Happy Easter


Happy Easter, Happy Easter,

I hope everyone had a good one

The celebrations seem over,

As we climb into our beds and reflect,

With hopefully satisfying,

Thoughts of a day well spent.


Song ‘The Right Way’ (audio, lyrics & video)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘‘The Right Way” is part of his ‘Solidarity’ album that you can read about here and download from iTunes here – read the complete song lyrics in this blog post here

The Right Way

Hey man! Lost your way? Relaxed your dynamics?
World Union first and then free room for action,
constructive anarchy of action philosophy.
The old Reich lost its center and orientation.

If you lose your innocence there is no inner order,
only strangers, lost love and broken business.
There‘s no way back. Begin with love, don‘t end with a gun.

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Michel Montecrossa Homepage: http://www.MichelMontecrossa.com

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Michel Montecrossa about his Solidarity Solo Acoustic Concert:
“Good times, bad times, work, no work, worry, happiness, peace, revolution, catastrophe, war and isms: In all we need solidarity to find our way through, to come out of mean and low treatment, to help each other, to go beyond narrow thinking, to make life better and to live and celebrate humanity.
In my songs I sing and speak my mind so that you and me can get together and let new ideas grow like trees and flowers because we believe in something and understand the good of solidarity, of working together, of caring for earth and people and honest peace.
Solidarity is what my new topical song movement is about.”

Song ‘Reflection’ (audio, lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Reflection’ is part of his ‘Singin’ Future World’ album that you can read about here – read the complete song lyrics in this blog post here



Fill the cup that liberates today
from past sorrow
and future fear.

Continue to read the song lyrics in this blog post http://wp.me/paKe4-4mp


Michel Montecrossa Homepage: http://www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Explore Michel Montecrossa’s art, music, movies, quotes and more on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Montecrossa and on his facebook page

A Tree Firmly Planted By Streams Of Water

a tree planted by the streams of water

He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,
            Which yields its fruit in its season
            And its leaf does not wither;
            And in whatever he does, he prospers.

Psalm 1:3

If those words of the Psalmist are addressed to me, it would go like this:

Nezel will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither; And in whatever Nezel does, Nezel prospers.

Wow! Too good to be true. And I so love especially those last five words. Because this is what we, humans, are after in this world of ours. Whatever undertaking we pursue, we all want to prosper in it. For that is what we are. Even weeds grow in little cracks of the ground. How much more humans, who have powerful minds and souls that are connected to the Source directly?

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Dare to be Free

dare to be free

We are not a slave of our self. We are not a slave of our fate. Instead, we are slaves of our mind, if we allow it to be so.

We can submit to others for the right reasons or purpose; but not because we do not have a choice.

We always have a choice: the choice to remain, or the choice to go away. We always have been free.

No one could ever bound our WILL in chains; for it is rooted within, which we alone have the access.

Others may control our body, but not our mind.

Be free. FLY.

For that is how God created you to be!


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Education can be double-edged sword

We all hail education, don’t we? We praise the merits of education and indeed education has tremendous value. It accounts for all the scientific and technological advancement in the world. We wouldn’t be where we are without education. No one can rightly dispute the value of education.

Yet, education can be a source of danger and a source of failure. It can destroy rather than build.It is commonly said the more learned we are, the more we become aware of the little we know; that there is so much we do not know. This is where the danger lies. It can lead to a loss of belief in oneself otherwise called self-confidence. It can lead to timidity.

Some of the most self-confident people I have met are people who never went to school. They are not timid. They are outspoken. This gives them an advantage over the learned ones who are not because of their consciousness of how little they know.

This is not to cast any doubt on the value of education , but to caution educated people to beware of losing their self-confidence, becoming timid and as a result, less performing.

No one can know everything. You have to be confident of the little you know. Also,in order not to lose your self-confidence, because of being conscious of the fact that you know very little, it is good always to master the little you know so that you can speak about it with certainty. Being sure of what you know, gives self-confidence.

What makes education even more dangerous is the use that some people make of it. We have all witnessed, I believe, what I want to call the diabolic use of education. We acquire knowledge through education but instead of using it to make life better for ourselves and others, we use it to make life worse for ourselves and others. Instead of using it to make the world a better place for all, we use it to make the world a hell for some.

What we do with our education thus makes it diabolic or angelic. We should not use it to create or promote evil in society but to eradicate it and make the world an excellent place for all.

Meaning to your life

What meaning do you give
To your life?
What does your life mean
To you and anyone?
Shall it matter to anyone
When you shall pass on?
Shall someone miss you
When the bells of heaven
Shall have tolled for you?
Shall someone look sad,
That your candle has burnt out?
When your light shall quench
Making way for darkness
To take permanent control
Of your life,
Who shall feel the weight?
Shall those who shall look sad
On that day be genuinely sad?
And when you shall be gone,
Shall it matter to anyone
That you ever passed this way?
Are you leaving any footprints
That someone may find
And follow?
These, you need to ponder on,
Sweet one;
That you may not be aimless,
As you walk on the stage of life;
That you may give your life
The right meaning it should have.

Who says it matters

Who says it matters.
Who says it matters? (emphasis on ‘matters’).
Who says it matters? (emphasis on ‘it’ and ‘matters’).

You can ponder on this. But this is not what this post is about. Let me tell you what this post is about.

This post is about the fact that the importance attached to words or a statement is determined by the importance of the person who says them; and the occasion during which they are said.

As a reporter, I have written and delivered many reflections on different topics on radio. Many times,in my reflections, I have quoted the African saying, “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

Before the president of my country visited my region once, I wrote a reflection and delivered which carried this adage. Many people had never known this before and so it was quite popular. But when the president came, (my region is the opposition stronghold), the Mayor, in welcoming him made the same statement, referring to the fight between the him and his challenger for power and influence(incumbent and opposition).

There was an explosion. The adage was on every lip as if it were being heard for the first time.

When you are in a position of prominence, what you say matters. When you say it also matters. If another person says the same thing, it might be dismissed; but not you.

Write a post on a popular topic now and let a celebrity write the same post using the same words and his may go viral while your may not even be noticed.

Why do I say all this?

Because I like us to draw some lesson or lessons from it. I like us to put our heads together and see what lesson or lessons can come out of this for our benefit as bloggers and as people in search of success in life or in search of the best in life.

What ideas come to your mind?

If that does not inspire you, go back and say something about this how you understand it:
Who says it matters.
Who says it matters? (emphasis on ‘matters’).
Who says it matters? (emphasis on ‘it’ and ‘matters’).

Death’s hard knock

When death knocks, who can refuse to open? Death is unpredictable. It comes when it wants; when we humans do not want.

Some deaths are shattering. Have you ever had a death that almost blew off your brains? Some deaths have brought about other deaths. No one wants any loved one to die. Yet, we cannot stop it from happening. We humans have no control over when death comes to us.

Death knocks when it wants; and its knocks can be had.

If we take good care of ourselves, for sure, we will enhance our chances of living for long; but that will not give us control over when we will die. Many very careful people have died too young while some reckless ones have lived into ripe old age.

Life is far from being like traditional mathematics. In traditional mathematics, 2 + 2 = 4. In life 2 + 2 is not always 4. Illness is not death and death is not illness. There some people who are so ill at this moment that close ones are afraid they would die; yet they will not die. On the other hand, there are people who are bustling with health, energy and promise now but who will be gone before the end of the day.

I know many people who looked very promising; but ended up disappointing everybody by their untimely death. There are people who swim in wealth who will not live to enjoy it; and people who have nothing to eat who will live for long.

About one year ago, a friend of mine had a stroke. Before then he was the most active man you cold imagine. Then one day, from nowhere, click; it happened. He was paralyzed. A lot of people felt sorry for him and thought he would soon die.

He has not died. He is still alive, whereas some of those who were waiting for him to die and who bustled with health have died.

Life is a mystery from start to finish. You are not responsible for coming into this world neither are you responsible for leaving it. You cannot say when you will die. You cannot say because you are ill you will die. You cannot say because you have a lot of money you will not die; or because you are president or Pope you will not die. It’s God and God alone who decides. Being sick is no reason to think that you will die. Illness is not death; and you do not need to be ill before you die.

You will go as you came. You will die when a force greater than you, whom we call God, will decide that your time is up just as he decided that your time to come here had come and you came.

You need to develop a positive attitude towards death. You do not have to be afraid of death. After all, its knocks may be hard but who knows what happens after someone dies? Maybe the dead person goes into a better world. No one knows.