Will a shower do?

I need a warm not cold shower;
To wash off the debris
Of the crumbled edifice
Of our once towering love;
So hard it was printed
In my heart;
Now, its hard to erase.
I think of you
When what I most need
Is to forget of you;
What kind of indelible ink
Dud you use
To print yourself
In my heart?
Will a shower do
To wipe it off?
Or I need a downpour
Of rain
To wash me clean of you?


Tears and smiles

Look at your tears;
And look at your smiles;
Put them side by side;
And compare the two;
Tears are the rain
That your eyes pour out
To wet and mess your day;
Smiles are the light
That your lips emit;
To shine up your day;
And make it gay and happy;
Who can doubt
What choice to make
Between the two?
I go for smiles
What about you?
What do you go for?

The rain is over

The rain is over;
There is sunshine;
The weather is bright;
No more tears;
No more crying;
But laughter all the way;
Darkness is gone;
And brightness is here;
Light has come.
Let’s go out,
Into the yard
And play!
This bright weather
Is a gift from God.
But won’t be there forever;
Let’s enjoy it now.
Sing a song of joy;
Shout out loud!
Blow the trumpet;
Let all the world come
Celebrate with us.

~S P L A S H~

       ~S P L A S H~
The Pigeon enjoying the season’s #FirstRain & it caught my attention the moment rain stopped.

It’s a pleasure to watch these birds enjoying their winged instinct.But our environment is going harsh day by day for these birds who won’t have…

 “air-conditioner to cool them off”


“let’s save our planet 🌎 and make it a #SafeHeaven for all animals as well as birds”

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