong.

There is no single normal human being who is not endowed with the potential to soar high in the sky. You are no exception.

What most of us lack is a coach, a mentor, someone to hold our hand, lead us, guide us; encourage us to bring out the best in us.

It is more difficult to succeed without this support.

One thing that gives me real joy is when I find someone with the passion for great exploits. I mean the thirst or hunger to excel; to bring out the best in them.

This passion is a positive indication of what lies ahead for the concerned. Without a burning desire to excel, it becomes difficult to do so.

When you have that passion for success, when the desire to excel is burning in you, then you will begin to search for ways and means to do so; and when you search, of course, as the Bible assures us, you will find.

Let me leave you with three quotes that gave greatly inspired me:

“The path to greatness consists of having a strong and genuine desire, good purpose, and also having good company along the way – people who will help you endure as you walk through life for greatness isn’t a one-time effort, it’s a lifelong habit.” Peter Economy

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness. Some have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare.

“Whoever renders service. to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.” Jim Rohn.

I like you to know you were born into this world for greatness. Greatness is at your reach.


How I like my spouse to be

I like my spouse:

  1. To love me;
  2. To be loving;
  3. To respect me;
  4. To be respecful
  5. To be faithful;
  6. To be honest;
  7. To know how to cook well;
  8. To be clean and neat;
  9. To dress well;
  10. To behave well;
  11. To know how to manage the home wisely;
  12. Not to be extravagant;
  13. Not to be wicked;
  14. To be welcoming;
  15. To have a positive attitude;
  16. To be creative and resourceful;
  17. To know how to apologize when she wrongs me or another person;
  18. To be hardworking;
  19. To love God and be prayerful.
  20. To be modest.

The strongest wings (Be inspired today 88 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you are counting
Who are brilliant,
I am not among them;
If you are counting
Who were born
With silver spoons
In their mouths,
I am not among them;
If you are counting
Who have special favours
At the workplace,
I am not among them,
Yet, If you are counting People
Who will make it big,
I am among them;
You can count on me
To outshine my spoiled mates;
Do you know why?
Though I don’t have
What they have
I have what they lack
And which happens to be
What matters more:
Faith in my future;
A positive attitude;
Passion for my work;
My ability to persist.
I wasn’t born with them.
I cultivated them myself;
And they have placed me
Far ahead of many
Of my mates
Who were born with silver spoons in their mouths;
Or who have powerful godfathers.
I will outdistance them.
Nothing can surpass
Your determibation to succeed;
Your passion for what you do;
Your commitment to hard work;
And your ability to persist.
Without these qualities,
Or God father
Will take you nowhere.
With them you can fly
To any height;
They are the strongest wings
Anyone can have.

An ideal couple

If you are married,
Try to be
An ideal couple;
An ideal husband and wife;
An ideal man and woman;
What do you expect
To find in
An ideal married couple?
Love tops the list;
Where there is love,
There is trust;
There’s fidelity;
There’s self giving;
And there’s oneness.
And they can’t have
All these qualities
Unless they are God-loving;
And prayerful;
God is at the center
Of their marriage;
The binding force;
That cements them together;
To be no longer two,
But one.
An ideal couple,
Is an inspiration
To other couples;
And non couples.
Their love radiates;
And lights up
The whole world around
An ideal couple
Is a role model.

Would you marry someone like this?

If you are not married
Or if you were not married,
And found someone who says:

  1. Everything’s bad;
  2. The country is rotten;
  3. The world is all evil;
  4. Everybody is wicked,
  5. Everybody is dishonest;
  6. The future is all bleak
  7. There’s hope for no one.
  8. Life is meaningless;
  9. Everyone is a hypocrite;
  10. The only good people are dead,

Would you like to marry
Such a person?
What are your reasons?
How do you see the world?
Is it a good or evil world?
Does it have good
Or evil people?
Is there hope or no hope
For the future?
What type of person
Would you like to marry?
What qualities would you like your spouse to have?
Give 20 qualities.
Here are mine:

  1. Kind of heart.
  2. Understanding;
  3. Tolerant.
  4. Positive;
  5. Courageous;
  6. Ambitious;
  7. Determined;
  8. Forgiving;
  9. Hard working;
  10. Frank;
  11. Compromising;
  12. God-fearing;
  13. God-loving;
  14. Prayerful.
  15. Honest;
  16. Faithful.
  17. Committed;
  18. Friendly;
  19. Peace-loving;
  20. Considerate.

Can we have someone with all these qualities? Very hard. To have some is already something.

Can you extract ten from this list? Here are my 10 best from the list.

  1. Kind of heart;
  2. Understanding;
  3. Tolerant;
  4. Forgiving;
  5. God loving;;
  6. God fearing;
  7. Faithful
  8. Honest;
  9. Prayerful
  10. Peace-loving.

Which would you go for if asked to thin down your list to 5?

This is my list:

  1. Kind-hearted;
  2. Understanding;
  3. Tolerant;
  4. Honest;
  5. Faithful.

What you want from others, you should be ready to give to others. Which of these qualities are you ready to cultivate so as to give to your spouse what you would like your spouse to give to you?

The kind of people I like and the kind of people I do not like.

Do you know the kind of people
I like?
Do you like to know the kind of
People I like?
I like:
People who smile;
People who are kind;
People who are generous;
People who understand;
People who are determined;
People who are strong;
People who are courageous;
People who are gentle;
Peopke who fear God;
People who are prayerful;
People who have feelings.
I do not like:
People who are wicked;
People who find fault;
People who are lazy;
People who idle;
People who steal;
People who cheat;
People who are dishonest;
People who are greedy;
Prople who are not toletant;
People who are jealous;
People who are envious;
People who are careless.

What about you? What kind of people do you like? What kind of people do you hate?

I will appreciate if you take off a few minutes and share your thoughts.

The young person who will make it big

Do you know when you meet a young person who will make it big?
I think it’s possible to know;
And very often I know;
But before I tell you,
Tell me what you know;
What does a young person
Who will make it big
Look like?
What are the qualities
That you will find in him?

You will earn 2 likes forbevery quality that is also on my list.

This post will be up for a while to give many people a chance to participate in this activity.

Happy blogging!