Before you go to bed

Before you go to bed,
Feel satisfied
That you have done
Your best to deliver
The goods;
Once that, you have done,
Let the results be not
Your concern;
Results are not in your hands;
You do the work,
God gives the results;
You work the sum,
God gives the answer.
You till, plant and weed,
God determines the yield;
So, lovely friend,
Before you go to bed,
Be sure
You have done your best.
And end.there;
That is the best you can do.

Good Planning

Let me
A sure road to success;
It is called good planning;
When you plan well,
You are more likely
To execute well;
And no one can doubt
The quality
Of the fruits you will reap.
It is like planning
Your farming season,
You take time and plan;
Plant at the right time,
And take good care
Of the crops,
You will surely reap
A good harvest.
Don’t do anything
However small,
Without planning.
Always plan;
And plan well.
That is a sure road
To success.

Do good work and see what happens

Good work
Is always rewarded;
It doesn’t matter
How long it takes;
Good work
Never goes unrewarded;
Though it may
Very much look so
For some time;
Finally the harvest
And abundantly so;
Always go for
Good work;
Focusing not on what
You will reap;
But on the
Good work
You do;
If you do the
Good work;
The divine Master
Will give the fruits.
Good work;
Nothing but
Good work;
Do good work;
And see what happens

Beyond your competence

Do your very best;
And bear in mind
You can’t force it:
You can’t do more
Than you can do;
When you’ve done
Your best;
Accept the results
That come from it;
They are straight
From God;
Of course, you can
Make an appeal;
But know that God has
The final say.
Your best is all you
Need to do;
Your best is enough;
And that is what is
Within your powers.
Results are not.
Results are beyond
Your competence.
They are within the
Competence of God;
And God alone.

Beyond your competence

Rapid Results College

Many people of my age group, will quickly understand when I talk about Rapid Results College. Based in London, this institution provided students, who were studying on their own, with notes to help them pass the General Certificate of Education Examination without tears.

I do not know if that institution still exists. What I know is we no longer write the London General Certificate of Education Examination.

In my community, and most often, when we talk about rapid results, we are referring to the practice of having many children within a very short time with minimal age differences. This may be so because the parents want to have their children fast and then stop it.

Many people advise against rapid results in childbearing for many reasons. Of course, there are others who are staunch advocates of this practice; and certainly, they have their own reasons which can best be appreciated if they share on the topic.

Is there anyone ready to share their stand on this matter? If you are ready, please, go ahead and do it.


Re-energize the dormant

If you want to be an achiever, or a winner, learn to turn your ideas and plans into action. You may have the best ideas but if they are dormant, they won’t bring you any results. All results are fruit of ideas that are transformed into action. When good ideas are married to good action they will give birth to good results.

If you look at the blogosphere, you will find many blogs that are dormant. Many of them started off very well but became dormant. One of my blogs has been dormant for quite a while. As such, nothing good is coming out of it whereas it would have been a very good blog.

I have a plan to re-energize it. I will lift it off the ground and see how far it goes. If you have a plan or project that is dormant, I encourage you to lift it off from sleep and get it going. That is what will bring you results.