When you get up

When you get up from sleep,
I want you to read,
And get this message;
And let it sink into you;
My message of love;
Just reminding you
Of my love;
I know you are aware
Of where my heart is,
But I am delighted
To say it myself to you
All the same.
Know that my heart is
For ever lodged in you.
You remain my most dearly.


My cyber family

To you, my cyber friend,
I send blessings;
To you,
My cyber brother,
Let God grant you
Riches this 2020.
To you
My cyber sister,
Let 2020 offer you
the love of your life;
Who will bring you
You never imagined.
To you
My cyber son,
May all the doors
You knock this 2020
Be opened to you!
To you
My cyber daughter,
May the sky be
Your springboard
This 2020.
To you
My cyber parents,
May you age gracefully,
Enjoying the love
And care
Of your progeny!
To you
My entire cyber family,
Love, sunshine
And happiness to all.

One word to my love

What word can I say
To you, my love?
Which will sound better
In your ears
Than the word love?
All I want you to know
Is I love you;
You have a place
In my heart;
I love you
Not in an ordinary way;
I love you
In an extraordinary way;
With my whole heart;
I love you
More than I can tell you.
I just love you;
I can’t even explain why.
My one word to you is,
I love you, I love you.

Late night love

Let’s talk
Late night love;
When the hours
Are far advanced
All retired home;
All quiet around;
We are on our own;
Free to do
What we want;
Free like air
To fly;
To rise
To fall;
To go where we like.
Where shall we go?
To the moon?
To the stars?
To space?
But not to the sun;
To be roasted alive;
What I want is love.
Late night love.
I want to savour it.

Good morning dear

Good morning dear;
I slept soundly this night,
As I have not slept
For a very long time;
And the reason is,
You showered me with love
Last night,
As you never did before;
Your sweet words
More especially,
You tender touches;
Sent a thrill through me,
And moved my heart.
I was virtually floating;
I can’t remember
When I last had
The thrilling feeling
You have made me experience;
That was accounted
For my sound sleep;
I slept like a king;
And thank you
From the bottom of my heart.