I am ready

I am ready
For the new year;
I am ready
To dive into it;
I am ready
To take a calculated risk;
I am ready
To surrender myself
To God;
I am ready
To face the bull
By the horns;
I am ready for it.
I am ready
To do what is right
And face the conse

Are you ready? (Be inspired today 295 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Get ready for the day;
Are you ready?
Today has come
With all its challenges;
And you must be ready
For them;
If God wills it,
You will find moments
That will thrill you;
But don’t be deceived;
That cannot be all.
As you are thrilled,
You shall be challenged;
That is the law of life;
The unchangeable law
Of life.
So my good friend,
Make sure you are ready
For today.

Quote (Death)

“A mistake many of us make is we often think only other people can die suddenly through an accident or heart attack; that we are exempted from such unexpected death. This is wrong. Death can come to anybody at any time. This is true for all human beings on earth including you. You may not die the next minute but you could also die. Hence, you must always be ready.” (Romilia Quote)

Ready for the day

I am ready to go;
Ready for the day;
I am upbeat;
Not that everything is good;
But I am focusing on the good;
All will never be good;
But you can always focus
On the good and feel good;
It’s a decision; a choice.
I have chosen
The positive option;
And so I am ready for my day.
Don’t wait until all is moving
Before you start feeling good;
You will never feel good;
Feel good where you are right now,
Regardless of how
The pot is boiling for you.

Try to be ever ready

What will happen to you
If you are not ready
When the Lord shall come?
This is a question to ask yourself;
Have you ever done so?
We have to be ready;
You get ready;
And I get ready,
While we wait for the Lord
To come.
The Lord himself commanded:
“You must be ready;
For the Son of Man is coming
at an hour when you do not
think He will.” (Matt. 24:42-44).
You must “be dressed in readiness,
and keep your lamps lit.(Lk. 12:35-40)
Get yourself ready
To do what you must do;
If you are ready,
You will do it well.
If you are not ready,
It is doubtful if you do it well;
Try to be ever ready.

I am ready to wait

No matter how long it takes,

For me to achieve my goal,

I am ready to wait;

No matter how much effort

I am required to put in

To succeed,

I am ready to put it in;

No matter how many times

I fall on my way to success,

I am ready to get up

And continue my journey;

I don’t expect success

To come in one day;

I don’t expect success to

Be easy.

Challenges, I will overcome.

If you are ready?

Are you ready
For the race to success?
Are you ready
To double your effort?
Are you ready
To do what it takes?
Are you ready
To do the right thing?
Are you ready
To persist?
Are you ready
To rise when you fall?
Are you ready
To go the extra mile?
Are you ready
To turn failure to success?
If you are ready,
Make me know;
If you are ready,
I can assure you,
Success will smile at you.

Arm yourself

Equip yourself for success;
When you get up
In the morning,
Arm yourself
For the day
Before you go out.
If you are going
To hunt,
Get your gun, spear,
And hunting bag;
If you are going
To fish,
Get you hooks
Or fishing net;
If you are going
To school,
Be sure you have
Your school bag
With books and
Writing material.
When you are equipped
For what you want
To do,
You can hope
To do it well.
Equip yourself for success
And success will smile
At you