Today’s daily prayer for a good day 63

Thank you O loving God,
Thank you our dear father,
Thank you for this week,
Thank you for our lives;
Thank you for our children;
Thank you for grandchildren ;
Thank you for our family;
Thank you for our neighbours;
Thank you for our friends;
Thank you for our coworkers;
Thank you for our partners; Thank you for our teachers;
Thank you for out students.

Help us to think rightly;
Help us to see rightly;
Help us to act rightly,
Help us to love rightly;
Help us to pray rightly;
Help us to desire rightly;
Help us to admire rightly. Help us to be right.

Make us get the right results.
As we go out into the world,
Which has become so complex,
Only you can protect us;
We know we are not alone;
Strengthen us in our faith;
Strengthen us in our trust;
Strengtben us in our love;
Strengtben us in our focus.

Make this day for us all
Exactly as you designed it.
Be at the center of our thoughts
Be our light;
Be in our spirit;
Be our source of confidence;
Be our reason to be bold.
You are our everything;
We make our prayer through
Christ our Lord, Amen!


Today’s morning prayer 21

Another day has come,
O Lord, my God,
Another generous gift
Of yours to me;
As on other days,
I thank you;
Also, I commit to you
This precious gift;
Unless you protect it,
Evil people will take it
Forcefully away from me.
But under your protection,
All will be well.
Thank you, O Lord,
For hearing,
And granting my prayer,
As you have promised to do.

Empower me

Empower me O Lord;
That I may do the work
You have called me
To do for you.

Empower me O Lord;
Though I am willing to do
What you like me to do,
I lack the tools.

Empower me O Lord;
I have accepted to do
Your will,
I cannot do it on my own.

Empower me O Lord,
If you equip me,
I will do what you expect
of me.
And do it well

Will you equip me?
Will you empower me?
Tell me you will.
I am waiting to hear
From you.

Qui peut nous connecter?

Qui peut nous connecter
A la communauté francophone
Du monde?
SIWO International
N’est pas là seulement
Pour les anglophones du monde;
Mais aussi pour les francophones;
Si donc vous pouvez nous connecter
Au monde francophone,
Ce sera une bonne chose.
Nous avons des choses
Qui intéréssant aussi bien
Ceux qui parlent
Que ceux qui parlent
La plus belle langue du monde,
Voire langue de Molière,
Langue de Voltaire.
Est-ce que vous le ferez
Pour nous?

Help me follow your example!

To you I pray, good God,
In praise and thanksgiving;
A great plan you have
For me
Your unworthy servant;
A plan
To make me successful
And happy;
Throughout my life,
You plan
To spread out blessings
For me;
Temptations, for sure,
I will have as well;
Many great obstacles
On my path
I will find;
But in your boundless love
You will grant me
The grace
To overcome them;
Thank you loving God,
For your wonderful kindness;
Help me to follow
Your example
And your light of kindness
Allow to shine through me
To everyone I meet
Wherever I go;
And to sing your praises
All my life.

We need your support

Are you ready to support us?
We need your support;
With your generous support,
We will realize our dreams
To the joy of many;
And if we are what we dream,
Many people will benefit;
SIWO is conceived to be
A meeting place for all inspirers;
We want that if you are
An inspirer, motivator
Or encourager,
You stop by here
From time to time,
As often as you can,
To meet, interact, support
And draw strength
From other inspirers like you.
Our belief is that
The more we meet and interact,
As people who share
The same values,
The stronger we each become;
And the greater our impact
On the world.
The inspirers, motivators, educators, and encouragers
Are those who have the mindset
To change the world.
But working in isolation,
Our impact cannot be strong enough;
Coming together,
Our impact will be tremendous;
And as individuals,
We will be stronger.
Hence, we created SIWO
A world for all success inspirers.
Do I have a point?
If you see I do,
Why not jump in?
It doesn’t disturb
What you are doing on
Your own site;
Instead, it enhances your site.
I have mustered the courage
To put this to you;
Will you muster the courage
To tell me what you think?

I am waiting.

Give me a hug

I need a hug from you;
Are you ready?
To give me a hug?
It will comfort me?
Tell me if you will do it;
Will you give me a hug?
A hug is good for me;
A hug will play the trick;
And when it comes from you,
I can guess how magical
It will be;
Please, give me a hug;
Tell me to take a hug;
With that you will make
My day.
I need your hug;
I value your hug;
Please, give me a hug!