Start to shine again

What happened to you?
You are not what
I knew you
To be;
What ever happened to you?
You were shining;
Always smiling;
Waxing strong;
I had every assurance
You had a great future;
But now, look at what I see;
You are not the same person;
Whatever happened to you,
I simply do not understand;
You need to go back
To what you were;
Be the you that I knew;
Revive your dreams
And your confidence;
Revive the spark in you;
Start to shine again.

Nasty relationship (Quote)

“Some relationships are too nasty for anyone to bother to rescue. No matter the effort you make, it only goes deeper down the sink. Of course, let it go. Let it sink. If it is dead, bury it. You don’t allow yourself to die with it. Survive! And move on! Life should not end because of a nasty relationship.” Romilia Quotes

Resurrect your dream!

I will resurrect my dream
Right at this very moment;
I am wasting no time to act;
If you are wasting time
To revive your dream,
It’s your problem;
I will revive my sweet dream, now;
I have been inspired; motivated;
My dream was dead;
I allowed it to die;
Or rather, I killed it;
But it cannot be dead for ever;
I will revive it;
I will resurrect it
I will get it on its feet running.
And I want you to emulate
My example;
Things will work out for you,
Faster than you think;
Resurrect that dream!
And see how fast it flies
To its destination.

Where went the dreams?

Have you forgotten those lofty dreams
You had?
When we were still little kids
You said you would one day become an astronaut;
And if you did not,
You would become a pilot;
We all liked it;
And felt proud of you;
But where are those dreams today?
Why did you allow them to die?
Dreams are not meant to die;
Dreams are not to be allowed to die
They are to be pursued and achieved.
Go right ahead and do just that.