You have enough tools (Be inspired today 348 by Ngobesing Suh dude Romanus)

Let today be better
Than yesterday;
If today is better
Than yesterday,
It means you are
If today is worse
Than yesterday,
It means you are
You must watch out;
We don’t want
To retrogress;
We want to progress;
Each day ought to be
Better than the day
Each day out to bring
That will depend,
Of course,
On God
The Master Architect;
But also
On how hard, and,
How wisely you work.
Don’t wait on God
He already played
His part.
He gave you
A brain to think;
Hands to work;
Feet to take you
To wherever you want
To go.
As Master Architect,
He endorses
How you use the tools
He has given you.