God knows

God knows why;
God knows when;
God knows how;
I have no reason
To panic;
No reason to worry;
No reason to fear
When God is
In control
God is in
Full control;
I shall go to bed
And sleep soundly;
I shall sleep
Like a baby;
God knows why;
God knows how;
God knows when;
God is in control;
In full control.
I am confident;
Thank you Lord.


Victory will be ours

I am holding on;
I am not giving up;
Discouraging messages
May bombard me
From all sides;
But I will not give up;
I am holding on strong;
I have made up my mind;
And my decision is final;
I am not a weak person;
I am not a loser;
I am a strong person;
I am a winner;
I am holding on;
I will hold on to the end;
I like you to be like me;
I like you to do like me;
Hold on to the end;
I can say with confidence;
Victory will smile at us;
Victory will be ours.

Where I stand at the moment

When I got up in the morning today,
Many thoughts reeled through my mind,
First, I pondered on the day ahead;
I wondered what treasure God had
In His treasure chest for me;
As I flashed my eyes on a neighboring hill,
I saw a bush fire raging like the waves
Of an angry ocean;
I could hear its crackle and roar;
And see columns of smoke rolling
Up in the sky, the air simmering and trembling;
All types of birds hovered overhead,
Apparently watching and waiting to devour
Some panic-stricken life creatures
Racing from the burning bush,
For dear life.
It dawned on me life was a struggle;
That I was not alone to face challenges;
Everywhere others are braving them
To lead the life gifted to them;
There and then I resolved to be strong;
To make the most of my opportunities;
That is where I stand at the moment;
That is what I got into the world with today.

Only victory can stop me

No matter what happens,
I will not stop;
I will continue to go for what I want;
If I lose all that I have built
Over the years,
I will not be discouraged;
I will not stop going for victory;
I will start again;
And go with greater vengeance;
I will fight like a lion;
Or if you like like a warrior;
Until I win;
Nothing will stop me;
Or rather,
One thing alone has the power
To stop me;
And that is victory.
Only victory can stop me;
Only victory will, indeed, stop me.

If you are the last become the first ( Live Your Dream Life Course week 6).

Do you know anyone who was the last in something but ended up as the first in it? Many times, I have seen this happen. Many times, the last has become the first. I have had occasion to work with young people who come into broadcasting on the last rung but work their way to the summit.

A child who is the last in class can become the first.
A child who hails from a most wretched family can end up at the top of the social ladder in the country.
A child who has no signs of leadership qualities can end up as the topmost political leader.
A child who shows no indication of business talent can become a leading business magnate.
A child who is the last in language in school can become a great novelist.

This is great news. Ironically, while this is possible, it is also possible for the first to become the last; which is not the wish of anybody.

How does this happen? And what makes this happen?

Determination, hard work, persistence, are among the determining factors; and to this list could be added focus, courage, faith in oneself, and prayers.

There are people who give up the moment they find that circumstances do not favor them. If they are last, the remain last. They accept their position as last. They resign to it. To them, there is nothing they can do. They lack ambition and determination.

There are other people who take every obstacle they find on their way as a challenge and resolve to turn it around. As commonly said, they resolve to turn their stumbling-blocks into stepping-stones. Most often, those who take this decision and throw their weight behind it succeed.

Actually, a clever person who is behind will work harder to catch up with those ahead instead of giving up. A runner who is behind in the race has to put in more energy than the one who is ahead. Often, many who are ahead sit on their laurels, taking things for granted; while those behind are putting in more energy. The result is soon the extra effort by those behind pays off and they see themselves ahead.

Many times we have seen a football team that is down in the first half coming on very strong in the second half, equalizing and winning. What happens in such a case? The players on that side fight harder, knowing that they are down. They put in their maximum while the other side is sleeping on their advantaged position.

Anyone can apply this strategy to go from behind to the top; or if they are last, to become the first.

Take anything that you are last in now, and use this method to become the first. If you are very poor now, use this technique and become the richest person you know. If you have not been doing well in academics, use this same method and become the best student. If you are a poor writer now, use this same method and become the greatest writer. Whatever your field, if you are not shining in it, use this same method and become the best in it.

Of course, everything will not work out perfectly because you are determined. You might get poor results a lot of times; discouragement and frustration. Persistence must then show its head; and there will be moments when you will have to be courageous to take decisions or action.

Prayers can work miracles. Employ prayers as your permanent partner to work the magic for you.

The truth is many people who are in low level positions at this very moment will rise to the top tomorrow; and many who are at the top now will drop to the bottom tomorrow. The choice is yours. It all depends on what you do. If you are down and want to get to the top, the tools you need are there. I have given the key ones here. Use them and realize your dream.

Slap on the face

I must honestly say this is not the best thing to do. I feel slapped on the face.


Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?



We have what it takes

Today, I resolve to carve out a place
For myself in the world;
It’s my right to do so;
I have the right
To rise to the highest place
Of my choice;
It’s your right as well;
I was born to succeed;
So too were you;
I have what it takes to make it big.
So too do you;
So why should I not make it big?
Why should I limit myself?
And you too;
Why should you not make it big?
Why should you limit yourself?

I am determined

Stubborn door;
No matter how hard I’ve knocked,
You’ve stubbornly refused to open;
You want me discouraged;
Do you think you will succeed?
Not with me;
I am as stubborn as you;
If not more stubborn than you.
I shall not budge;
I shall keep knocking harder and harder;
And I shall see how you shall not open.
I am determined;
To see you open.

Stubborn stone;
No matter how hard I’ve hit,
You’ve refused to shatter;
Do you think you can discourage me?
You can’t;
I’ll keep on hitting;
Harder and harder I’ll hit;
And I’ll see how you will not shatter.
If it means hitting a thousand times,
Be sure I’ll do.
I am determined; resolved;
To see you shatter.

I shall work harder

I work hard
This is true.
But it is not enough;
I, yet, don’t have the results I want;
Do you know what this means?
If you were me what would you do?
It means I have to work harder;
And work smarter;
And work wiser.
That is what I will do;
I shall work harder;
And work smarter;
And work wiser
And see how I will not make it big.
I a determined;
I will make it big some day;
I will;
God being my helper.
What of you?
I want you to make it big too.
Hence, do as I do.
Work harder, smarter and wiser.