Since you became my friend

Since you became my friend
Things have never been
The same for me;
You have brought sunshine
Into my life;
I no longer experience
Fears and worries as before.
I cannot thank you enough.

Since you became my friend,
I smile more than ever;
I feel upbeat;
And look to the future
With high expectations
And joyful hope.
I also have had a real sense
Of self worth.

Since you became my friend,
I am more confident
Than I have ever been.
I am positive about myself!
I look at life
And others positively
Rather than negatively.
I cannot thank you enough.


I still love you

I still love you, my love;
Though you want to leave me,
I still sincerely love you;
You want to leave me
And go to another man,
But I still love you dearly;
I wish to have you for ever;
I don’t know why you want
To do this to me;
Don’t you still love me?
Why do you want to leave me?
I still love you with all my heart;
I am dying to have you fully
For myself.

Today’s love talk: Love makes life sweet

Let’s talk love today,
After all,
What is more important
In life?
Love is at the center;
Without love,
Life is more than empty;
It is dirty;
It is a waste;
We must put love right
At the center;
First, the love of God;
Then, the love of others;
We must love one another;
And the world will know peace;
With love,
The world will know harmony;
With love,
Life is sweet.

Thanks for your love

I was so lonely before
I met you;
Where were you?
It was so sad being
All alone;
I had no one to chat with;
My heart was full of
Sad thoughts;
I was so sad I thought
I would die.

Thank God I found you;
Everything changed;
See how happy I am;
I swim in your love;
I feel like
I will never die.
I thank you
For your sweet love;
I will always love you.

You mean so much

You mean so much to me;
You are the center
Of my life;
I go to bed
With you in mind;
And all night,
I dream of you;
I have never imagined
Living without you;
You are my heart;
You are to me
Like blood is to
The human body;
There’s no way to live
Without you;
When you smile,
I am happy;
When you cry,
I am sad;
When you laugh
You light up my world;
There’s no doubt
You mean so much to me.

I want you to know

I want you to know,
You mean so much to me;
I want you to know,
I love you
With all my heart;
I want you to know,
I always think of you;
I want you to know,
When I don’t hear
From you, I am sick;
I want you to know
You are the heart
Of my life.
This means you are most
Important to me.
These, and many more,
I want you to know.

Your face glitters

See how you laugh
So loudly, so sweetly;
There’s happiness in your heart;
What makes you so happy my love?
Is it the love you have for me?
See how you light up the whole place
With the light
That comes from you;
See how your face glitters;
You shine my love;
You are a beauty,
I love the way you laugh.