Friendly quote

“If you are friendly, you will never lack friends. Loneliness is a sign that you are unfriendly.” Romilia Quotes


I love everybody proudly

I love everybody proudly;
I am proud I love everybody;
I don’t love some and hate others;
I don’t discriminate gainst some;
I don’t see why I should do that;
Your color
Means nothing to me;
The region you come from
Means nothing to me;
The language you speak
Means nothing to me;
I love you
Regardless of all that;
To me,
You are a human being;
Before everything else;
A human being is a human being;
Worthy of love and respect.
We are the same living beings;
Created by the same God;
Having the same needs;
The same likes and dislikes;
No reason to discriminate.
Let one thing alone bind us,
And that one thing should be love.
I love you;
I love you with all my heart.
If you love me with all your heart,
Then, we have it right.
That is the way we should relate;
That is the way we should live.
Yes, I love everybody with all my heart;
I love everybody proudly.

Enjoy intimacy with your spouse

Intimacy with one’s spouse
Is the dream of every married person;
You’re called to intimacy
With your spouse;
That is your call as a husband;
And that is your call as a wife;
God calls you to be a good spouse;
You are challenged to do what you must to have a successful, happy marriage;
God has equipped you for success in your marriage if you answer the call to matrimony;
What is more, he is available to help you;
Do not fail to have intimacy in your marriage.


Enjoy intimacy with God

Intimacy is good;
Intimacy with spouse,
Intimacy with friends;
You’re called to intimacy
With God,
That is your first call;
He created you
For relationship with him;
He formed you for himself,
Why stay far off from him?
If you stay away from God,
You fail to fulfill
Your purpose in life,
You’re called to intimacy
With God;
If not intimate with God
That for which He created you,
You do instead what you like;
“Come to me,” is the call;
So you get close to Him;
And be truly one with Him;
Make him your intimate friend;
Enjoy intimacy with Him;
It’s a sweet thing to do.

How nice of you!

Hello everyone on board!
How nice it is of you;
To know you are there;
That makes my heart glow;
I extend a hand to you;
That we may be friends;
And journey together as one,
In this difficult world
Of ours;
I feel in my bones
What pleasant company
We will make;
And that is what I want.
Be my friends for life;
I will be your friend for life;
The sun will shine on me
And the sun will shine on you.
And life will move on nice,
Sweeter than ever before.
Friendship, indeed!
A precious gift of life.
How nice of you, my friend!

Only death shall part us

Do you remember
What you promised me?
Do you know
That a promise is a debt?
And are you ready
To keep or to break
Your promise?
Doesn’t it matter to you
That you made this promise
To me?
And are you not ashamed
To break your promise?
On my part,
I will never break
My promise to you;
In sun or in rain,
I am yours;
And you are mine;
You are mine for ever;
I will cling to you;
And only death shall
Part us.
Wherever you go,
There, I shall go with you.

Your spouse: ashamed or proud of you?

At the start of most marriages, husband and wife are so proud of each other. Their relationship is perfect as if made in heaven. But in some cases, this does not take long. They stop being proud of each other. In fact, one person may be ashamed of the other. Hence, the following poem: Your spouse, ashamed of you?

Is your spouse proud of you?Don’t make your spouse
Ashamed of you;
Some people
Make their spouses
Ashamed of them,
Which is not a good thing
For their marriage;
Do not do like them;
What instead
You should do is
Make your spouse proud
Of you;
If your spouse is proud
Of you,
Your marriage will be bound
For success;
If your spouse is ashamed
Of you,
Your marriage will be bound
For failure;
Make your spouse
Not ashamed, but proud
of you

Dear friends, do you know some things that can make your spouse ashamed of you? What about things that can make your spouse proud of you? Let’s share. By sharing we grow in marriage.

Keep love up and running

When was the last time
You thought of your wife
And brought her home
A gift?
When was the last time
You thought of your husband
And brought him home
A gift?
There’s magic in gifts;
To fire up love
In your spouse’s heart;
When was the last time
You called your spouse
Your darling?
When was the last time
You gave your spouse
A tender, loving touch?
Once you start to neglect
Those things,
You start to sow the seeds
Of disharmony
In your relationship;
Fan the flame of love
In your relationship
To keep it burning;
To keep it alive;
To keep it up and running.

Dear loving child

Dear loving child,
It gives me great joy
To write this letter
To you;
I like you to know
That I care;
That you are the center
Of my life;
Knowing that you are
Gives me great joy;
It is so sweet
That you are doing
So well;
I say a big “bravo” to you.
My prayer is, forward ever;
Backward, never.
May you be the light
That shines in this dark
World in which we live;
Light up
All the world around you;
And why not far beyond?
Make sure you carry
God as your armor
Wherever you go.
Go to bed with a prayer

On your lips;
And get up with a prayer;
Pray a lot;
As the Bible commands,
Pray without ceasing;
We will keep on praying
For you;
That the angels of God
May surround you
As you go in and out,
As you come out in the day,
And turn in at night;
May the angels take care
Of all your needs!
And protect you
From the dirty plans
Of the evil one!
Stay well
And know that we love you.
Your loving dad.