We have what it takes

Today, I resolve to carve out a place
For myself in the world;
It’s my right to do so;
I have the right
To rise to the highest place
Of my choice;
It’s your right as well;
I was born to succeed;
So too were you;
I have what it takes to make it big.
So too do you;
So why should I not make it big?
Why should I limit myself?
And you too;
Why should you not make it big?
Why should you limit yourself?


I am determined

Stubborn door;
No matter how hard I’ve knocked,
You’ve stubbornly refused to open;
You want me discouraged;
Do you think you will succeed?
Not with me;
I am as stubborn as you;
If not more stubborn than you.
I shall not budge;
I shall keep knocking harder and harder;
And I shall see how you shall not open.
I am determined;
To see you open.

Stubborn stone;
No matter how hard I’ve hit,
You’ve refused to shatter;
Do you think you can discourage me?
You can’t;
I’ll keep on hitting;
Harder and harder I’ll hit;
And I’ll see how you will not shatter.
If it means hitting a thousand times,
Be sure I’ll do.
I am determined; resolved;
To see you shatter.

I shall work harder

I work hard
This is true.
But it is not enough;
I, yet, don’t have the results I want;
Do you know what this means?
If you were me what would you do?
It means I have to work harder;
And work smarter;
And work wiser.
That is what I will do;
I shall work harder;
And work smarter;
And work wiser
And see how I will not make it big.
I a determined;
I will make it big some day;
I will;
God being my helper.
What of you?
I want you to make it big too.
Hence, do as I do.
Work harder, smarter and wiser.