The ‘MUSIC & ART MIX’ Series – Part 33

Continuing with part 33 of the ‘MUSIC & ART MIX’ Series from the Michel Montecrossa Blog featuring songs, paintings, movies and photos by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali – find more music & art in the original blog post on the Michel Montecrossa Blog here

Michel Montecrossa’s Electronica-Dance track ‘Sign Of The Future’

Preview: Michel Montecrossa’s ‘The Pulse Of Europe’ Concert for the Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2017 in Mirapuri

Michel Montecrossa’s painting ‘Reading The Book’

Description: ‘Reading The Book’, Miravillage, 2013, acryl & Ink on paper, 56 x 41 cm

Photo by Mirakali – Sea Of Clouds In Winter

More songs and movies:

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Song ‘Dreaming Of Peace’ by Mirakali

Listen to Mirakali’s Song ‘Dreaming Of Peace’

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Michel Montecrossa says about Mirakali’s music:
“Mirakali is a stunning electronica singer and songwriter with a warm and brilliant female power expressing itself in her music and lyrics, dedicated to love, peace, freedom and a deep sense of humanity. Her futuristic dynamic creations are moving beyond all conformity in the free air of vision and the high art of a wonderful personality.”

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Image above: Mirakali reading one of her peace-poems at Michel Montecrossa’s ’End All Your Wars – Beendet All Eure Kriege’ Concert of 1st November 2015 in the Salon Irkutsk at Munich, Germany that you can read about here

Surprise: FREE Book Download Day 31.10.16 #romance #amreading

Afternoon all!

Happy Halloween. Just stopping by to share with you that today is a free download day for my romantic suspense novel, on Amazon. Hope you enjoy, so far it’s received 5 star reviews.

Book blurb:

In A Stranger in France readers are taken on a fast paced, modern day romantic journey, that spans between the city of London, the glitz and glam of France, and the beautiful English coast in a gripping romantic story, between two complete strangers with enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat turning pages.

When career driven and successful thirty- two-year-old London born Kate Brown faces hard times in her marriage, she confides in her best friend Tanya Adams in Marseille southern France. Kate makes a bold move and spends two weeks in Marseille away from her husband in London. Her path crosses with tall, dark, devilishly handsome and wealthy Nicholas D’Coix. An immigrant to France from the Ivory Coast west Africa as a young boy, who turned himself around and built up an empire of wealth as a hustler and money maker, and now one of Paris’ top three entrepreneurs. In a whirlwind of sexy, lustful romance Nicholas and Kate fall in love.

Kate returns to London to a few surprises of her own, and still very much in love with Nicholas as she makes yet another bold life changing move. Touching on real life issues these two strong characters battle it out against all the odds in the name of love, across the UK and France.

Download here  Amazon   author site


The secret code to writing a best seller

Is there such a thing as a secret code to a best seller or is it a myth?

Well I decided to conduct some research to find answers and stumbled across some very interesting advice from various authors. The likes of Stephen King, Sylvia Day, Archer and Jockers (you get the idea).

‘An arresting opening line is crucial to ensnaring an audience’

I agree, absolutely spot on, it is the opening of the book and even first line which captures or ensnares the audience. Personally for me; the opening of a book is a deciding factor whether I will read further on or not. I often give the author many opportunities before I finally decide to abandon a book(which is pretty much towards the end of it).

Whilst Stephen King elaborates a little; 

‘You should focus not on plot but situation, the most interesting of which can be expressed as a ‘what-if?’ question. Go easy on the research, beware of dialogue, and remember that people love reading about work. “God knows why but they do”.

Work, hmm, maybe it’s because they would like to relate to it in a way(I think).

Another interesting piece of advice by one of the authors Jeffery Archer; 

 ‘Just make sure the reader has to turn each page, desperate to find out what happens next. It’s that easy’ – Jeffrey Archer

We all have been there, enjoyed good books and still do, where we are eager to find out, what happens next, curiosity doesn’t just kill the cat, it pretty much kills us too. 

To read the full article, click ~ The Secret code to writing a best seller


Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #24

Good Day to you all.  After I finished tidying up my energy reserves seem to be depleted.  I tried doing some exercises, that didn’t help.  So an early Elevenses was call for, an Omelette with Wholemeal Seeded Toast, some Grapes and a Hot Lemon and Honey Drink.  The tiredness was still there, it was then I remembered that I was awake very early with a need to pray, to warfare.

It was a conscious decision to sit and rest, and at the same time to catch up on the two newspapers I had put aside to read.  Its been ages since I read one properly, I had indulged myself with the usual motions of flicking through the pages quickly but this time I’d rather take my your time to read cover to cover.  I ended up nodding off.

Sometimes there’s no use fighting off sleep. If you need a Siesta, do have one, you’ll find you feel better afterwards.

See what I just learned

If you don’t learn everyday,
Tel me how you grow;
If you don’t read what others write,
Tell me how you grow;
If you are not a solidarity blogger,
Tell me how you grow;
We grow by learning;
We learn when we read
What others write;
See what I just read;
Great blogging tips;
We grow faster in blogging
Through solidarity blogging.
Don’t waste time;
Do the right thing
And grow.
Ask anything you don’t know.

Who is having it easy?

I have just been wondering who is having it easy with their blogs. Or does everybody struggle like me?

I find the challenges rather too many – writing posts, reading what fellow bloggers have written, liking or commenting, accepting awards, participating in different activities, answering comments on my own posts etc; and at the end of the day very little to write home about.

Honestly, I often get quite lost and guilty because I cannot return the visits of many friends; and in anger, I guess, some abandon me. I fully understand them.

When I looked at it all, I have been wondering if some people are coping. Of course, Many must. We all have different capacities and abilities. As I said in a recent post, what I cannot do I should not assume that no other can do. Others are doing it.

That is why I raise this. If anyone could give me some encouraging words and some advice here, you can be sure I will highly appreciate and never forget.

Who is giving me their support?

Reading inspirational books

Books are a great source of inspiration. Do you read books for inspiration? There are books that will fire you up to go for your dreams. I have read many of such books. Sometimes I get so inspired by them that I read from the beginning to the end without blinking.

There are books I have read and felt like going out to town to shout to the world to know that greatness is possible to anyone who so desires. When I find such books, I like to share them with others. I believe that if they can inspire me, they can equally inspire others.

My best stories in these inspirational books are those of self-made men and women who, from nothing make themselves great. Their lives teach us that you don’t sit and wait for greatness to be tossed at you. You make yourself great. From scratch, you can get to the top.

We see this every day. We see people who leave the bottom and get right to the top;    mImFree_Cover Vorderseite

people you couldn’t have imagined would ever amount to anything rising to unbelievable heights.

If you take some of the super stars that we know today, they were just ordinary men and women yesterday; but by dint of faith in themselves, hard work and persistence, they fought their way to the top.

Stories like this fill the pages of books. Read as many of them as you can and let them inspire you to go after your own dreams.

Share your strategy

We grow when we share knowledge, don’t we?

I have a problem. As my blog grows, I find it more and more difficult to read all of your posts. Too much to read. Yet you so kindly read mine. I struggle; but find that I can only read a limited number a day.

What is your strategy to read what fellow bloggers are writing?

I will appreciate your sharing.