Relieve me!

On you totally I depend
O Lord,
To you, I turn for help.
Relieve me of my pain,
Relieve me of my suffering;
Relieve me of my worries,
Relieve me of my fears;
Relieve me of my doubts;
Relieve me of my weaknesses;
Relieve me of my lusts.
It is only you who can hear
My prayer,
And relieve me.
I count on you to relieve me
And set me free.
Relieve of every worry
That is in my heart.


Pray for the suffering today

man holding white sack walking beside street stores

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Pray for all those who are in pain today;
That God may relieve their suffering;
Many are those who are suffering;
From one plight or another;
Some are hungry;
No food to eat;
Some are sick;
No cure for their illness;
Some lack the money for medical attention
Or to buy their medication;
Some are tortured in their own families;
In their own country;
They need your prayers;
Some are unjustly punished;
Punished for crimes others have committed;
Some are displaced;
Some have no roof over their heads;
Pray for all these people;
That the Lord may have mercy on them.
And relieve their suffering;
Will you have time to pray for them?