Give and receive

How much have you given
To God today?
How much have you given
To others today?
How much have you given
To nature today?
If you have give nothing,
You will receive nothing;
If you have given small,
You will receive small;
If you have given moderate, you will receive moderate;
If you have given big,
You will receive big.
It is by giving that we receive;
Just like planting and harvesting;
How can anyone expect to harvest when they have not planted?
Always, we reap what we sow;
And by giving, we are sowing;
Sow now and get ready to reap.

Give to receive

Why expect to receive
When you know not
How to give?
Give that you may yourself
Be given;
But if you give nothing,
Expect nothing;
For only when you stretch
Your hand,
Can something be put
Into it;
Mind you also that
A fist is for the boxing ring;
Nothing to do with the ring
Of life;
And you are in no ring
To exchange blows;
The arena of life
Calls for love;
A giving and taking of love;
Letting love flow forward
And backwards
Like water in an ocean.
Soaking the human heart
From head to toes.

Your reward will be equivalent

You are asking for
Many things today;
How many things
Have you given
To others today?
You want someone
To smile to you
To how many people
Have you
Smiled today?
You are expecting
Many acts of kindness
From others today,
How many acts of kindness
Have you given out to
Others today?
Take note:
What you want given you,
Give it to others;
That is how life operates;
You are only given
The equivalent of
What you give;
As you put in time
Energy and attitude working,
Your reward will be

Watch what you give!

You watch what you give;
You watch what you do;
Making other people shine,
Is making yourself shine;
Helping other people succeed,
Is helping yourself succeed;
Making other people happy
Is making yourself happy;
Giving gifts to others
Is paving the way to receive
Gifts from others;
Nothing that goes out
Returns empty;
What we give to others finds
A way to bounce back to us;
We have to watch what we give;
We have to be very careful
What we send out to the world;
For it will return to hit us.

A principle that never fails

He gave us all



He had.

He gave and gave and gave.

He gave us even

his life.

And for two thousand years he still receives.

Praise, honor, and glory

He does receive

Until the end of time1412246079828

He will receive.

The biggest lesson of life,

He teaches us.

The secret of receiving is giving.

They that give and give

Do receive and receive;

They that do not give,

Nothing do they receive.

The way to receive

Is to give;

The way not to receiveIMG_20141226_135843

Is not to give.

A principle of life,

That never


The secret of receiving

“As you give, so shall you receive.  Contribute more and you will receive more. If you want a stronger rebound, throw the ball harder.”  (Anonymous).

Whatever you give in lifeIMG_20141230_152358

That do you receive;

To life then I shall give

That which I like to receive.

Love, I shall give

That love I may receive;

Kindness, I shall give,

That kindness I may receive;

Hatred, I shall not give,

That hatred I may not receive;

Wickedness, I shall not give,SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

That wickedness I may not receive;

Generosity, I shall give,

That generosity I may receive;

Excellence, I shall give,

That excellence I may receive.

“You give to get. The surest way to get is to give – and one’s getting will be gauged by one’s giving, so said Christ. So testifies experience.” (Alfred Montepart).