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SoLIDariITY BloGGerS FoRum 20

A MESSAGE TO ALL PERSONS Many of us are not gentle to others. Yet, that is necessary and exactly what Nathalie Daux recommends: Be gentle. This is a heart touching post. The flow is nice; the type of post we need to share to reach many people. The world needs to hear this call. Aren’t…

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SoliDARitY BLoggING ForUM 15

Stop giving excuses! Make a no-more- excuses commitment! Are you ready? Do you let excuses stand on your way? Do you let excuses stop you? This sound advice will do you good: no excuses. They will not help you. Steve Keating says Excuses steal your potential. Steve is the founder of Lead today. He knows…

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Solidarity Bloggers’ Forum 10

Do you believe that you are doomed? Venkatesh Agnihotri says Stop believing that you are doomed. In his blog Dream Bigg he advises that no matter the difficulties you are passing through, you must “keep believing that things will get better.” You must “Keep having hope.” Venkatesh’s post makes for enjoyable reading. And what he…

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