Give and receive

If you know true love
Count yourself lucky;
For it is not an easy
thing to find;
Fake love is everywhere;
But true, genuine love
Hardly anywhere;
It is so scarce;
But not impossible;
However, a real possibility;
If you want it;
You can find it;
But you must start
By giving it to someone;
What you give
Is what you receive;
What you don’t give
You don’t receive.
Give true love
And receive true love.

Giving opens door to receive

Giving, your key to success;
If you want to succeed,
Give and give;
The more you share,
The more you receive;
Do you believe in this?
I do;
The more you give,
The more you are given;
And there is so much
You can give;
Not only material things,
But more importantly
Intangible things;
Things you cannot see;
Things you cannot touch;
Things so cheap
You don’t need money
To buy;
At the top of them are,
Good will, kindness,
Help, your smile, care,
Give boundless love
To fellow humans;
Give boundless love
To God;
Give generously to him;
He has given generously
To you;
And continues to do so;
Give and you will receive;
Give to others
And receive from others.
Give knowledge;
Give your previous time;
If you don’t give,
Don’t hope to receive;
The giving equation is real:
Giving equals receiving.
Giving leads to receiving;
Receiving emanates from giving.
If you want to succeed
Learn to give;
And give generously.

Please, understand me!

I say, please, understand me!
Now is time for giving back;
I have taken much over the years;
Now I want to give some back;
That’s why you see me giving back
And giving back without stopping;
What will I do with all that I have taken
If I don’t give some back; and much too;
Now I take less than I give back;
I already took more than enough;
Let me give back and create space for more;
Before I can start to take again.
Don’t blame me for not taking;
I’ll take when I have given back and created
Enough Space to take again.
Are we together?
Please, understand me!