Losing or winning?

Are you losing or winning?
Stop and think well;
Stop and think again;
Stop and look;
Stop and feel;
Stop and reflect;
Stop and analyze;
Stop and meditate;
Stop and pray,
Before you continue;
Before you cry,
Because of what you think
You’ve lost;
Before you regret
The so-called good luck
You ave missed;
Before you feel sorry
For yourself.
For you may think
You have lost
When you have actually won.
Some battles, you appear
To be winning
When you are losing;
Some battles, you appear
To be losing
When you are winning.


Hasty decisions

Have you reflected properly
Before taking the decision
You have taken?
It is important always to do so;
In order that your decisions
May be sound;
A well thought-out decision
Is a sound decision.
And sound decisions bring
Positive results;
Do not go for hasty decisions;
They lead to poor results;
Go for sound decisions;
And reap the fruits.