Husband and wife, household chores: who should do what? By Ngobesing Suh Romanus

On Saturday, March, 2, 2019,
I had a lengthy but very enjoyable conversation
It followed a post she  wrote:
How to keep your man.
I believe you will enjoy our chat.
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She put this question to me:
"You know there’s something that
Some women would like to know.
I've been  thinking that too.
I believe a man should be a companion
to his wife and  not a master.
He shouldn’t dominate.
And there are times when
a man  comes home
and expects certain things
from his wife like
to always have  food on the table
whether or not she has been out
all day trying to make  ends meet.
And shes so tired and still he expects her
to clean up the  house, cook, do the laundry
and if they have kids, take care of them.
He  feels it’s her duty, her responsibility.
Do you think cooking should be  a duty for the wife?
Or taking care of the house?
Do you think there is  anything wrong
with sharing the home chores?"
What is your response to this question?

What I can say is, spouses
should be equal partners
and it is a good thing to share the chores.
But couples should always take into consideration
the fact that men and women are different physically, emotionally and in abilities and talents.
Men can do certain things better than women;
And women can do certain things better than men;
There are roles as defined by society that fit men better.
Others that fit women better.
We have different cultures in different parts of the world. People are too attached to their culture. Hence, it is important to take change gradually when it is contrary to culture. When women from a culture which gives men advantages want to overturn things abruptly, they run into trouble with their husbands. Use tact and love to get change not force.
Husbands and wives should also attend marriage courses together. A good one is a Marriage Encounter Week End. Through many presentations and a gradual process, couples are brought to see the real meaning of marriage and journeying together as a couple not servant/ master relationship.
If you read this and have any questions, I will be very happy to answer them.
I thank Zee Yola for her post and raising the questions she raised.
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Trials and troubles

“If trials and troubles assail you, there is reason to jubilate. That is an eloquent indication that God has a big plan for you. Through these trials and troubles he wants to fortify you in preparation for your future responsibilities. The bigger the trials and troubles that inundate you, the bigger the responsibilities that await you.” (Romilia Quotes)