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Ready for the day

I am ready to go; Ready for the day; I am upbeat; Not that everything is good; But I am focusing on the good; All will never be good; But you can always focus On the good and feel good; It’s a decision; a choice. I have chosen The positive option; And so I am…

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Try to be ever ready

What will happen to you If you are not ready When the Lord shall come? This is a question to ask yourself; Have you ever done so? We have to be ready; You get ready; And I get ready, While we wait for the Lord To come. The Lord himself commanded: “You must be ready;…

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I am ready to wait

No matter how long it takes, For me to achieve my goal, I am ready to wait; No matter how much effort I am required to put in To succeed, I am ready to put it in; No matter how many times I fall on my way to success, I am ready to get up…

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If you are ready?

Are you ready For the race to success? Are you ready To double your effort? Are you ready To do what it takes? Are you ready To do the right thing? Are you ready To persist? Are you ready To rise when you fall? Are you ready To go the extra mile? Are you ready…

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Arm yourself

Equip yourself for success; When you get up In the morning, Arm yourself For the day Before you go out. If you are going To hunt, Get your gun, spear, And hunting bag; If you are going To fish, Get you hooks Or fishing net; If you are going To school, Be sure you have…

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Are you ready?

Are you ready for today?Are you ready to face the challenges?Are you ready to weather the storms?As for me,I am ready;Whatever comes,I am ready;Whether rain or sun,I am ready;Whether darkness or light,I am ready;So you better be ready.

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I am ready to go

I am ready;I am readyTo go;I am readyTo goFor my dreams;I am readyTo goWhere it is necessaryTo go;I am readyAnd determined;I am readyTo persistUntil I have whatI want.I urge you to beLike me;And do like me;You will get greatResults.

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