Quote ( rags to riches)

“Having read lots of rags-to-riches stories, having seen people rise from nothing to great heights, my conclusion is anybody who desires to, regardless of the background, can rise to unimagined heights. It only requires that the person learns what it takes and does it. And when I say anybody, of course, I include you.” (Romilia Quotes)


Clean or dirty Money?

I want to be rich;
A rich tycoon;
Who doesn’t want to?
But what I hear
About riches boggles
My mind,
It is mind blowing;
Does it confound you toon?
Do all rich people
Play foul games
To amass their wealth?
Aren’t there
Clean rich people?
Tell me true or false;
Does one have to be crooked
To be rich?
If one must play foul games
To become rich,
Is it worth the while?
That’s dirty money!
What can dirty money give one?
I want to be rich;
But not through dirty money.
I want to get clean money;
To have clean hands with riches;
Not dirty hands with dirty money;
Let me be rich;
But let me have clean riches.
Clean not dirty money.

Quote (riches)

“There are two ways of becoming rich. Either you serve people to be rich or you exploit people to be rich. The riches you get by serving people are clean riches or honest riches. The riches you get by exploiting people are dirty riches or dishonest riches. The financial giants of the world either served people to be rich or exploited them. This means either they got their money honestly or dishonestly.” (Romilia Quotes)


What are you Money?
What is the sectet of
Your power?
When some people hear
Your name,
They take up their heads;
Even in their sick beds;
You are good;
But much evil is done
Because of you;
Then I get confused;
Finally, are you good or bad?
You seem to love evil people
More than good people;
I see you go to evil people freely,
They make you their friend,
But you have no time
For good people;
Is that true or false?
Tell us the truth;
Why is so much evil done
Because of you?
And what can we do about it?
And how do we make you our friend?
We love your friendship;
Shall we be friends?

Success takes time

Success, like riches,
Does not come at a go;
Success takes time;
It comes slowly;
It travels gradually;
You have to try and try;
Falling many times;
Often, discouraged;
At times frustrated;
Yet, fighting on
Fighting hard;
When the desired results
Do not come
You don’t despair;
That is normal in life;
It is not usually
The first knock
That shatters the stone;
At times, you hit and hit,
And no sign at all
To give you hope;
But that does not mean
You should give up;
You have to keep on
You have to keep on
Digging the hole
In the hope of hitting
The oil well
You are seeking;
And what happens is,
Soon it happens;
And you become rich
For life;
That is the way of success.

Critically sick of poverty

Critically sick of poverty;
All around me are riches;
Everyone bathes in wealth;
Having enough to eat,
And some to throw away;
Living in mansions
And enough money
To throw around;
But here I am living in
Abject poverty;
Nothing to live on;
No food to eat;
No roof over my head;
I live in the open air;
On the streets;
At times in motor parks;
Train stations;
Poor me!
I am critically sick
Of poverty.
Poverty, an evil that is
Ravaging the world.

Short cut to success?

Short cut to riches?
who says there is
A short cut to riches?
Is there a short cut to success?
None that I know;
I know no short cut to success;
I know no short cut to riches;
I know no short cut to
I know no short cut to the summit
Of the mountain of life;
If a short cut is what you
Are looking for,
You may look and look and look;
But you will not find;
Always, the road is long and rough;
But if you know how to go about it,
You will sail through safely;
The shore is at your reach;
The shore is reachable;
Don’t depart from where you are
Without having reached the shore
Where safety is better to shadow
The road, the quarters help you on.

Did you hear?

Did you hear
Of the man who went
From prison
To the topmost position
In a big company?
Did you hear
Of the man
Who rose from rags
To riches?
Did you hear
Of the non-believer
Who persecuted believers
But later was converted
And he became a leading
What are you waiting for
To do like these people?
If you are not where
You would like to be,
You can get to where
You would like to be.
Anybody who desires to,
Can go from where they are
To where they desire
To be.

Crazy search for money

This search for money
That is so crazy;
Craziest search I know;
All go for it,
As they were all mad;
And why is it so?
Everyone’s crazy?
In search of money?
What is this money?
With so much power!
Everybody wants it;
And can kill for it;
Money, money, money!
Money, riches, wealth.
Can make somebody mad;
One has to be careful,
Lest one becomes crazy,
Just because of money;
Which ends in vanity;
Watch out!
Be careful!
Don’t become crazy,
Because of money.
Money is not life;
Money is not final;
It is love that is final.
No crazy search for money.