Always remember

Always remember
The things that matter
In your life;
Always remember
The things that can save
Your life;
Always remember
To say your prayers
In the morning
And in the night;
Always remember
To do your duty;
To take care of yourself;
Always remember
To consider other people;
To put the common good
Ahead of your personal interest.
Always remember
That God loves you;
And is there for you.
Always remember
To read your bible daily;
Always remember
To pray without ceasing
As God has promised
To be there for you.
Always remember
What I tell you,
For your good and others.


Our kind of love

Yes, I do remember
That first day
I set eyes on you;
My eyes and yours
Vould not be separated;
They seemed logged together
For ever;
Mine won’t leave yours,
And yours won’t leave mind;
Hard as I tried;
My heart missed a beat;
And when beating resumed,
It beat so fast,
And so strong,
I feared an explosion
Was underway;
Much has not changed;
That is the kind of love
I have for you;
Our kind of love.

How long will you be remembered after you die?

We all leave legacy be good are bad.And if you think you will be remembered for that,you are sadly mistaken.

That is what happens in life.

But once you are dead,do you really care whether any body remembers you at all !

Don’t be shocked to the fact that even your kith and kin forget you over the time.Don’t blame them !

My guess is if you leave a legacy of kindness may be you will be remembered for sometime.

Occasionally children may recollect what their dad or mom told them.

Wife or husband surely miss the other person and cherish the shared bonds from time to time.

What I am trying to tell is,the frequency of thinking of that person will be less and less as time moves on,though memories remain.( Memories can not fade)


Don’t you think it is a great feeling when people who are associated with you, remember you,when you are alive ?

I conclude…..

To strive to be remembered after death is a vain attempt to achieve immortality

There is quiz too….to know how you will be remembered after you die ! (just for Fun don’t take it seriously.)

how you will be remembered after death

Thank you  Philosophy Through Photography


Do you remember those 8 great days?

Do you remember, my dear?
I am talking of the good days
We used to spend together
When we first met;
I do remember them clearly;
They were such pleasant
sweet, tasty moments;
Real unforgettable moments;
Heart warming times, indeed!
Our hearts burned with love
For each other;
And we never got tired of seeing Each other;
I felt on top of the world,
Just knowing you were there;
I remember moving as if I was running or flying;
I felt light and high spirited;
To catch a plane before
It was too late.
I am hungry to relive that feeling;
What do I do?
If you know what I must do,
Please, do let me know.
Thank you for you very keen attention.

If you like to know the 8 days

  1. The day I first met you;
  2. The day you said yes.
  3. The day your mother met me.
  4. The day we first shared a drink together.
  5. The day I proposed to you.
  6. The day you accepted me.
  7. The day we wedded in Church.
  8. The day Christ came into our marriage.

Let those days come back;

And may they never go for good!

Do you remember?

Do you remember
What I told you
About how to get the best
Out if 2019?
It is worth a read.
Take a look.

Do you remember
What I wrote about
How to make 2019 your year;
If you didn’t have time
To read it carefully,
Please, have it here.
I care,
Because you matter to me.

Do you remember,
What we said about
Why it is important
To pick your calls?
Don’t ignore a call,
Even if you don’t identify
The caller.
There is an important reason
For saying this.

Do you remember
What we said about
How to make your marriage
a joy?
It is worth reading;
If your marriage is happy,
Many things will go well
In your life.
Even if you are not married,
But do wish to marry someday,
Read it.

This December

Do not fail to remember;
That in December,
We celebrate Christmas,
Starting with Holy Mass;
Secondly, we will wine
And we will dine.
We will do it joyfully,
At home with our family.

At this end of the year,
I like you to know dear,
I never tell you a lie,
Our love will never die.
I like us to deliberate
On how we will celebrate;
Our love so delicious;
Which I find so precious.

Remember your promise

What ever you want to do,
Remember your promise;
Remember you promised me
To be mine for ever;
You promised to be faithful to me;
And never to leave me;
Have you forgotten?
You can’t tell me
You have forgotten;
So soon?
You can’t afford to forget
Such an important promise.
If you make a promise,
Make sure you keep it;
So, my good friend,
Remember your promise.

Remember yesterday

When you are doing
What you are doing,
Remember yesterday;
Yesterday, our love
Yesterday, you and I
Were on top;
We were madly
In love;
Can you forget that
So soon?
Can you forget what
You promised me?
You promised
To love me for ever;
You said until
Death do us part;
I can still hear
The words from your
Own very lips;
Have you so easily
And just yesterday
We were like hands
In gloves;
Have you fogotten?
I urge you, friend,
Think of our past;
Don’t forget;
Remember yesterday.

Do you remember?

Do you remember
A time
When you were
Very angry
And did something
Do you remember
A time
When you were
So scared
And failed to do
What you were
To do
And later on
Do you remember
A time
When you were
So sad
Nothing and nobody
Comfort you?
Do you remember
A time
When you were
So happy
You became too
Lost self control?
Life has its moments
Of extremes;
Such are times
To be
Very careful;
As it is
Easy to go off
The rails.
Watch out!

Quote (legacy)

” What will be your legacy? If your dream is to have your name printed in indelible ink in the world, it is a laudable dream. But be careful what it is printed for. Some people’s names are printed indelibly for the good they did; while some is for the evil they did. Isn’t it better not to be remembered than to be remembered for the evil we did?” Romilia Quotes