Become a solidarity blogger and grow

Registration to become a solidarity blogger is open. It will go on till December 31, 2018.


Vision: To help bloggers support one another and enjoy seeing their blogs grow beyond their imaginations through mutual support.

Theme: “Support others to grow and receive support from others to grow.”

Slogan: “Support me I support you.”

Starting date: Monday 1 January 2019.

Rules: You register to participate. Registration is ongoing and is free. You can join at any time before December 31, 2018.

ACTIVITY 1: Everyday, Monday to Sunday, Blogs and bloggers of the day are selected among the participants and published on this site.

Every participant reads, supports and encourages the blogs or bloggers of the day through: like, comment, share, reblog, tweet etc.

The bloggers of the day, return the likes and comments.

This is like joining hands to contribute money ( like, comment, share reblog, tweet ) and giving to one person for the day.

After they have received, they are obliged to pay back ( like, comment, share, tweet etc). This goes on everyday (Monday to Sunday) with new blogs and bloggers of the day, until the challenge ends.

When it ends, it starts again and continues. Once you join the forum you become a permanent member until you withdraw.

Members are encouraged to stay in solidarity as much as possible. If you finish reading the posts from the blogs of the day, and want to read more posts, you are encouraged to stay within the circle of the forum. We are building a powerful support community – “Help me I help you.”

This forum is your blogging bank. You deposit your money in a credible bank, don’t you? If it has credible bankers and customers, if you know your money will be well managed and it will bring profit, that is the best place for your money. You will bank there. This is what this forum wants to be to bloggers – a credible blogging bank for all bloggers.

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Become a SOLIDARITY BLOGGER today! Solidarity Support Challenge has been listed by WordPress among its approved challenges.


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Blogging in solidarity

Hello friends!

You all know the advantages of blogging in solidarity. This is what we did before internet was cut off from my city and our solidarity blogging went to sleep. It has to start afresh.
Read about this challenge here:

If you like to continue or to join, indicate in the comment box. Give your name, the name of your blog and its url.

Kick off day, 1st June, 2017.
Thanks in advance for joining.

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New Bloggers Weekly Meet

A you a new blogger? Did you recently create a blog or have a blog that’s been running for just about a year or less?

New Bloggers’ Weekly Meet is your opportunity to meet and draw strength from one another.  An error never to make in life  is to try to go alone. When you journey as team, you generate and draw a lot of energy from one another.

Here, you shall be guided and provided opportunities to draw strength from solidarity power.

Give your name, blog title and Url in the comment box below. Say how you find this idea and if you are in or out.

The only rule here is meet once a week as a blogging group to exchange ideas and support one another.

Are you in this or out?

Save and invest in blogging to grow

What will happen if you earn a very big salary but save nothing?

What will happen if you have a lot of income but do not invest any of it?

Let me answer this: what will happen will be when you go on retirement you will be wretched. You will have no savings and no investments.

This can make you miserable. The most successfully people financially are those who know how to save and invest.

I have found that the same thing works with blogging. You must save and invest to grow in blogging.

This is what prompted me to create the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum. When you visit a fellow participants blog and read and like, you are saving and investing at the same time. Some day the benefits will all come back to you.

This forum is also making use of team spirit. Reading and commenting at random on the web may not be a bad thing to do; but doing so in community is better for growth.

In community you support one another; you are committed to one another. You are community because you have the same values and aspirations. What you save or invest will be given back to you.

It is also good when you stick to your community and lend your own contribution to make it grow. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence; but do not jump fence just because you see the grass looking greener elsewhere.

It is my heart’s wish and hope that our community will continue to grow from strength to strength and render maximum service to all her members and the world.

If you have not made up your mind yet to join, the time is now. do it here:

Weekly evangelism challenge

There are people whose hearts are on fire for God. They believe in Jesus and can die for him.
These are the people that God needs to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to people everywhere. The harvest is rich but the laborers are few.

It is important that those who believe in God and his son Jesus Christ find all ways to journey together taking his word to people everywhere.

It is in this light that we created a challenge known as the evangelism challenge. This aims to bring all those who believe in Jesus Christ and wish to spread his word to come together and jointly spread the word of God.

To be part of this, you have to register. Every week on Monday, we shall select from among the participants, and publish on this site, the Leader for Christ for the week. This person will write something to spread the word of God and publish on their site on Friday.The other participants shall be informed to visit that post, read, like, comment and if possible share.

Are you interested? Go right away to the comment box and register. Give your name, blog name and url.

Have you signed in?

Registration is still open for the Happy Birthday Challenge. If you have not registered, make sure you are.
What is required?

Only your name, and the day and month of birth are required. The year is optional. All you need to do is give the day and month.

This challenge is going to be great fun. Don’t miss it.

Encourage your friends to register. The more people we have, the more interesting and beneficial it will be for everybody.

Don’t miss the Weekly blog Review Challenge if you have not yet registered. Register right away. It is very simple. Look here!

The Friendship Challenge is still open. Make hay while the sun shines!

Happy birthday challenge


On your birthday receive hundreds of birthday messages. One of the objectives of this blog is to make people happy. A moment when others have the opportunity to make you happy is your birthday. What a joy to have hundreds of messages during your birthday. That will be great traffic for your site also.

Do you want to receive hundreds of happy birthday messages or more on your birthday? Register for this HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE.

How shall it function?

On your birthday, it shall be announced to all the other participants who will be required to send you happy birthday messages.

Register now. Give:

  1. Your name
  2. Your Url
  3. Your date of birth.

Challenge announcement

Soon to be! Start to register!

What a joy to inform our friends of international Friendship Blogging Forum and other sweet bloggers that our challenge will soon appear here. Get ready to register and participate. Only 300 participants needed. This challenge is titled SOLIDARITY SUPPORT FORUM. It shall be easy for you to participate; and the rewards shall be enormous to participants.
The theme of this challenge shall be “Support others to grow and receive support from others and grow.”

If you like to be part, begin to register now – below.