We are the same people

Don’t shove me aside;
We are the same people;
We don’t come
From the same place;
We are separated by many hills,
Valleys and rivers;
You don’t speak my language;
I don’t speak your language;
But we remain closely knit together;
Made by the same Creator;
With the same human qualities;
The same likes and dislikes;
The same basic feelings;
The same basic needs
And the same basic aspirations;
Why do you think
I am different from you?
Although I am far away, I am your brother;
Although you don’t now me, I am your brother.
We are all brothers and sisters
Regardless of where we are born,
Where we live,
Our language,
Our culture,
Our religion
And our color.


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Not Preaching! Sharing The Information That Transformed My Being. From Cringing Fear To Courage To Move Mountains!

Me? I know nothing! That is, I choose to know nothing else but?…

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at 2:41 am

Yes, I quote the Scriptures extensively. Why? Because, I have a relationship with the Scriptures. The Scriptures are the WORD. The WORD symbolizes the Son and the Father. The Scriptures cannot be taught. The Scriptures must be experienced by the power of love & wisdom from on high. We must allow this power of love and wisdom from on high to take over our beings. There is no other way.

No other way. All is futility. All is vanity! Take time to read
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Religion: uniting or dividing?

What are we doing with our religion?
Are we making it an instrument of unity or an instrument of division?
If we all practiced our religion, what a wonderful world we would have!
But sadly enough, most of us don’t;
Instead of making it an instrument of unity,
We make it an instrument of division;
We profess one thing but practice another;
We say a lot and do little of what we say.

If your religion is like mine, it is a good religion;
It talks love, and asks us to love one another;
But how many others do we love?
If your religion is like mine, it is a good religion;
It preaches peace; and acclaims the virtues of peace;
But how much peace do we promote?

Yes, your religion is good for the world;
Yes, my religion is good for the world;
Yes, our religions are good for the world;
They preach truth and justice;
But how truthful are we? and how just is our world?
We hold strongly to our religious beliefs;
And for them we can die; Excellent!
But what do we do to make them work?
We have to make them work;
To do the good they are meant to do.

Let’s not look at others; let’s look at ourselves;
Let’s not ask what others are doing;
Let’s ask what we are doing;
What are we doing to make our religion deliver for the world?
What are we doing to make our religion an instrument of unity and not division?
What are we doing to make our religion a generator of love not hate?

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A Post I Must Remember …Welcome To Join In The Restoration Of Our Beings …

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 8:46 am

O my Father—O Father of mine? I keep seeing those restored areas to house the chosen while waiting for Yahushua’s return. Amid areas beaming with organic fields yielding vegetables & fruits free from harming chemicals to our minds & bodies. Flowering gardens for the bees to produce honey for the survival of the chosen. Areas where the chickens and the goats and the cows are not injected with chemicals geared to slowly kill the chosen, there! The solar dome for the headquarters, and! I no longer see an impossibility! Nothing is impossible unto You.

Your words on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 3:50 am vibrate within my being. I can no longer doubt You. No, this is not any kind of positive affirmation as it is now proclaimed by the best. Don’t mean to be smug or judgmental but! I simply cannot go along with the rest.

O well, my Father, O my Father—O Father of mine? An estimated million dollars is the tag to begin the project. Where on earth am I to get such staggering sum of money? Emphatically You just told me,

No need! No need! No need for impossibilities! I am with you and for you.

I believe You. You know that or, perhaps I do not believe You. You know it is inevitable for Your child to see the impossibility. Bank account? Barely the money for my daily needs. How can I even imagine millions of dollars at my disposal?

O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart? Have you forgotten? It is not your faith. It is My faithfulness. No need for you to imagine anything, to visualize and concentrate on the wantings of your carnal nature to make those materialize. No need to aspire to maximum goodness No one is good—not a single one.

I rain on the just and the unjust. I give and take at My discretion. I define all things. I set the times. I love and hate as it is fitting. No human or devil can figure Me out. All My doings do not meet the approval of human kind. Remember,

I form the light and create darkness, I make peace national well-being, and I create physical evil (calamity); I am Yahuwah/Yahushua Almighty, Who does all these things. (Moral evil proceeds from the will of man, but physical evil proceeds from the will of Yahuwah/Yahushua Almighty).

This is a matter out of man’s concept of My Being but! My time is set now to enlighten all. My love is infinitely higher than your concept of love. I am a Mighty One of justice. I will not deprive My children of any good thing. On the contrary, My aim is to restore & establish My children for eternity.

Rejoice! I have given you the power to wait. To wait with patience & composure. I will not delay. I am always on time. Continue in the task I have given to you. Write & publish. I will do the rest.”

With joy inexplicable and full of esteem I continue my task. I write & publish. Knowing of a surety You are doing the rest. I have found a way to post Your words uniquely & creatively. For I am unique. I am creative. Thanks, my Father for such gifts.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 4:55 am

You know my Father, been up for better than 2 hrs. Been checking the numerous likes and a couple of encouraging comments. Plus, listening to a video about my health. Everything coming from Your hand of mercy. You are leading me all the way. Thus, my days develop in a productive way spontaneously.

It is not true of myself to ignore all the wonderful systems & methods to do anything proclaimed by the leaders, authorities in this world. Nay! What is true is my conclusion after listening to them all. My conclusion? Inevitable, I conclude, “I know that. I done that. Why I do not see any results?” Then, I head to my computer. I put the question to my Father/Creator. My Father/Creator answers me.

Thus, my life develops. No results? Take a look at two comments from my readers of today. Wow!  An answer from my Father to give me a peep at the results. Guess I better quit doubting Him.

10 hoursSparky Jen “No Beating Around the Bush Allowed!”

What a powerful, spirit filled post. It’s wonderful to read a post that gives all the glory to our heavenly Father, and which is composed with an understanding of how blessed we truly are. We have enough. We are enough!

Leland Olson Hoel

7 hoursMy Mixed Blog

Dear thia Basilia, I have been to visit you a few times and I am surprised at all the glitz and glamour I have found. Father has made you a expert at setting up professional looking blog sites. You’ve done a great job at reorganizing and having an orderly system. One thing for sure, the word never changes but your ability to catch our eye changed dramatically! Keep up your good work, keep up your faithful commitment to the Father. I wish you all the best and a blessed year in 2017. I keep trying to learn, plugging away, a little slower each day through.The grace of the Father sustains me each day. I can continue to give him all the praise and glory for what I can do. Leland


His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia

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Motivation Monday 8

Come what may, God is with me.

Visit Purposive Writer for more Motivation Monday quotes

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God can do and undo

Think for a moment about the universe;
Think for a moment about its immensity,
Think for a moment about how things have been so carefully planned;
Think for a moment about our lives, the lives of animals and plants
Could all these have just happened?
How can anyone doubt that there is a super power in control who has worked all this out!
That Superpower we call God.
If he can do all that is in the universe, what can he not do for us?
What can be more than Him?
This is my prayer:”Help me O Lord, to know you; know how to relate with you and do exactly what you want me to do.”
God can do anything for you. There is nothing he cannot do for you if he wants to. He can do and undo. Trust him.

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Does God favor some people

“The way the world is, one can easily conclude that God loves some countries more than others.”
Tijani was chatting with one of his friends, Asalem, on the issue of God’s preferential treatment for some people and countries which has been discussed over and over all over the world.

“You are right,” responded Asalem. “God does not treat every country the same. It is the same for human beings. He butters some people’s bread but not others. He blesses some countries but does not bless others. Ours is an example.”

There are any people who go with Tijani and Asalem; that God does not treat everybody and every country the same. They cite how some people swim in luxury while others swim in misery; some die young while others live to very old age. Some are happy and some are sad.

Christians believe that God is a just God. But this hard to believe for non Christians even for some Christians as what they see is different from this. Do you have a position on this issue? Does God give some people and some countries preferential treatment?

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