Challenge (Quote)

“Once and for all, you need to know that however formidable the challenge you are facing, it is nothing compared to the immense inner strength which your Creator has put in you to overcome it. ” (Romilia Quotes)


Quote (claiming victory)

Some people declare victory in a competition when it is till to begin. Many times people have made such declarations just to go in and be very badly defeated.

It is advisable never to underestimate our opponent in the boxing ring. This holds same for all situations like football, conflict, war, election and what have you?

It is only at the end that we can know who has won.

Quote (Democrat)

Do you often try to impose your ideas on others? That would be a sign of a not-well-developed personality.

You cannot impose your will on others. You cannot compel others to see things the way you see them or to act only as you want.

The human being likes to be free and act freely. The only thing that should control human beings in society is the law, both man made and divine.

The world keeps on watching out lest among us humans emerge individuals with the dream to capture, dominate and impose on others.

If you sense a desire in you to impose your will on others, check yourself. A stitch in time saves nine.

The ideal society is a democratic society where the will of the people prevails.

To have a democratic society, we need democrats. Are you a democrat or a dictator?