Poor village boy (Be inspired today 391 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

What attracts you
To the poor village boy?
Surely, not his poverty;
What is attractive about poverty?
It must be his toughness;
His resilience;
His ability to sail through
The rough,stormy sea of poverty,
To the safe shores of riches;
Braving it through
The fearpacked tunnel of darkness
To the bright land of riches
And success;
His determination;
His faith;
His effort;
And his spirit of perseverance;
To stick to it;
To persist
Are what have installed him
In the ivory tower
Of the esteem of others.


Laiky’s amazing story (Be inspired today 360 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When I first knew Laiky, he was sitting on mud. I don’t know if he ate some of it, but he had no source of food. He permanently starved.

Do I say he was lost? That would be for lack of a better description.

Honestly, I felt so sorry for him. The world did not seem to want him.

Had you seen him, I feel convinced you would have felt like me.

I really thought it would have been better he had not been born.

Thirty years have gone by. That memory never left me until recently. I carried it along, feeling sorry that the world should have people like that.

But do you know what? Who are we to question God? I just got to ask myself that rhetorical question.

God works in miraculous ways. It is hard to understand his mysterious ways. At times you think he is going west when he is actually going east. At times he is going North but arrives in the South.

In common parlance we say God writes straight on crooked lines. Some will say he rides straight on crooked lanes. That says it all.

He wrote straight on Laiky’s crooked line. When I saw him after thirty years, you cannot begin to guess where he was.

I bet that the furthest stretch of your imagination is not likely to give you the right answer.

Today, Laiky is my President. The President of our country. The man I pitied so much for sitting on mud is my President. He lives in a palace.

I can’t just start to believe. It is more like a fairy tale to me. I know it may not mean much to you because you do not know him; where he is coming from. You have only learned about him; but I am talking about someone I know.

I wonder if he himself remembers he ever sat on mud. Can he recall how it was when he now lives in an ivory tower?

I am still to take time to go step by step to understand how and when the magical transformation occurred.

What I can say already is that miracles do occur; and moving from rags to riches is a possibility for every normal human being.

If I happen to get details of this story, I cannot keep from you. It has so much inspired me.

What I take home from it, and hope it is your take home also, is that anyone can rise from rags to riches. You can go from the bottom of the mountain to the top.

Another way of putting it, you can go from oblivion to prominence. You can go from the foot of the ladder to the last rung; from an unknown quantity to a world renowned figure.

This is not mere fiction. It’s reality. With God, everything is possible.

From prison to throne?

Yes! A prisoner can take the throne. More precisely, one can go from prison to the throne.

“Any man may rise from poverty to become king of his country, or go from prison to the throne.” Eccl.4:13-14.

We see this,  don’t we?

There are thousands, if not millions of rags-to-riches stories in the world. There are people among us today, who were unable to afford a meal a day in their childhood days, but who today are billionaires. If they are able to do it, any other person can do it; and why not you? You can, if you want to; and believe you can. I won’t tell you how until you want it enough to ask me. You may do that in the comment column.

The other part of the quotation is also true. Those who know the legendary Nelson Mandela know this was what happened to him. He left prison to the throne and ended up as one of the greatest men in the world. People go from mud to ivory towers.

There is no excuse for you not to become the person you like to become. Do you want to become rich? Do you want to get to a throne tomorrow? Do you want to live in an ivory tower? These may look like impossible dreams to you but they are not. There are people today who look like they may never become anything but who will achieve them tomorrow.

You could be one of them.

Do you know the only person standing on your way? It’s you. If you decide now what you want to become and throw your full weight in it, you will surely succeed. If you don’t get exactly what you want, you will get something better that God has reserved for you.

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“He is great who feeds other minds. He is great who inspires others to think for themselves” (Elbert Hubbard).

“no man is truly great who is great only in his lifetime. The test of greatness is the pages of history” (William Hazlitt).


Do you know about the unfailing law of giving? Do you like to give or you only like to receive?

There is an unfailing law of giving which I would like to share with you.

Many people like to receive but do not like to give.

They want God to give them blessings  but when it comes for them to give to God, they either do it grumbling or they do not give at all.

There are people who want friends to give them love, presents and time. When it comes for them to give love, presents and time to these same friends or others, they either do it unwillingly or they do not do it at all.

There are people who are happy when others stand by them when they are in trouble. When it comes for them to stand by others when they are in trouble, they are not ready to do it or they do it grumbling.

There are people who see the good things of life going to others; and they do not understand why they are not also coming to them.

There is one thing that’s important to know about life. The secret of receiving is giving. If you do not give to people, people will not give to you.

In my village we say “He that eats alone dies alone. If you want to receive , learn to give. It is a law that never fails.

You may receive without giving for a time but soon you must stop receiving. Failing to give cuts off the flow of things to you.


Today we end our story “”The life of a poor village boy.”

As Che Sama’s businesses grew, he opened more stores. Having built his own house, he thought it necessary to take in a wife and start having children. When he got to the village it was easy to find a girl to marry. She was called Aleyubi – a strong, dynamic, intelligent and hardworking girl.

She got up early everyday to start working. On some days, in fact, she got up earlier. She had the double duty of selling in one of their stores and keeping the home.
Che Sama and Aleyubi worked so hard that in three years, their account in the bank read ten million cfa francs (5000 USD). That was much money at the time. Their life changed and they began to enjoy the respect of the people of their village. Those who had earlier treated him shabbily began to treat him with respect. Some of them even went to him for financial help whenever they were in need.  He readily helped.

Here ends our story “The life of a poor village boy.” You may go here to see how this story started and put it side by side with its end. Then share the lessons that you draw from it.

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The life of a poor village boy

six boys standing near trees and houses photo takenToday We begin the story of Che Zama and his struggles. It was not easy for Zama. He had many obstacles in his life.
 How did he end? That is what we shall see.

 Che Zama struggles through school

Che Zama was born in a very poor family.  His parents were unable to send him to secondary school. It had not been easy for him to go through primary school. His parents had found it hard to pay his school fees, not to talk of buying his books and other school needs. For the seven years that he was in school, he had neither text books nor exercise books. He did not even have a pen to write. He used sharpened sticks to write.

In those days, children in the senior primary section used pen holders to write. The pen-holder would be dipped into ink and then used to write. Since Che’s parents could not afford a pen-holder, he would sharpen a stick or a piece of the outer skin of a dry bamboo, and use to write.  While the other  pupils dipped their pen-holders into ink and used to write, he would dip his  sharpened stick; and that served the same purpose.

You needed to see Che’s uniform. It was old and torn. His whole appearance smacked of misery.

Che Zama passes with flying colors

Despite the difficulties that Che Zama faced, surprisingly, he passed the First school Leaving certificate Examination at the end of his course with flying colors.

Many of the children from rich homes failed. Che’s success earned for him respect and admiration in the village.

Che is admitted in a prestigious secondary school

He also had easy admission into secondary school.  It was not just any secondary school.  It was the most prestigious secondary school in the country.

There is confusion in the village

The news of his admission into this wonderful school was broken, it threw the village into confusion when.  That became the talk of the day. Nobody could believe that the son of a wretched man like Mr. Ekema would go to  such an outstanding school.

The is a problem of money

Everybody waited to see the magic that the man would use to get the fees to send the boy to such a school. Behind his back, they said nasty things about him.  They even said they were sure the boy would not go anywhere.

Money is found

Happily, after a hard struggle, the school fee was found and Che was poised to go. He was the happiest child in the village when it became clear that he would go. He thanked God that his father had worked hard and had the fees although it was only for the first term.

The villagers, on their part, were at a loss about what they were seeing.  They began to say all types of things to run down Mr. Ekema.  Mr. Akema did not mind it when he heard what they said. He was happy and proud that his son would go to college. He would be the first boy in the village to go to college.

Che Zama goes to school

When the day came, Che went. That was the best day in his life. He met other boys from other schools and they began to live and study together .  It was a boarding school. He had never experienced boarding school life before and so in some ways it was difficult; but on the whole he enjoyed it very much.

Che Zama leaves school

Unfortunately, Che’s joy and that of his family was short-lived. He only tasted secondary school for a short time. At the start of the third term, he was forced to leave for good because his father could not afford to pay the fees for that term.

Che’s sadness the day he was leaving could not be measured. You could touch it. He was down cast as he carried his blank box home. When he thought of how he would miss his lessons tears rolled down his cheeks. He had wanted to come out on top in the exam that term.

Although he hoped his father would struggle for him to return to school, he was worried. Many of his classmates shared his sadness and worry. Some comforted him saying they hoped it would not be long before he returned to join them in school.

Che Zama never returns to school

That ended up as wishful thinking. Che never returned to school. School had ended for him.

It is fifty years today.  Che has never met some of those classmates he left behind on that day. These include the boy who sat closest to him in class and the one whose bed was closest to his in the dormitory.  Both were his best friends; and they had great dreams together for their lives.

Che Zama returns to village life

Che got back home to join the other poor children whose own parents had also been unable to send them to school. After two months, when he did not return to school, he knew he would never do so again. His life style changed. He would get up in the morning, loiter around their home, do a few things around the compound and go to play with his friends.  At times, he would join them to move up and down and idle away their time.

On some days,  he and his friends would go hunting or setting traps to catch bush animals….CONTINUED ON TUESDAY 16 SEPT. 2014 in New on Success inspirer as Our Story of the day..