Quote (Journalist)

“Journalists are trained to ask questions. Don’t be surprised if a journalists declines granting an interview. Allow them to do what they have been trained to do: ask questions and get angry if others refuse to answer.” (Romilia quotes)


My Indian friends

What is happening presently
To my Indian friends?
Where are they gone?
I had so many of them;
Many, I do not see;
Have they left or what?
That is what I seek
To know;
Who can give me a gist?
I want a renewal
Of our friendship;
To make it strong again;
To make it wax again;
To make it steam again.
To make it what
It used to be.
Because I loved it
As it was.
It brought me great joy;
Those Indian guys are good;
Just like you.
I value them as I value you.

Take things as they come

I am meditating;
Asking and answering questions;
Life is so complex;
Full of challenges;
But many questions
Seem to have no answers,
One must take things
As they come;
Not as one thinks
They should be.
That is maturity;
Are you mature?
Are you ready to take things
As they come,
And not as
You want them to be?

All the answers are there

What are you looking for?
Are there some questions
That are boggling your mind?
Are you sitting up at night,
Unable to sleep,
And wondering what’s happened
To sleep?
There are answers
To all your worries;
All your questions;
All your doubts;
All your fears;
They are found in one book;
And it’s called Holy Bible;
All the answers are inside;
Where you are coming from;
Where you are going;
Who made you;
Why did God make you?
Who made heaven and earth?
Why you are rich or poor;
Why you live the life you live, etc, etc;
The answers are there

Questions of life

Each time I think
About life,
Many questions come
To my mind;
I cannot find Answers
To many of them;
Life has many
Unanswered questions;
But that should not
Keep us worried;
That’s how life is meant
To be;
You will find answers
To some of questions
That boogle your mind;
But to many,
You will find no answers.
And there is nothing
You can do about;
You have to take it.
And let life continue.
Nothing is wrong
With seeking to know;
But do not think
You can find all the answers.
And don’t say because
You don’t find an answer
It does not exist.
The complexity of life.

Give it a kick (Be inspired today 282 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Many questions are passing
Through my mind;
Questions that I cannot answer;
I wonder who can answer them;
I will be happy if you do;
And if you can do, let me know;
We live in a complex world;
Therein lies my first question;
Why is the world so complex?
Why is life such a zigzag line?
Instead of going straight;
It goes bending left and right;
How do we put it straight?
If you answer these core ones,
Before I ask you more.
I wait to hear from you.
Since the ball has rolled to you;
Waiting that you give it a kick.

What do you want?

When the sun is hot,
“Oh! It’s too hot.”
When winter comes,
“Oh! It’s too cold.”
When it’s dry season;
“Oh! places are too dry.”
When places are wet,
“Oh! it’s too wet.”
When there’s no sun,
“Oh! where’s the sun?”
When there’s no rain,
“Oh! where’s the rain?
When a leader is strong,
“Oh, what a wicked leader!”
When a leader us soft,
“Oh! what a weak leader!”
What a world!
Oh! What a world!
Complaining world.
What do you want?

Answering Ten Of Google’s Most searched Questions About Blind People

What do people do when they don’t know the answer to a question these days?

They ask Google.

My Google Search Terms:

  • Blind people.
  • Questions about blindness.

Some of the asks within the top ten returned results, under the ‘people also ask’ heading of these searches weren’t different questions, merely rephrased ones. Between the two searches, I managed to find some of the top googled questions about blind people, and I’m here to answer them, because as you all know, I am a blind person, and I love to talk. So, let’s do this!

Answering Ten Of Google’s Most Searched Questions About Blind People

In order of how they were found.

1. Do blind people see black?

It’s a very common misconception that individuals who are considered totally blind see only blackness. Some do, but that’s rarer than you might think. The spectrum of visual impairment is huge. You can be considered legally blind and still be able to read print and navigate with no assistance whatsoever, or you can be legally blind without being able to see anything much at all. Most blind people do have some residual sight, be it the ability to see mere light and dark, shades and shadows of things, contrasts and indistinct shapes, etc.

So, the short answer is no. Not all blind people see black. Some do, some see whiteness or a world of fog, but many who consider themselves totally blind are not, in fact, living in darkness.

Head on over here for the rest of it!

Do you know why?

questions answers signage

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do you know why
Success is so hard
To come by?
I know why
And I will tell you.

Do you know why
Many people fail
In life?
I know why
And I can tell you.

Do you know why
Many people work hard
But do not succeed?
I know why
And I will tell you.

People who work hard
The wrong way
Do not succeed.
Anything wrongly done,
Will never bring
The desired results.

You get results only
By doing what brings results;
You do not get results
By doing what doesn’t bring