Continue to do your best

Don’t stop doing great;
Keep offering the best
Of yourself;
If your contemporaries
Don’t recognize your work,
Don’t feel discouraged;
Don’t take that to mean
You are not doing great:
You may be fantastic;
But your contemporaries
May not have eyes to see;
And may only have them
When you have departed
From this world;
Hence, don’t take failure
To recognize your work
To be a verdict;
And a reason to give up;
Continue to do your best.
Many great persons
Have passed through that;
Never recognized
By their fellow humans;
And only recognized
After their life time.
If you believe in what you
Are doing, go ahead;
Give time the chance
To do its work.
Sometimes time is fast;
Sometimes it takes its time.


Special Recognition of authors

Although the following 30 authors did not feature among the best 10 for the Best 10 Authors Award, the marvelous work they did on SIWO in 2018 is highly recognized and warmly appreciated by SIWO International Founder, Dr. Ngobesing Suh Romanus. They are:

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May 2019 be a year of multiple blessings for all of you. Happy Year 2019!

Unrecognized great people

Do you know that there are many great people whose greatness is not recognized by their contemporaries? There are outstanding works that are not recognized by the authors’ contemporaries; but future generations come along and recognize them.

There are very talented workers who are not valued by the leadership of their establishments until a new leadership is put in place. When a new leadership is put i place, they emerge and shine.

Some of the greatest men and women of the world, by no fault of theirs, die unnoticed. Most saints are declared saints very many years after they are dead and gone.

What do we learn from this?

A big lesson. If you think that what you’ve done is great like a great novel, a great anthology of poems, great drama, or some other great work but the people of your time have not recognized it do not feel frustrated. It could be that the work is ahead of its time. Future generations may come along and give it recognition.

Your greatness may not be recognized in your life time; but will be when you are dead and gone. Some people are great in this world and their greatness ends with their lives. Some people are not considered great in this world but greatness comes for them when they leave this world, when future generations recognize the greatness of their works.

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Rewarding good work (Add a line or more No 71)

Rewarding people for good work is a laudable practice. Many people are aware of this. What many may not know is meaningful and beneficial ways of rewarding people for their good work.

This is something worthwhile to talk about. When you reward somebody you are encouraging them; and, of course, it is common knowledge that encouragement can change the life of an individual in a very remarkable way.

Money is among the best ways of rewarding people for good work. People need money and if somebody does a good job and you give them money, it can be very encouraging. A raise in salary, for instance, can be magnificent.

Another good way to reward someone for good work is recognition.An outstanding case in point is the Nobel Prize Award. The is an award that recognizes and encourages excellence.

These two ways are far from being the only ways of rewarding or encouraging good work. Can you think of other ways? Why not add one or more to the list?

Take note that what you share here could change someone’s life for the best.

It will come

If your work is not recognized
By your contemporaries,
Don’t you worry;
If you are not recognized
In your life time,
Don’t you worry;
If some overlook
And some despise you,
Don’t you worry;
How many great people are recognized
When they are alive?
After your life,
You may be more recognized
Than you imagine;;
Keep on doing your best;
And worry not about the gain.
When the time is ripe in God’s plan,
It will come.

Letter to Jacqueline Obyikocha

Dear Jacqueline,
It is the joy of Success Inspirer to inform you that since we published your interview a week ago, it has remained at the top of the chart as the most viewed post. This is a great sign of the interest that people have in what you are doing and the impact you are creating on the web. Had we an award to give you, this would have been the moment; but we don’t. Take this letter as our way to congratulate you. May you keep shining!
The Success Inspirer
Management Team.


For anyone who wishes to visit Jacky’s site, it’s found here:

Jacqueline Obyikocha

Bloggers recognition award again


Wow!! One more beautiful award. To God be the glory.

My sweet friend Nimmi nominated me for this lovely award. The awards are the sweetest way to encourage our fellow bloggers and let them know that their work is being appreciated. I’m so glad that Nimmi has been supportive. Thank you so much Nimmi for thinking of me. You are such a sweet friend with many awesome talents. I love your blog and the way you relate with others. There are many things to learn from you. Your words are always very encouraging and inspiring. You are so dear to me. For anyone who likes to read the lovely posts on Nimmi’s blog

Rules for the award:

Select 15 other bloggers to award.
You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
Write a post to show off your award.
Give a brief story of how your blog started.
Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.
Thank whoever nominated you and give a link to their blog.
Attach the award to the blog.
Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them.
Provide a link to the award creator.
How My Blog Started:

I started this blog when I discovered that through this forum I could reach out to many people around the world. I like to motivate, inspire and encourage people to realize their potential. I have done this all my life. It’s my passion. When I found this opportunity, I did not hesitate to jump on it.

Advice to New Blogger Friends:

Love what you are doing. Be committed. Do not be discouraged when you do not have readers as you would like.

My Sweet Bloggers are:

  1. Khusboo Singh
  2. Thump
  3. Franz
  4. Karina Susanto
  5. Ideenbarimani
  6. SheryL
  7. Seasoned Sista2
  8. Kally
  9. Jachiejain
  10. Vincent Wambua
  11. Vronlacroix
  12. Izza Itzaal
  13. Himali
  14. Cicom
  15. Tonyasmithauthor

Congratulations my lovely nominees. You are all so nice.

You might end up leaving a lasting impact

How do you feel when, after a very hard struggle you achieve what you strongly desire? That is how I feel right now; and that is the feeling I like to know you have after all the effort you are making to become the person you are meant to be.

Some people struggle all their lives and the way they end, their struggle seems to go in vain. Some succeed without much struggle. Some struggle and only succeed at the tail end of their lives.

It is a real joy when your struggles pay off. It can also be frustrating when your struggles bring you nothing but heartbreak; when, at the end of your life, when you are unable to struggle again, you look at everything, and there is nothing to write home about.

How should you feel in such a situation if you know you did all that you could have done?

You should be thankful to your creator who offered you the opportunity to do your best. I do not think there is any reason to become frustrated and bitter as many would be tempted to be. For one thingc, it wouldn’t change what has happened. Secondly, it will give power to unhappiness to take control of you.

The best attitude is that of thankfulness to the Allmighty who in all his wisdom decided that things should be so. Do you know that some victories come only long after the winner has long left the world? There are many people who live forever through their works but who were never recognized when they lived. Their recognition only came after they had left the world; when future generations void of bias gave their work the look they deserved.

Therefore, dear friend, it’II be lovely if your efforts are rewarded in your lifetime; but bear in mind that the greatest works are mostly recogjized by future generations when their authors are long gone into eternity. Keep going. Keep doing your best; and leave the results to life. You might end up leaving a lasting impact in the world. This has happened to many.

Hard work pays when supported by loving friends




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  1. A spike in your stats
    Many thanks to all my loving friends. This is what your support can do. All I can say is “Thank you.” This gives an opportunity to renew my pledge to do my best for all those who visit this site. Thank you sweet friends. Let us join our energies and talents in the International Friendship Blogging Forum to make blogging a joy and the world an excellent place for all.