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Quality time with you

I want to haveQuality time with you;Time to focus on our love;We will think of nothingElse apart from our love;All our attentionWill focus on us;It will be love time;Are you readyFor this quality time?If you are,Come meet me on the bridge;Let us be on our way.Our quality timeWill take us to a new world;A world…

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Quality Time

It’s time we dash off For our quality time, It’s time to be off And running; To bathe ourselves In a pool Of our love; It’s been quite a while; And I thirst for you. If you thirst for me As I do for you, Let’s be off For good quality time.

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Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #40

How many Dads, Mums and Families have come home from shopping and their excited children have happily or reluctantly put the items in to the fridge, freezer, pantry, storeroom or larder. Whether they do it happily or not, one thing they are interested in is the list on the receipt even though they packed the…

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Lost in your world

I am on my way home; Getting home in a hurry; I want to get home soon; My darling is waiting for me; Does your darling wait for you? That would be good; If not, that’s not normal; And you should be waiting For your darling too; You need quality time together. Do you know…

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