Always use it to build

It is my belief that whatever you have, you can use it to create something useful. I tried to experiment with the five words of the blogging 201, namely reflection,freedom,second,magic and sleep to see if I could build a whole out of them. Following is what I came out with. What do you think?

I find daily reflection on important issues in life a valuable exercise. My advice is that you take time to do this. Undoubtedly, you will find few values more precious than freedom.

Freedom comes second to none on the list of my priorities.
Work is next because there is no magic wand to success apart from working very hard. However, when you work, you must find time to sleep and rest to re-energize and move on.

My conclusion is whatever is put on your path, always use it to build. Try to put it together to come out with a whole that serves a useful purpose.


The fear of big dreams

Do you know why there are many poor people in the world? Let me put it another way. Do you know why there are many common people in the world? One great man wisely said it is because God loves poor people that he created many of them. That is something to think about.

But I do not think God created anyone to be poor or common. God wants all of us to live well; to be successful and happy. If there are some people swimming in wealth and others perishing in poverty, it is not God’s doing.

We are each responsible for our position in life. Whether we are at the top or at the bottom, we are responsible for it. Of course, others may help us; and others usually help. Others may stand on our way and many usually stand on others’ way; but the chief architect of each one’s destiny is the individual concerned. You can always find a way around all the stumbling-blocks put on your path.

If there are so many common, poor, miserable and suffering people in the world, there are many reasons for it. Let me talk about one: the fear of big dreams. Billions of people in the world do not want to hear anything about big dreams. They have excluded themselves from big goals. Deeply buried in their hearts is the belief that they are not meant for big things. Although they may be working very hard, they have already limited themselves through their limiting belief.

Of course, no one does better than they believe they can. No one rises higher than they believe they can.

The world shall continue to be dominated by common, poor, wretched people as long as many people are not ready to free themselves of the belief that their place is at the bottom.

Anyone who is at the bottom today can get to the top tomorrow if they do what should be done to get to the top. The truth, indeed, is that many people who are at the lowest rung of the ladder of life now will transport themselves to the summit tomorrow because they will dream big and believe in themselves. They will free themselves of self-limiting beliefs.

If you are not where you like in life, you need not remain there or end there. What you need to lift yourself from there to where you want to be is a big dream and the belief that you will get there.

If you have these two, the others will fall in place; and you will end up where you like to be – among the great not the poor, wretched people of the world.

Alone but having excellent company

How can one be alone but having excellent company? This is possible. You are all alone. Nobody is seen around you; but you are enjoying the best company you can imagine.

I read an article Alone vs loneliness in Mind Your Wings blog. It inspired me to write this post. I am among those people who like to be alone. However, during most of those moments, I am in the best company in the world.

Confident of tomorrow

Confident of tomorrow

Can you guess how that happens? It’s easy. Through the works of others – books, video, Radio, Television, film, internet, etc. From these sources I get great ideas and great inspiration which I use to grow and to help others to grow.

When I read Alone vs loneliness from Mind Your Wings, I was alone physically but in great company with the author from whim I drew inspiration for this post. The impact of this ‘alone moment in excellent company’ cannot be easily determined. It could as well be very great.

It is important to seek alone moments and spend with great minds to draw wisdom and inspiration from them for the achievement of great things.

That’s life

Do you know
What’s happening to you
As the days go by?
You are growing old
Or older;
As the days go by,
You are getting mature,
Or more mature;
As the days go by,
You are getting nearer your grave;
As the days go by,
You are getting nearer month end
When salaries are paid;
And more money circulates;
As the days go by,
You are getting closer to better
Or worse things;
That’s life.


Feel no shame about your ambitions. Feel no fear about your ambition if it is meant to bring good into the world. Feel shame and fear if it is an evil ambition; put into you by the devil. Evil ambition is put in the human heart by the devil; and you should feel ashamed of everything the devil does. On the other hand, every good ambition is put into the human heart by God; and whatever God does is good.Therefore be happy and proud of every ambition that seeks to bring good into your life, the life of others or into the world. It is put there by God.

Change to change

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” These are the words of one of the greatest souls the world has known, Winston Churchill.

It is truly said that one does not make omelette without breaking eggs. The egg must change from being an egg to an omelette if somebody has to enjoy omelette.

This underscores the importance of change. You cannot live the type of life you want if you do not change. Change is what brings improvement in life. If you do not change, you do not grow. If you do not change where you are standing, you will continue to stand where you are standing.

“If you do not change direction,” says Lao Tzu, “you may end up where you are heading.”

The caterpillar has to metamorphose or change to become a lovely butterfly.

George Bernard Shaw said it:“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Therefore, do not fear to change. Embrace change. Welcome change. Seek change. Change!

Of course, there are certain things we cannot change; and certain things we must not change. We must live with them. Thus, we go by the saying that what we cannot change, we must accept. What we can change and need to change, let us change.

There are definitely some negative habits that you have had all your life and they are not helping you; they are standing on your way. Why are you not changing them or throwing them away and cultivating new, positive ones that will help you become the person you want to be?

If you continue to keep those habits you will continue to be what you are now.

Change to change.

How do you find your way in a slippery world?

The world is a slippery place;
You can slide and fall
Even when there is no rain or snow;
How do you find your way in such a slippery world?
Life is not just what you see.
Life is full of complications;
Life is full of ups and downs;
Life is full of good;
Life is full of evil;

There are nice people; and
There are evil people;
There are people who will not hurt a fly and
There are people who will slaughter human beings like animals;

It’s such a complex world;
It’s not easy to find your way.
Sometimes you will come across honest people;
Sometimes you will fall into the trap of dishonest ones

You may love and be loved back
You may love and your love will be dashed to the rocks;
You may end up hitting your head on a rock;

You will meet people who will encourage you;
You will meet people who will discourage you;
You will meet people who will help you
You will meet people who will stand on your way;

Do not expect too much of others;
You may get really disappointed;
Do not expect too much of yourself either;
There is a limit to what you can do.
Your best friend could become your worst enemy;
Your enemy could become your best friend.
This is life;
The answers are not always straight;
And not easy to come by;
You have to be smart;
You have to be sharp;
You have to be wise,
To find your way in such a difficult world.
If you are not, you shall be swept off your feet.
Therefore be wise
Be prudent!
This is my advice to you.

Why peace is hard in the world

I just made a reflection on radio on justice and injustice in the world. There were very many reactions to it.

I said in it that the world finds it hard to find peace because of the injustices that we have allowed to prevail. I said injustice was one of the world’s greatest problems; that there can be no peace in the world if there is no justice. Instead, there will be protests, violence and war. All this, in an attempt to find justice.

I said we cannot claim to be successful if we sit by and do nothing in the face of injustice eating up the world.

What is your take on this reflection?

Why hate darkness?

Don’t hate darkness. Darkness is not all bad. People who hate darkness have not understood the world. There is evil in darkness for sure; but there is good in it as well. Light is not all good either. There is good in light; and there is evil in it as well. Many good things are done in darkness; many evil things are done in light. Both light and darkness are good and are evil. Everything under the surface of the earth has two sides; a good side and an evil side.