Crazy search for money

This search for money
That is so crazy;
Craziest search I know;
All go for it,
As they were all mad;
And why is it so?
Everyone’s crazy?
In search of money?
What is this money?
With so much power!
Everybody wants it;
And can kill for it;
Money, money, money!
Money, riches, wealth.
Can make somebody mad;
One has to be careful,
Lest one becomes crazy,
Just because of money;
Which ends in vanity;
Watch out!
Be careful!
Don’t become crazy,
Because of money.
Money is not life;
Money is not final;
It is love that is final.
No crazy search for money.


Frustrated bitter sad

I am frustrated;
I am bitter;
I am sad;
I come from the village;
I am a village boy;
I want to go to the city;
I want to live in the city;
I want to be rich;
I want to live in luxury;
I wonder if I have a chance;
I wonder where to begin;
I have no job;
I have no education;
I know nothing but poverty;
I was born in poverty;
I have grown in poverty;
I swim in poverty;
I bathe in poverty;
I live in poverty;
I see people living in opulence;
I see them in mansions;
I see some in ivory towers;
I admire them;
I wish I could be like them;
I think everyday about my life;
I cry every night;
I know not what lies ahead;
I see no light ahead;
I really want to succeed;
I am worried;
I am frustrated,
I am bitter;
I am sad.
I want to succeed;
I want to shine as others;
I want someone to help me.


Do you like or dislike money?

Do you like or dislike money?
How do you see money?
Negatively or positively?
Do you like to be rich?
Do you fear to be rich?
Why do you like money?
If you have a lot of money,
What would you do with it?
Some people say money is bad;
But money is not bad;
Money is good;
With money,
You can do much good;
But you can also do much evil;
Money is good or evil,
Depending on what you do with it.
The best thing to do with money
Is to use it for the good
Of humanity;
To use it to develop society;
Money is a good thing to have;
Have as much as you can;
But get it in a good way;
And use it in a good way.
The right attitude to money
Is a positive attitude.
To answer the question:
“Do you like or dislike money?”
My answer is, “I like money.”

Quote ( limit )

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“When I look at where I stand right now, and at where I am coming from, I agree with those who say it is possible to go from rags to riches or from the bottom to the top. Instead of letting where you are born hold you down, let where you want to go pull you up. Do not limit yourself.” Romilia Quotes.

I will search on

Searching for my way;
I want to go away
From where I stand;
I want to move;
To another land;
To the promised land;
So I am searching
For my way;
Failure is not my land;
Poverty is not my lot;
For a life of wealth,
I am ordained;
I want to go
To a land of riches;
Where abundance flows;
And poverty unavailable;
That is where
I want to live;
The rest of my life.
There, I will live.
And so I will search on
For my way till I find.

Yadingo makes it 2

Yadingo cried as he had never cried before. He found it hard to believe that his stay in college had come to an end.

He loved the institution. It was his dream college He had worked for it; and prayed for it; and both his hard work and prayers had been rewarded. He was among the few who passed the interview to go to the prestigious institution.

Great was his joy when this happened. He saw a bright future for himself. He knew he would keep soaring higher and higher; and for that, he thanked God.

Unfortunately, his joy was short lived. Small as the school fees was, his father could not afford it; and the principal asked him to leave. He had no choice but to obey.
First, he wailed as if someone had died. Then packed his bag and left.

(To be continued)

Yadingo makes it

Yadingo was poor; but refused to let poverty put him down.

He had a dream, and was determined to fight for it come true.

He had read many’from- rags-to-riches’ stories which narrated how people with very poor backgrounds found their way to ivory towers.

inspired by such thrilling stories, Yadingo decided that he would, someday, be somebody in his country to reckon with; why not beyond?

(To be continued)

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Quote ( self-made man

“Are you among those people that I hear others calling self-made men or who boast that they are self-made? That is not true. No one is a self-made man. If you see someone sitting at the mountain-top of success, know that they did not get there by themselves. Unless other people help, you cannot get anywhere.” Romilia Quotes

Quote (love of money)

“To love money is not an evil thing as many of us tend to paint it. We are the ones who have made it look so. It is only by loving money that we can attract it to us. If you see someone who is rich, that is someone who loves money. There is a law of nature which attracts the things we love to us and repels the things we hate. You must stop blaming people for loving money and start loving money yourself if you want to be rich. If you don’t, I can guarantee you will die poor.” (Romilia Quotes)