I woke up today thinking

I woke up today thinking of you;
I got up today with you in mind;
I tried to think of something else
But didn’t succeed;
My mind stayed focused on you;
My heart kept beating for you;
And I thought I should let you know;
I like to know how you feel;
If your heart is beating like mine;
I am anxious to know;
Send me word and let me know.
If the love I have for you
Is the same love you have for me.
Did you wake up today thinking of me
As I woke up thinking of you?


Photo Of The Day: Romantic Mystique!!!

In blissful moments like these, your presence brings in some romantic mystique…
A beautiful poetry with beautiful sunset photography..Please CLICK to read and watch…

The fullness of love

I knew you were fully mine
The very first day we met;
Something ran through me
Like electrical current;
I could not stop gazing at you;
But it was not time;
Never before
Had a face so magnetized me;
I was completely hooked;
And since then,
You have not left my mind;
Indeed, my heart goes for you;
I am in love with you;
I am deeply in love with you;
It is clear you were created
For me to love;
All these years you were
Being prepared for me;
This is the time for our love;
My love tank for you is full;
Come dip and drink from
This overflowing love tank;
Enjoy love you have
Never known before;
Come swim in my ocean
Of love for you.
Enjoy the fullness of love.

My all and all

I hereby declare
My love for you;
Let me tell you how
Dearly I love you;
You are the one for
Whom my heart dances;
For you I can die;
I hereby say it loudly,
You are my heart;
You are my honey;
You are my nectar;
You are my oxygen;
You are my air;
You are my sunshine;
You are my star;
You are my everything;
You are my all and all.