I reject suffering

I did not come to this world to suffer; and God does not want me to suffer, so I reject suffering and, with open, arms, I embrace enjoyment. Every happening is a stepping-stone to enjoyment.

Do you welcome help?

Who will hold my hand
And pull me up?
I welcome help;
Do you welcome help?
Some people welcome help;
Some people reject help;
They want to do everything
By themselves;
Who can do everything
By themselves?
You can do some things
By yourself;
You cannot do all things
By yourself;
We all need help
From time to time;
And when you need help,
Ask for it;
When others offer you help,
Welcome it.
No one is born to live alone;
On one another, we depend.
Welcome help.

Do you agree or disagree?

People who reject themselves, easily reject others;
People who accept themselves easily accept others;
People who respect themselves respect others;
People who don’t respect themselves don’t respect others;
People who love themselves love other people;
People who hate themselves hate other people.
People who are kind to themselves are kind to other people.
Do you agree or disagree?

The trump mind

Stop disgracing your country, Mr. Trump!
Stop disgracing the lovely people of your country!
Your nice country is admired the world over;
Because she stands for the most lofty ideals;
She promotes love,
Not hate;
She promotes peace,
Not violence,
She promotes unity,
Not disunity;
Where are you from Mr. Trump?
Your country is full of people with loving hearts;
Who like to see everyone happy;
Who work to bring people together;
Who stand by those weaker than them;
Where are you from?
You want to set fire on the world;
Why should we not call on your sweet people
To say no to Mr. Trump?
You do not reflect what your country stands for;
Yours is a great country with a great people who love;
Who unite; and who fight for peace;
Who reject anything that destroys the peace
Love and unity of the world.
Who reject the fruits of the trump mind.

Gay issues

Gay issues;
Worrisome issues to many a soul;
Tell us where you stand
On gay issues.
Should we talk about them
Or leave them alone?
Should we accept them
Or reject them?
Should we condemn them
Or praise them?
These are the worries of gay issues.
Tell us where you stand
On gay issues;
That we may know where you stand;
We want the best
For everyone;
Tell us where you stand
On Gay issues.

The voice of experts

Do you listen to the voice of experts?
Some experts are good;
Listen to them;
But not all experts are good;
Some are called experts
When, indeed, they aren’t;
They mess us up;
With theories that are far from right;
They want us to accept
What we should not accept;
If we leave the world all in their hands,
We cannot be sure where they’ll lead us;
Let’s question well when such experts talk;
Let’s reject it if we aren’t convinced
It’s right;
If they say a thing cannot be changed;
When we know it can;
We mustn’t gulp it down;
But reject it right away.
And this should be so,
When it comes to money;
We must remake the policy
That governs money in life;
Some cannot have
While others chaff;
It cannot be scarce
When it can be made enough for all
Just because of theories
The experts propagate.