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Have you ever fallen in love with a post? I fell in love with this post. I agree totally with Brennan: “It only takes faith to move a mountain. ”

Reflections of April are edifying. The writer’s faith in God is clearly unshakable.

This author is among a number of totally convinced and committed followers of Christ who inspire me.

Pure Glory Ministers and messengers of God have been on their call for a long time. They are the type of trusted persons you can do business with in the Lord’s vineyard. Their short, pointed reflections are heart touching. Take a look at Stand and believe God’s promises.

Then we move on to

Eileen Guyadeen who, with her Quiet Moments with God, takes you on a deep journey with God. And you leave refreshed.

Do you know someone or a blog that is on the mission of spreading the word of God? Why not share the link?

The word of God undoubtedly has all the answers to our problems. If you are wading through difficult storms of life, God answers and gives hope is good for you.

If you have or know another, please, recommend.


So much wisdom here

I have read many beautiful things today. Wise Advice from a farmer’s wife is one of the best. I enjoyed many of the pieces of advice in this post; full of wisdom.

Thumbs up to Kavita Ramlal for making this wisdom available to us.

If you like to know about this ‘proud south African’ blogger, she runs a site Sunshiny site SA.

I just read one of her posts about Motherhood. Truly, as I said in my comment, mother is gold. I find Kavita amazing.

From the comments on her site,many people find her such a warm person and love her.

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close-up-composition-desk-372749Hello and welcome! It is our joy to have you here. Today, we recommend some great posts to you. One good post can change your life for the better; and that is our dream for you. Let’s go:

  1. If you have read Proverbs 10 minutes challenge, fine. If you haven’t, I recommend it to you.This post by Lauren Macdonald    in God Help Me caught my attention because of what it says about the words we use when we speak. I find it very enriching and will help us in our speech to others. Words have the power to attract or repel our good. Read Proverbs 10 minutes challenge and see how words can be used to bring us blessings.
  2. Do you know the best way to make money online? Many people like to make money online but do not know how. And if you are like me, when you hear about makng money online you become skeptical. Take a look at What is the best way to make money online? I came across this article in which Quora       handles the question very well, while searching for ways to make money online. I must tell you it cleared all the doubts in my mind on the subject. I advice you to read it if you want to be know how to make clean money online.
  3. You undoubtedly know the value of books. A good book can transform your life. They have ttransformed the lives of many.  If you are looking for a good book to change your life, I am quick to recommend to you The Ultimate Success Guide by leading experts from around the world.
  4. You need Quiet Moments with God, don’t you? On her blog, Eileen offers us the opportunity to have quiet moments with God.  Her posts are short but powerful. An example is It doesn’t hurt to ask .  Pure Glory is another place  where you find peace with God.  The most recent thing I read before writingnthis article is by Hazel Straub titled Rest and Praise God.  Read it get close to God. It has amazing rewards.
  5. You like some encouragement? You have A  Quick Word of Encouragement waiting for you on The Journey of Ascent. Chris Darling says you don’t have to be held back by your own doubts and fears.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will enjoy and find it beneficial as usual. Your success is our mission. Your happiness is our joy. When your life shines, our heart shines with joy.  Thank you for offering us the joy of contributing to your happiness.

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What do we recommend today? SIWO’s Online-Directory Referrals-11

Welcome to your most exciting corner.  Meeting other bloggers, getting the best stuff on the web to give to you gives me so much joy; and I am delighted you are making the most of my effort. I am very convinced you can gain tremendously from this corner. Let’s get going:



  1. One of my favourite storytellers on the web is Laleh Chini. Her blog is voice from Iran.  Laleh Chini is an amazing woman who loves her country with all her heart. She has very interesting stories on her blog. Destiny is a story that thrills all readers because of the big lesson it teaches. I also enjoyed A Mother’s Impact. In fact, you will enjoy a lot of stories on A Voice from IRAN.  



2. I read an amazing post today titled How to acquire any New skill in 20 Hours or Less. I must say I was thrilled. I am not only recommending this to you but determined to apply the knowledge gained from this post. I believe in this New YORK times Best Selling Author, Ramit SETHI whose wonderful site I will Teach you to be rich is read by millions of people to get their lives transformed. In How to Acquire any New Skill in 20 Hours or Less, he makes us meet another guru, Josh Kaufman. When you finish reading this post, You will thank God for discovering it. You may even learn about your earning potential which can enable you to start making more money within a very short time.

(*Note!!! We have not been paid to make this write up. We are motivated solely by our desire to help our readers realize their dreams).
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3. Are you a newbie in blogging? You will grow if you don’t give up, provided you keep working hard, learning and improving. There are certain mistakes you should make sure you don’t make. Lindsay KOLOWICH gives

13 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

Lindsay is doing great to help marketers. She has done a great job and I think it will help many older bloggers as well.

4. Let us visit the world of inspirational stories. You may be an ‘inspirer’ but it is also good to read inspiring stories that others share. Have you heard of Aleteia? I recommend to you her 10 Inspirational people with Down syndrome who smashed records and expectations

You will find lots of other inspiring stories on this site like

The miracle quadruplets who almost weren’t are starting preschool

Please, read, enjoy and be edified.

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5. We get into the world of writing. Do you want to write? To do Freelance writing? Earn some money from writing? First, I would like you to meet Esther Chilton. If you are struggling with your short story, Esther will help you. She can help you know which market to target.  You may be interested in Markets for Writers. If you like to get published, you may want to get to the Writers’ Bureau where Esther is a tutor.

This is what we have for you from our Directory today. It was with a lot of love and real joy that I put this together for you. I really hope you get the most out of it. Your greatness in life is the reason we are here.

Please, Look back at day 10.

happy blogging


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Today we have some big blogs and posts we like you to read. Don’t forget there is no time to be reading things that are not important; or turning over pages to find something useful  to read. We’ve made it simple by selecting very useful stuff for you to read:

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  1. In The Art of Blogging, we meet a skilled blogger, Jordan Peters who gives us Are you a Blogger or Just Blogging? I love this post and it has given me tremendous enlightenment on what I should focus on as a blogger.  Please, read it. Are you a Blogger or Just Blogging?
  2. Blogging For Bloggers? These words caught my attention and I wasted no time to dive into the content of Jenny’s post. My decision turned out to be wise. I enjoyed the post and got away richer than before. When you read Jenny’s lovely post, you may be motivated to answer the questions she ends with:

    “Do you personally write posts for bloggers? Do you read blogging advice style posts? Are there any tips posts you’d like to see?” Please read:

    “Blogging for bloggers: What’s the issue?”

  3. Are you already on board the Learning Series Train with Shobha Iyer? Shobha is a wonderfully talented blogger who has been edifying readers with her Learning Series. You can read about How your body Speaks in Learning series 15 or you step back to Writing a Resume in Learning series 14. Keep going back until you get to one; and also make sure you don’t miss any of the posts from today.
  4. Do you want some motivation? Ben Aqiba is there for you. He says you can do it. In Are you broken?, Ben draws a lesson from a clock and urges us to imitate the clock. This is original and very fascinating. Ben is sure you can do as the clock does and this can open great doors of success to you. Surely, You can do it.  Tell me: what do you want? You can have it.
  5. How do you usually take mistakes? There are times when a mistake can save you. You may like to know


In Davis Squad blog Lacey talks family relationship and more. This post is one of many that you will find inspiring, enjoyable and edifying.

This is it from SIWO’s Directory today. We do encourage you to visit these blogs and meet the bloggers. Make new friends. Your visit and time will be valued; and you will make new friends.

As you move forward, don’t close your eyes on the past. One purpose of History is to help us better appreciate and manage the present and the future. See what is behind.

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Welcome to day 7 of our Directory project. Hope you are having a great time!

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  1. What happens if you marry the wrong person? Marriage is at the center of our lives. We have to take all measures to make sure that our marriage is successful; and it is hard to be successful if you marry the wrong person. A successful marriage, enhances one’s chances of succeeding in life. You will find a lot of things written about marriage. On Real Time Love blog, I found a good post on marriage titled Marriage and purpose. This is  a beautiful post worth reading.

    woman in white bridal gown meditating

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2. What is success? There is no unanimity on the definition of success. What are the true signs of success? In her blog Encouragizers, Anita has published  A Success sign. It is a short but beautiful post which I recommend to you.

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3. Do you like to make money at home? These days many people are making good money right in their homes. If you don’t know how to do it you may be tempted to think it is not possible. Jennifer tells you how you can do this because she is making good money at home. Meet her. You will not regret it. Make good money at home.

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4. How firm are you in your faith. Do you stand strong in your faith when challenges and temptation come? In Quiet Moments with God, Blogger, EILEEN gives us a beautiful post, Standing Strong. It will help you to stand strong during those moments when a lot of people are swept f off their feet.

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5. If you love poetry, you may like to savor two poems – I am a woman comes first; followerd by Let me be light. This should resonate with you. We should all strive to be light. If these two poems touch your heart as I know they will, you may want to read more. It will be easy to find Walk with Your Power and Rise like SUN.

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Immense thanks for staying faithful to your call to be here. We always enjoy having every single one of our readers with you. We write because you read. If you like the posts we have recommended to you, beautiful. We keep looking for ways to keep improving and offering you our best. Watch out for more beautiful things on this site before the year runs out.We invite you to get more on this page.

Thank you again and Happy Blogging!

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Hello and welcome!

  1. Do you fear to take risks? A lot of people fear risk taking. Muhammad Ali says “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. ” He has a point. If you have not read “Better Odds Await the Risk Taker by Yechen, I recommend it to you to read.
  2. Do you like to look stylish? Maybe you know about foral outfit. If you don’t, or want to know more, I invite you to meet one of the most charming bloggers I have met,  Tashnee Mavee. She will tell you How to look stylish on a budget. And if you want more, you will find a lot such as how to look beautiful. Mavee says to look beautiful is not a crime. Look at Before and after.image
  3. Blogging is about supporting one another isn’t it? New bloggers need support. You may like to meet a new blogger and lend them your support. I recommend this blogger to you. Let him introduce himself: 

    Hello! My name is Kevin Ethan. I’m a new blogger here and am in the process of writing my freshman novel. I look forward to everyone’s suggestions and comments. I have the first three chapters available for pre-view on my blog. I also have my “about me” section which is newly created. You will find the link to that page below. Thanks!

    Nathan has written a novel and if you are a reviewer, he needs you: Reviewers Needed.

4. You may like to meet Nandini Jain

Let her introduce herself.

My name is Nandini Jain, I write by the name DexterousWriter.

I’m a novice blogger and a computer science student. I love to write and express my feeling in the form of words that fill up not just the pages but also the souls, and our life! Huge fan of reading and a Potterhead, love to meet new people and visit different places and a big big foodie!

below is the link to my recent post:

thank you! 🙂

5.  If you like to do a course in bogging so that you can take your blogging to a high level, you have many options but let me propose to you Elite Blog ACADEMY. As far as blogging is concerned, Elite Blog Academy says they’ve “worked hard to figure out what works-and what doesn’t-and to put together a plan that gives you everything you need for massive success. “

Knowledge is power. When you learn how to do something, you do it better.

I like to thank you for reading and supporting our Directory project which is at the heart of SIWO – which is out to help people succeed; realize their dreams in life.

Have you seen what has already appeared in our Directory to help our readers attain their goals? Take one step back to see our last recommendations which will lead you to where we began. Save much time on the web by visiting SIWO’s Daily Online Directory Referrals.The last edition can be found here. Thanks again; and if you have written anything you think we can recommend on SIWO, please, indicate in the comment box.


Happy blogging!




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Hello friends!

We are happy you are with us on this journey. We enjoy what we are doing. To go through the web and fish out great posts for you is challenging but worth it. Can you imagine what it means to us to recommend a post to you that can transform your life! So much joy. Please, enjoy our recommendations today!

1. Who is in love? Are you in love? Don’t be surprised I ask this question. I got something on the web by Anne WANGECHI which can actually save you from a disastrous love relationship. Her article published on Pulse Live is titled 6 clear signs you are in love with the wrong person. I love the points Anne gives. And if you want to dig more into this subject, there are many other articles on this, like she gives 5 types of women you should never marry. I know you are asking: what about men? She has something about men: 6 types of men you should never date.

2. I found a post in which Sandra Wu makes an incredible revelation about an amazing woman’s reading prowess. The lady admits it’s true. Therese, a business Development manager living in Berlin, Germany, read 100 non-fiction books in one month. Amazing, isn’t it? You will read this in This Woman reads 100 books in one month. The sweet part of it is everyone can do it. All is to know how. Therese actually discovered an app which made it not only possible but easy and enjoyable. Imagine how this can help at a time when we don’t have much time to read whereas we cannot operate well and succeed unless we are reading.

3.  You might have heard of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  This is actually the title of a classic by Stephen Covey which has sold more than 25 million copies. But have you ever known these habits or taken time to read about them? Jonathan Jenkins has done an excellent job on his site  Motivation and Marketing, by giving us a summary of the book which is easy to read and an excellent red for any one who wants to climb the ladder of success.

4. We are used to reading quotes by great writers and leaders of the past, haven’t we? But there are many among us who are saying things that will be quoted and quoted for many years to come. You might have said or written many things worth quoting. Take a look at these 45 Quotes by great Contemporary writers. Don’t be surprised if you find your words among them.

5. Have you seen anyone who earns a very good salary but who is always poor? There are many people like this. They earn well but do not know how to protect their money. It is necessary for us to take measures to protect our money otherwise we may end up poor. I found this post about protecting your wealth. It’s a very interesting and useful article which I recommend to you.

I like to thank you for reading and supporting our Directory project which is at the heart of SIWO – which is out to help people succeed; realize their dreams in life.

Have you seen what has already appeared in our Directory to help our readers attain their goals? Take one step back to see our last recommendations which will lead you to where we began. Save much time on the web by visiting SIWO’s Daily Online Directory Referrals.Thanks again; and if you have written anything you think we can recommend on SIWO, please, indicate in the comment box.


Happy blogging!

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Welcome to day 4 of this most interesting page. Here, after spending our day on the web, we give you some of the most useful posts which can change your life. If you are too busy, and don’t have time to go browsing, find time to read these:

  1. You probably have heard it said that your words shape your destiny. Have you ever taken time to think about it or listened to someone explain to you what that means? This is very important. Stephen Ogoe of Salvation Realities  has taken time and done a good job to explain this in a post titled Your Words Shape Your Destiny. I enjoyed reading this post which I find to be very edifying. I hope you find time to read it.
  2. We are not very far from the end of the year. When a new year comes, it is fashionable to take resolutions; but how many people keep the resolutions they take? If we keep the resolutions we take, the fruits we reap can be very abundant. But it is so hard for many of us to keep our resolutions. Dana Buchanan of Success Encourager has done an excellent job to help us in this difficult task through a beautiful post Turning Resolutions into lifestyle.  I encourage you to read this post. You will find much more on this site.
  3. In today’s world one of the greatest difficulties countries are facing is unemployment. Many people are not getting the jobs they want. Job-hunting is common and often ends in frustration for many people. Yet, some people move from one lucrative job to another. I have always wondered what is their secret.  I  got attracted by The Secret of Getting Any Job You Want published on It’s A New Age. This post is worth reading especially if you are in job hunting.
  4. You may not be a Lawyer, but you will find this article Building a Legacy interesting and useful. You will not only be thrilled but also inspired by the closing words  of Buck Lewis to the 2018 Leading As LAWYERS CLASS. Building a legacy will not be a bad thing for you, will it?
  5. As a blogger you want to succeed. But Amitav Chowdhury says 54% of blogs fail? In Why Blogs Fail, this brilliant blogger gives 12 solid reasons why blogs fail.  As he rightly says, to start a blog is easy but to keep momentum and passion for it alive is the hard part. Read Why Blogs Fail and let it fire you up vis-a-vis your blogging aspirations.

Thanks for taking a ;look at what is in our directory today. We remain committed to helping you succeed; and one of the ways is to provide you with with useful material to read from the ocean of things on the web.


Please, help us to know how we are doing. Do you find this useful? What can we do to improve?

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