Which look do you have?

Of these two looks,
The winner’s look,
And the loser’s look,
Which do you have?
Do you look
Like a somebody,
Or like a nobody?
Do you look confident
Or timid?
Do you look like
A courageous person
Or a coward?
Do you look like
A success
Or a failure?
Do you look like
A happy person
Or a sad person?
Your looks matter;
Take care of them.
If you have
A loser’s look,
None will respect you.
The winners look
Will earn you respect.


I like your support

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I like the way you support me;
It’s admirable, the way you do it;
I like your suppport;
You stand by me often;
You never let me go alone;
Always, you give me a hand;
That’s admirable, isn’t it?
I so much respect you for that;
And you see that your help
Has not gone for nothing;
It’s bearing fruit;
What would I have been
Without you standing by me?
I very much like the way
You support me;
And you do this when you can.

Always respect your opponent

There is a lesson which I learned a long time ago and which has stuck with me.

Never underestimate your opponent.

If you are going for a football match, give full respect to the opposite team knowing that they can win just as you can win.

Do not think that because you have won many matches before your victory in that match goes without saying. You may be shocked.

Every football team that gets onto the field to play is a potential winner of the match.

Every boxer who enters the boxing ring is a potential winner of the match ahead.

Therefore, you do not look down on your opponent ahead of the match.

In the boxing ring of daily life this holds true as in the boxing ring of politics.

lf you want to succeed in any competition, take your opponent as seriously as you can. Have high regard for them.

Quote (disrespect)

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“Disrespect is a major cause of trouble in marriage. Many of the squabbles that spouses have come from disrespect which is mostly shown through communication. We have to be careful how we use our tongue to communicate to our spouse. If we speak rudely or thoughtlessly, trouble will not be easy to avoid. Tempers may flare, leading to violence which could be disastrous.” (Romilia Quotes)

The rules of love

Are you in the game of love?
Do you know the rules of the game
Of love?
There’s no game without rules;
How would such a game be played?
It will hardly go well;
Everyone will do what They like;
Conflict would be hard to resolve;
It cannot go that way;
Every game must have its rules;
And the players must master
The rules;
And all of them are required to
Obey them;
Whoever breaks them
Must be punished accordingly;
The referee must master them as well;
To do a good job as an impartial judge.
Are you in any game?
Are you in the game of love?
Know the rules;
And obey them;
That will make you enjoy the game.
The game of love.

Don’t stop!

I do really admire you,
But if you stop doing
What makes me admire you,
I will stop doing so.

I do really respect you;
But if you stop doing
What makes me respect you,
I will stop doing so.

I do really hold you in very
High esteem;
But if you stop doing
What makes me hold you in
Such high esteem,
I will stop doing so.

Don’t stop doing what makes you admired;

Don’t stop doing what makes you respected;

Don’t stop doing what makes you held in high esteem.

Wise people quote

“Wise people don’t look down on anyone. They are not condescending. They know if God considers everyone important enough to be created who are we to look down on anyone? Nobody knows what tomorrow has for whoever. We have seen people who have risen from oblivion to the top and others who have dropped from the top to the bottom, to the point of sitting on mud.” Romilia Quotes