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My last post for 2016

Thumbs up to all of you, lovely friends;
You were all sweeties in 2016;
Your light shone most brightly around here;
May the light from heaven shine on you
Throughout 2017 wherever you go!
May you shine brightly like a star
In your communities and beyond;
Thank you for creating space
In your heart for me in 2016;
For that was exactly what you did
Each time you clicked on this site;
I cherish all of you, the readers,
The authors, the special friends;
Many of you worked so hard for this site;
Aren’t you such sweet darlings!
I will always think fondly of you;
I will pray for you;
I love you so much;
Bye for now;
Until 2017.

Everyone’s life a story

What’s your story today?

How many have you told today?

Did you write or tell it today?

Like our ancestors did before us in the yesterdays,

Everyone’s life makes a story day by day,

Whatever the genre, no one ever gets bored any day,

That’s why we continue in a new form, called blog, these days,

And answer to the Daily Post one-word prompt and post a day,

Hear ye, hear ye, followers, authors and readers solidarity wins each and all day.


Written by Guest Author


How many are for your?

The world has 7 billion people?
How many of them know you?
How many of them like you?
How many of them can you get to like what you are doing?
How many of them can you win for yourself?
How many of them can you get to listen to you?
How many of them can you get to follow you?
Not easy, isn’t?
That is a challenge.

The secret billionaires hide; How it was discovered by a wretched man who used it to become a billionaire.

I know you are reading this in the hope of getting the secret talked about in the title of this post. The title has caught your attention. Catchy titles catch the attention of readers. They raise in the reader a desire to read the post; and in most cases the reader will begin to read it.

Almost everybody likes to be rich. Some people like to be very rich; and some just moderately rich. Hence, being able to get more riches to live a good life is the aspiration of almost all.

You will be disappointed because I don’t have a secret billionaires hide to give you. What I have actually set out to give you here is a secret of drawing more readers to your site (disappointed?). I have used this title as an example of a catchy title that can draw readers to your site.

One of the key secrets of drawing readers to your site is catchy titles for your posts. The fact that I used a title which is not true is not to encourage anyone to make deceitful titles. It is because it perfectly makes the point I want to make. Make catchy titles; but make sure they are truthful. This deceitful title is an exception on this blog to drive home a point.

If you make deceitful catchy titles regularly you will be seen as dishonest and people will run away from you. No one likes to do business with someone they cannot trust? Therefore, do not promise heaven and earth in your titles when you will not offer it in the content.

Good titles are short; but if it demands that the title be long in order to get the effect that you want, as the title of this post, let it be.

What’s important is to let the title resonate with the reader. Let it show that the content of the post is important to them.

Spend time to work on your titles and you will become better and better. It is a worthwhile effort to make. If you have the best content but your titles are not catchy, very few people will come to your site. It will be like having an excellent product but unable to package it nicely and market it well. It will remain in the store for ever.

Good titling is good communication. Communication is the key to success in marketing. If you communicate well to potential buyers about your product, you will stand a good chance that it will be bought. If you do not, do not hope to make good sales.

Therefore pay more attention to your titles. Make them as catchy as you can. You will reap the fruits.

Kindly tell me how you felt when you saw the title of this post; and how you feel now knowing it has nothing to do with what it claims to offer. Are you satisfied that I used a title like this to make the point I have made here?

Seven countries that matter

There are seven countries that matter to me today. Do you like to know them?
They are:

    The United Sates of America;
    United Kingdom;

My friends from these countries visited me today and I am grateful. Thank you dear friends. You visited when I was away from home. I like you to know I appreciate.

I know more friends are on their way to visit me. I am grateful. You will hear from me before the end of the day.

Enjoy the day!