Let all be one

Let all be one;
Let all the world be one;
We are all one people;
Nothing should divide us;
Color should not;
Language should not;
Neither should culture;
Nor Geography;
Nor social status;
Weather we are rich
Or poor,
That should not divide us;
We are all humans;
Children of one Father,
Created by one God;
With the same needs,
And basic aspirations;
We have no reason
To be divided;
And to be quarrelling
And fighting;
And killing one another;
We fight over resources;
We each want to be superior;
To be calling the shots;
What good is that?
All that is vanity;
The resources of the world
Are enough for all;
If shared equitably;
And we can do so
If we leave out greed;
And love one another;
What is difficult in that?
Let us make all the world
One world;
One people;
Working together
In love and peace;
For a world enjoyable to all.


A big Monday

This Monday is a big Monday
For you as for me;
Claim it;
Call it turning point Monday;
Or break through Monday;
I want you to claim it;
It is the Monday that the Lord
Has made;
Many good things he locked in,
To release this Monday.
A very big Monday, indeed!
Are you ready for this great day?
Step forward
And let the world know
You are looking forward
To the blessings of this Monday.

Reset the rules!

We live in a world which has enough resources for everyone to live happily. There is enough for everybody. Yet, there are billions who are dying of hunger and disease, unable to clothe themselves, or to have a roof over their heads. What a poor and shameful management of the world’s wealth!

A few people swim in wealth, and shine and sparkle; and what is worse, waste so much which can get suffering humanity out of suffering.

The world needs to be remade. The rules need to be reset to make it possible for everybody to enjoy this world. The creator’s plan for the world is for all to enjoy.

Who says the world cannot be remade? Who says the rules cannot be reset? I can bet this is where we will end. The rules have to be reset to save the world. The common, suffering, people will not take it for ever.”

Dive deep

If you want to enjoy
The wealth of the ocean,
Stop floating at the surface;
Not much can be found there;
Go beneath;
Real treasure lies deeply buried;
Dive to the bottom;
And scoop up its wealth;
Do not be a chicken
That scratches the surface
For insects, worms and grain.
To savor the content of a book,
Read beyond the first few pages;
Dig into it;
Thus goes the world;
Dig deep in to relish the beauty,
The wealth; the treasures
Of the world.