Nobody can stand On your way

You will meet people
Who will try
To put you down
For no other reason
Than that
It will make them
Feel fine?
You will not do anything
For them to want
Your downfall;
But they will want it
Watch out
For such people;
Don’t let them
Succeed in their diabolic plan.
Twart it;
Prove to them
That nobody can stand
On your way.
In fact, nobody can.


I have much to learn

The writing on the wall is clear;
I have much to learn;
There is no doubt about that;
I cannot pretend I don’t;
We all have much to learn;
When I see what others do,
And I like to do same,
But cannot do as much as half,
I don’t deceive myself;
I tell myself no mincing words;
I have much to learn;
And good thing I will learn;
I have the zeal;
I am highly motivated;
And what keeps me motivated
Is my passion for my dream;
I will learn and know;
And make it big and very big.
No compromise, no turning back;
Forward ever until victory

Excuses are not my friends

Excuses are not my friends;
They don’t do me any good;
Actually, they hurt me badly
By standing on my way;
They deprive me of success;
I no longer give them a place
In my life;
Though they are always around
Trying to force their way to me;
They will no longer succeed
With me;
I find reasons to do whatever
I want to do;
Not excuses not to do it.
On excuses. forever and ever,
I turn my back;
No more excuses in my life.
If you want to succeed, I advise,
For, indeed, you should,
No more excuses in your life.

I am going to do my best today

I am going to do my best today;
I am not turning back on that;
I am not focusing on results;
I am focusing purely on what
I am called to do;
I am called to do my best;
I am determined to do just that,
I am sure if I do it,
I am going to get best results;
I am very happy about this!
I am also feeling relieved;
I am tired of worrying too much;
I am tired of chasing results.
I am satisfied with my stand;
I am going to start right away.
I am no longer in doubt!
I am highly motivated;
I am very highly motivated;
I am aware of the stakes.

Set for a new beginning

Up till now,
I sold myself short;
That is now over;
No more of that;
I am not doing
Of the sort again.
I will not sell
Myself short.
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I allowed myself
To be discouraged
So easily;
Over with that;
Once I set my mind
On a goal,
I will not allow
Anything whatsoever
To discourage me;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I was distracted
Never again
Shall I be distracted;
I shall ever stay
Focused on my goal;
No room again for
Any distraction;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I allowed negative
To invade my mind;
That, no more;
I shall look at
Every situation
Not negatively;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I hated
No more of that,
I will welcome
But turn them into
I am set for a new

Triumphantly emerge!

I am standing on my stairway
To success,
And I see a chain of challenges
Lined up ahead of me;
I know from that, I have work
To do;
And rather than intimidate me,
These challenges motivate me;
I will go on and face them;
Like the great souls before me,
Who did exactly the same;
They met challenges on their way;
But never allowed any of them
To stop their march ahead;
They did not shy away;
Or allow themselves to be
By challenges whatever they were;
They mustered courage
And plunged ahead;
To emerge victorious;
I will plunge into any obstacles
I find on my way;
I will throw all my eight on them;
And surely,
I will triumphantly emerge.
Call it determination if you like;
For that is what it is;
Determination; resolve;
Passion and commitment;
All bundled up and put in one bag.
Like me, I hope you face
Your challenges, squarely,
And triumphantly emerge.

Resolve your differences

Resolve your differences;
Differences should be
Resolved amicably;
Do not take anger to bed;
So you don’t get up
With anger in your heart;
Don’t carry anger with you
As you go about your day;
It will hurt you
More than anyone else;
And you will take decisions
That edify no one.
Keep anger out of your life;
And you will live a life
Of joy.
If you have differences,
Resolve them amicably
And if you cannot live like
Husband and wife,
Live like brother
And sister.
And God will always bless you.

Stay focused

Allow nothing to stand
On your way;
Clear the obstacles,
As they show up
Their ugly heads;
Know where you are going,
And stay focused;
Keep your determination
To get to your destination
Ever strong;
Do your best everyday
To reach the winning point
And be the champion;
And you will be surprised
How fast success
Will fly onto you.
And even if it comes slowly,
Give it time
To complete it’s journey.
Be resolved to win;
And let that be unshakable.
There is no doubt
Victory awaits you.