Good Morning! #Feb18


At a complete loss

I am at a complete loss;
I don’t know what to believe,
And where
The world is heading to;
We are all quarreling
With one another;
Fighting with one another;
Destroying one another;
Killing one another;
All because we are not
Just to one another.
Injustice is our problem;
We are always trying
To cheat;
And nobody likes
To be cheated;
Can’t we save the world?
Can’t we save the human race?
If we are not careful,
We will extinct the human race;
By fighting
And destroying one another.

Stop comparing and competing and envying others

Stop comparing yourself with others;
Stop competing with others;
Don’t envy another;
Go at your own pace;
Run your own race;
There’s no first;
There’s no last;
There’s no loser;
There are only winners;
We all are winners;
You are a winner in your time zone;
Your time zone is you time zone;
Different from every other person’s time zone.
You are a winner in your own way;
Some live to old age;
Some die young;
Some die before they are born;
Where some are starting,
Others are ending;
Obama retired as President at 55;
Trump started as president at 72;
A man became CEO at 25;
Was hailed as the smartest guy in all the world;
But he lost his job at 40;
And died at 50, a wrenched man;
The press described him as
The dumbest person who ever lived;
Another picked up his first job
At 40;
Became CEO at 50;
Rose to the highest office at 60;
And lived up to 90.
A fellow graduated as the valedictorian and was hailed all over the country but ended 25 years later on the payroll of the one who barely clinched a pass.
Don’t compare;
Don’t compete;
Life is not a race;
Life is not a competition;
Life is not only for the swiftest;
The roads are many;
We go at different paces;
And must only arrive at our own time;
No need to compare;
No need to compete;
No reason to compare;
No reason to compete;
Run your own race;
Run nothing but your own race.
You will arrive
When you are due to arrive.

We are the same people

Don’t shove me aside;
We are the same people;
We don’t come
From the same place;
We are separated by many hills,
Valleys and rivers;
You don’t speak my language;
I don’t speak your language;
But we remain closely knit together;
Made by the same Creator;
With the same human qualities;
The same likes and dislikes;
The same basic feelings;
The same basic needs
And the same basic aspirations;
Why do you think
I am different from you?
Although I am far away, I am your brother;
Although you don’t now me, I am your brother.
We are all brothers and sisters
Regardless of where we are born,
Where we live,
Our language,
Our culture,
Our religion
And our color.

That’s life

This is one of my favorite thoughts:

“It is not at the start of a race that the winner is known. It is at the end.”

You see this everyday don’t you? The person who is ahead in the race may be overtaken. The person at the bottom in life today may be at the top tomorrow.

The fact that you are down should not stop you from fighting on. Even if you are the last in the race, continue to run. You cannot say what may happen and propel you to the winning point first. That’s life.

We don’t want racial conflict

Racial conflict, we do not want;
Racial conflict, we condemn;
Racial conflict is a shame;
Racial conflict should be discouraged;
Racial conflict is evil;
Racial conflict is promoted by uneducated minds;
Racial conflict tears society apart;
Racial conflict is against the will of God;
Racial conflict is not in line with any good religion;
Racial conflict is doomed to die.

Do you agree or disagree?
Who can say what is wrong with racial conflict?