The Cardinal 6.22.19

Spring was making it’s comeback

When a few weeks ago he appeared,

Just as dusk surrounded the eve,

Suddenly I got the oddest feeling

Like someone, literally was staring at me.

I seemed drawn to peer out my window

There I saw gently perched upon a branch, 

A cardinal dressed in bright red.

He wasn’t checking out his surroundings

But looking at me instead. 

I didn’t feel startled but calmness and peace.

Was he bringing me some sort of message?

And though I had heard tales of such, 

Of the appearance of loved ones lost, 

Until then, I hadn’t believed all that much.

Every fair weather evening since, 

I am drawn to look out that same way.

Often he is there and then he is gone,

Though I have never seen him depart.

But there just seems to be a familiarity about him

He, like my dad, leaves the echo of a sweet little tune

That continues to play in my heart.


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Recommended Website

With millions of websites and blogs on the web, the tendency is to jump from blog to blog or website to website without taking time to dig into anyone to see what lies therein.

Thus, if a blog is recommended to you, it will be worthwhile looking at it with a special eye.
As I visit blogs and websites, I come across some that I find outstanding. I like such great websites and those that have the potential for greatness.

If people flow to your website or follow your blog then it may be a great one or one with the potential for greatness.
One great website that has caught my attention is titled TheSeeds4Life. This site “provides both inspirational messages and personal development articles.”

This is a place where “we can all come to find those positive and inspirational seeds needed to start combating our mental weeds.”

The Seeds 4 Life aims “to strengthen your confidence and provide you with motivation as you move boldly toward cultivating a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

Are you looking for inspiration? ‘Find all the inspiration you need to reach for and accomplish your goals and dreams at Seeds 4 Life.”

The founder believes and rightly so, that “together we can grow our best lives.”
I strongly recommend this site to you not only to read, like and comment on what you find there but to make it your guide through life.

Recommended post recommended blog

There are some posts which I read and think everybody should read as well. The reason is I find them very useful. When I come across such posts and blogs, I always have the urge to recommend them to others.

From now, you will find many such posts and blogs recommended on this site.

Today, I wish to recommend to you the post Water published by the Indian blogger, Jignasha Desai on her site Radically Distinctive on Tuesday 22 March 2016.

I came across Jignasha Desai’s blog when I was exploring the blogs that had responded to the daily prompt on price. When I visited the site, behold, I landed on the post Water which I read with relish.
My comment on it may interest you:

“This is a brilliant and useful article on water. We are often told to drink enough water but this is the first time that I have the reasons for this so clearly articulated. What is more, you caution against drinking too much water. This article is going to help many people indeed. I thank you for sharing. If I may ask, what actually prompted you to write this beautiful article? Have you been thinking of it for a long time or the inspiration just came? Once again, well done. Have a nice day.”

This talented blogger gives enough and convincing reasons for all of us to drink enough water. I particularly appreciate the caution she gives against the other extreme – excessive drinking of water.

If you have not been drinking enough water probably because you do not know how important it is, this post is a worthwhile read. I am convinced that it will transform and save may lives.

A few minutes sacrificed to read it could save your life and the lives of many other people to whom you may share the knowledge.

Happy reading!

Weekly Blog Review Challenge No 5

Name of blog: The Utopia Universe.

When  created: February 2013.

For our Weekly Blog Review, I am reviewing The Utopia Universe. This is a lovely blog whose “aim is to offer help, advice and teach.

The Utopia Universe believes “It’s time to payback all the good in our lives, to pass to each other everything we have learned, the knowledge we have stored within, and the love we have to share.”

She is ” a fully qualified Psychologist, Life Coach, Performance consultant, LOA practitioner and author.”

She has ” shared this blog with everyone since February 2013″, and has” been able to help many”.

On Monday, 14 March 2016, The Utopia Universe was featured as the Blog of the Day in Solidarity Support  Challenge day 30 and they offered us a beautiful post titled The Mobile Phone.

If you wish to get in touch with this inspiring blogger, her email is open to Feel free to do so.

A blogger to know

YesterdayAfter is a blog I would love to invite you to visit and meet the brain behind it. I will tell you why.

The web space in question is a unique environment through which the author wishes to “touch your soul with our One-of-a kind creations” and to let her creativity “inspire you in your daily life.”

The brain behind YesterdayAfter is a radiant soul, Carolina Russo; and if you ask me who she is, I have no difficulty telling you.

Carolina’s gleaming beauty is the first attraction that hits your vision when you visit her site and read her ‘About page’. But far beyond that sweet face is a tender loving heart.

Ask me how I know this. I have trailed Carolina’s language journey on her site, my site and other sites and I find no thread of doubt in my mind that the shiny smile on her face mirrors a deep-rooted peace and compassion.

I first met Carolina in a post, When bloggership meet, we did, which she published on her site in November 2015. It was a lovely piece that featured her, her bosom friends, Erika Kind,(my sweet friend) Corinne and Marissa Bergen when they met in California. Ever since Carolina has been a force on my web activity Solidarity Support Challenge, and comes through as someone you can fully trust.

I am inviting you to visit Carolina’s site but much more than that, to support what she is doing so that she may be more empowered to continue to be a blessing to those she finds on her path. Here, you will find YesterdayAfter.

A fellow blogger inspires

This post exemplifies the fruit of inspiration generated by a post on a fellow blogger’s site.

The Pace of Relevancy is the title of the post in question written and published in The World Thru My Eyes,  Macbofishbil, in response to the daily prompt, Pace Oddity, of 25 February 2016. This is what inspired me to write this post.

The pace of Relevancy talks about the alarming technological advancement in our modern world. Two things have captured my attention – the reality of a fast moving world and how from humble beginnings some sites have developed into giants.

The truth in the author’s words about how fast modern communication technology is advancing, hits you when you read:

“Anything that was popular a year ago has already gone past people’s minds. If you want to stay on top, you have to keep working, or else you fade into the past.”

I like this; and agree with it fully.

What he says about “the way popular websites have grown and changed over the years… channels (like Smosh and PewDiePie)… started out from humble beginnings…” but are doing great today also caught my attention.

The whole article triggered thinking in my mind and transported me to giants like Facebook and WordPress which did not start off where they are today, but like many legends in the world, they had very humble beginnings.

The pace of Relevancy elicits a challenging question: are the giants of the world today the last giants that the world will know? Of course, not. What rings through in Macbofishbil’s post and which resonates strongly with me is the fact that the best is still to come. But that will only be to those who will be up on their feet and sprinting forward else they are left behind.

Even more gripping in this post is a subtle message of the possibility of anyone getting to the winning point eventually through hard work.

This brings me to the essence of my reflection. You may just be starting your blog on a modest footing, but it could become one of the sensations of tomorrow under the condition that you work very hard. Since the world is moving fast, only those who will keep the pace will be noticed. The rest will get drowned in the crowd.

You may want to visit The pace of Relevancy. That would be a great decision. I want to thank Macbofishbil for sharing his post.

Janet’s ‘take on ageing’

Can you guess who caught my attention as I floated meaningfully on the web today?

Someone I call a rare specie. An amazing woman called Janet Weight Reed. Janet is an artist of class who’s been answering her call for forty years. She is “best known for her love of colour.”

This heart-of-gold woman turned 70 recently; and to be honest with you, I am still to forgive myself for failing to join the party train in her London apartment. Her family flew in from across the ocean to celebrate. A shower of love, Janet had a special anniversary cake.

What caught my attention today about her, however, is this post that I find excellent for people of my age and even more for the young who need this knowledge to start steering the boat of their own lives early enough in the right direction.

Janet gives her ‘take on the ageing process.”  Read her: “Having just celebrated my 70th birthday, I thought I would write something on my feelings about the ageing process.”

As customary with her posts, her words tie the knot with her paintings and the symbiosis is exquisite.

You will elated spending some time with Janet on her lovely site.

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