Who says ” don’t quit”?

You’ve heard don’t quit;
You’ve heard stick to it;
Who has not heard that?
It’s been said repeatedly;
And it is sound advice;
It is a well known truth
That quitters don’t win;
And winners don’t quit;
But, there’s a but there;
There are times when
You must quit;
There are times when
You find that quitting is
The wisest thing to do;
That you will lose if you
don’t quit:
That is
When you are running
On the wrong road;
When you are pursuing
A wrong goal;
When you are holding
A wrong belief;
When you quit or suffer;
When you realize a belief
You have grown with,
And hold strongly is
A wrong belief,
And won’t take you
To where you want to go?
Surely, you have to quit;
You must get rid of it;
If not, it will block you;
So quitting becomes
The right thing to do.
So tell me:
Who says “don’t quit”?

If you don’t quit

You not only have found
The secret of success,
You are actually using it
If you work hard
And don’t quit
When the sky changes colors,
Turning from bright to dark;
When a hot day
Suddenly becomes cold;
Or, from a cosy armchair,
You find yourself sitting
On mud,
And yet refuse to budge an inch.
I like such a horse;
There is no magic wand
That lifts people
To the top on this planet
That I have come across;
The only lever I know
Is hard work happily
Married to persistence.
Let this couple never lack
In your entourage,
No matter the purpose
of your journey
And your destination;
If you call them
Brave soldiers in your war
Against failure,
I will not contest.
Since I know no door
They have failed to open.
What I tell my people is:
Work hard and don’t quit.
That is the Master Key.
If you quit you lose;
If you dont quit, you win.

Be wise and quit

We are told when we fail, to try and try again until we succeed.

I subscribe to this.

Winners never give up but keep on trying until they succeed.

Everybody ought to know this.

At the same time, wisdom calls us to know when to give up; and when to keep going.

It is not at all times you keep going.

It may be that which you want is not what God wants for you; and that may be why it is not coming despite your efforts.

You should be able to read the writing on the wall; read the signs of the times; and act accordingly.

That may be God at work.

You cannot ignore what God is telling you.

God speaks clearly to those who know His voice. But to those who don’t, what he says is noise.

Blessed are those who know their Master’s voice.

They are the ones who will gain the Master’s reward when they hear his voice and follow him.

So when its not coming because the Master wants you to quit rather than stay on, please do.

Rest and continue (Be inspired today 403 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Finish whatever you start;
Do not start and quit
When you have not finished;
To do that is to become
A quitter;
And as we all know,
Quitters never win;
And winners never quit;
Quitters are losers;
Losers are quitters;
Don’t make yourself a loser;
Make yourself a winner;
Hence, if you start a thing,
Do not stop until you finish.
And if you must stop,
Do dol only to rest;
After which you continue;
Till you cross the winning line;
Or the final whistle goes.

“Don’t quit” (Solidarity Bloggers’ Forum No.35 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You have heard many times
"Don't quit";
You already know
"The winner never quits,
And the quitter never wins";
Is it worth it reading another post
Which is out to urge you  not to quit?
Read this post Don't quit,
By Julie Barbera to find out.
You may recall
That we already met Julie;
And if you are like me,
You enjoyed her work;
Trust me
You will get something big
If you take time and read
Don't quit.

Stay there till you win

One battle lost;
Stay there;
Struggle continues;
Stay there,
Till you win;
Two battles lost;
Stay there;
Struggle continues;
Stay there,
Till you win;
Three battles lost;
Shouldn’t one give up?
Not at all,
Stay there;
Struggle continues;
Stay there,
Till you win;
If you want to win;
Let nothing stop you;
Haven’t you heard?
“The winner never quits;
The quitter never wins.”
Once you start,
Stay there,
Till you win.
Don’t rush to quit;
If victory be your aim,
Let your motto be:
Stay there
Till you win.

Did you get me?

If you haven’t had it,
I mean to have
Your desired results
In your hunting bag,
Do not just tell me
You want to quit;
You cannot say that;
How can you start
A project and leave it
Half way.
Push it right to the end.
And don’t go for crumbs;
Go for something juicy.
Don’t go on your knees;
Stand up straight;
Don’t crawl when you are
Fully equipped with wings
To fly;
And don’t fly low
When you can fly high;
That is my advice to you;
Don’t tell me
You are quitting;
That is the way the cowards
And the losers go;
Stay put till you win.