Good morning dear

Good morning dear;
I slept soundly this night,
As I have not slept
For a very long time;
And the reason is,
You showered me with love
Last night,
As you never did before;
Your sweet words
More especially,
You tender touches;
Sent a thrill through me,
And moved my heart.
I was virtually floating;
I can’t remember
When I last had
The thrilling feeling
You have made me experience;
That was accounted
For my sound sleep;
I slept like a king;
And thank you
From the bottom of my heart.


In my heart

As we start a new day,
You’re in my heart;
I look forward
To a great day and week,
Because of your love;
If I am happy today
As I am,
It’s because of your love;
You remain in my heart;
And that is where
You will dwell for ever.
I want a place
In your heart
As well;
Shall you create
Such a place
for me?
Will your heart beat
Like a drum
With love for me?

How deep is our love?

We have not talked love
Today, my love;
I have not reminded you
That I love you;
Neither have you reminded me
That you love me;
You haven’t reassured me
Of your fidelity.
This is a good time
For us to do that.
I am, thus, reminding you
Of my love.
Know that I love you
With all my heart;
But what about you?
Do you still love me?
And if you do,
Do you do so with all your heart?
This, I want to know;
Post me on the depth
Of your love for me.
How deep is your love?

What happened?

What happened to our love?
And what happened to you?
You’re now a different person;
I don’t recognize you;
You are silent!
You don’t talk as you did;
You look at me as if
You don’t see;
I am worried and confused;
Totally confused.
Where is the love
That was flowing like a river,
In your heart for me?
How did it dry up so fast?
Explain to me;
It is hard to understand;
Will you be kind enough,
To explain to me?
Take your time, let me know;
Explain to me!

You break my heart

You break my heart;
Why so?
Don’t break my heart;
If you tell me
You don’t belong to me,
You break my heart;
If you tell me
You are not ready for me,
You break my heart;
If you tell me
You belong to another,
You break my heart;
How can you belong
To another
When you have stolen
My heart?
How can you not be mine,
When you hold my heart
In your palms?
That does not go down
With me.
With that
You break my heart.

Mine for ever

You are mine forever,
You are mine today;
You will be mine tomorrow;
You will be mine for ever;
You are mine in light
You will be mine even in darkness,
You are mine in sunshine;
You will be mine even in rain;
You are mine in laughter
You will be mine even in tears,
You will always be mine.
When the weather is bright;
And when the weather is dull.

I choke for you

Slowly, I am dying
For you;
Slowly, suffocating
For you;
See how I breathe
With much difficulty;
It is the love I have
In my heart for you
That is stifling me.
Making me choke;
Tell me:
Are you equally
Choking for me?
That will make it
A two-way traffic,
Not a one-way traffic.
If I choke for you,
And you choke for me;
Life will be sweet;
Like natural honey.