What the world needs

As I look critically at society and its people,
On my journey to find how people
Make the most of their lives,
And how people can
Make the most of their lives,
I find many people
Who are unable to get to the top
Quick to think negatively about
Those who are at the top;
Or who are making their way to the top;
It’s not everybody who gets to the top
Through foul means;
It’s a false belief that the good guys
Always end last in the race of life;
One mustn’t be unscrupulous
To get to the top;
One mustn’t dirty one’s hands to make it big;
I have never believed in getting what one wants
Through unscrupulous means;
To enrich oneself through foul means
Or to gain power through unscrupulous means
Is to make oneself an elephant on sandy feet;
It is possible to become rich
Without cheating anyone;
It is possible to rise to power in a clean way;
That is what I want for you;
That is what the world needs;
That people realize their full potential in clean ways;
In ways that are right;
In ways that don’t break any law, human or divine.


If success flows with ease……

If success flows with ease…
If to someone success flows easily,
If it flows with ease,
Take it not for granted;
Let that not surprise you;
And don’t conclude they were born
With a silver spoon in their mouth.
If to someone success seems natural,
Do not say they are divinely blessed
With a golden touch;
That everything they do by nature becomes gold.
it is not a question of being born
With a golden spoon in the mouth;
Or being born
With a golden touch.
It is rather that
You focus your attention only on
The wealth in which they swim;
And it bids your imagination ;
You think they work very little
But get so much in return;
Hardly do you think about where
They are coming from.
Hardly do you see the path
Through which they have traveled.
They did not jump onto where they are.
They worked hard to build a solid foundation.
There was a time to work;
Now is the time to enjoy.
They built their factory for wealth;
Today it is manufacturing;
Producing the fruits.

Daily Chat Forum No 9 Races

Are there superior and inferior races in the world? Some people say all human beings are born equal. How true is this? Is there equality in this world?

Think of those living in the poorest countries of the world and compare them with those in the richest countries. What can be done to reduce the gap between the people of the world created by extreme riches and extreme poverty?

Let’s chat.

Rich in friends

My lovely fellow blogger Marianne, founder of the blog “Along the Side of the Road” found at https://alongthesideoftheroad.wordpress.com/ inspired me through a comment on my site to write this poem:

Rich in friends

If you are rich in friends,
You are rich indeed;
If you are poor in friends,
You are poor indeed;
Friends are a treasure;
Friends are gold;
You can’t buy a true friend;
You get for free;
But their value is immense;
Have no gold;
Have no money;
Have no car or mansion;
But have a true friend;
And you are rich indeed;
The richest man in the world.
Rich in friends, rich indeed.

Thank you Marianne! Always throw nice words as you go along. You don’t know how far they can go. You can reblog this on your site so your friends may appreciate what your inspiration has done. Any other person is free to reblog, tweet, or share.

Study or hire expertise

People study the secrets
Of riches,
Or hire those who know them
To work for them;
If they want
To become rich.

People study the secrets
Of power,
Or hire those who know the
Secrets of power to work for them,
If they want
To win and keep power.

People study the secrets
Of marriage;
Or get advice from those who know
The secrets of marriage,
If they want to succeed
In marriage.

People study the secrets
Of public relations;
Or hire expertise
On public relations
If they want to succeed
In public relations.

People study the secrets
Of international co-operation;
Or hire expertise on the subject
If they want to succeed
In international co-operation.

Whatever you want to succeed
In anything,
Study it;
Or higher someone who masters it
To work for you;
You will succeed in it.

Give poverty a knock out blow

Make not poverty a friend;
Make not poverty a bedfellow;
Give poverty a hit;
Give poverty a hard hit;
Give poverty a hard hit on the head;
Give poverty a blow if this word you prefer;
Give poverty a hard blow;
Give poverty a hard, knock-out blow;
Give poverty a knock-out;
And once and for all,
Get it out of your life.

From prison to throne?

Yes! A prisoner can take the throne. More precisely, one can go from prison to the throne.

“Any man may rise from poverty to become king of his country, or go from prison to the throne.” Eccl.4:13-14.

We see this,  don’t we?

There are thousands, if not millions of rags-to-riches stories in the world. There are people among us today, who were unable to afford a meal a day in their childhood days, but who today are billionaires. If they are able to do it, any other person can do it; and why not you? You can, if you want to; and believe you can. I won’t tell you how until you want it enough to ask me. You may do that in the comment column.

The other part of the quotation is also true. Those who know the legendary Nelson Mandela know this was what happened to him. He left prison to the throne and ended up as one of the greatest men in the world. People go from mud to ivory towers.

There is no excuse for you not to become the person you like to become. Do you want to become rich? Do you want to get to a throne tomorrow? Do you want to live in an ivory tower? These may look like impossible dreams to you but they are not. There are people today who look like they may never become anything but who will achieve them tomorrow.

You could be one of them.

Do you know the only person standing on your way? It’s you. If you decide now what you want to become and throw your full weight in it, you will surely succeed. If you don’t get exactly what you want, you will get something better that God has reserved for you.

Maximize your earnings

After my post on small can be big, Tienny asked the question as to how one can maximize one’s earnings when one’s income is very small?

If your income is small you have to limit your wants. Do not try to live like a business magnate or a big public service worker when you are a housekeeper or an office cleaner. If you earn two hundred dollars you cannot live on three hundred dollars.

However, you still have to dream big even as you live a simple life. I have seen people with small salaries who have skyrocketed to the top.

They spent their money carefully. Meko earned very little; and so did not send his children to expensive schools. He made sure he followed up their school work to make up for any gaps that the lower level school they attended might have created. He did not buy them expensive clothes, toys and other things of luxury but took time to explain to them that though they were poorer than the others they were as intelligent as them and if they worked hard in school they would end up shining more than those rich ones. The children listened and worked hard. Things turned out for them as their father had told them.

The parents worked hard for the family too; and as the children were growing bigger they contributed to do work at home. Thus, they cultivated the habit of hard work. Mrs Meko was a very hard working woman. She had four farms and most of the family food came from there.

Meko saved a lot. Though he earned very little, he knew how important it was to save a good part of what he earned. He had a big dream to do business some day. He calculated and knew that if he saved a certain amount of money every month he would have enough money in ten years to start his own business.That was exactly what happened.

To save, he refrained from the things that many young people squandered their money on – drinking carelessly, running after women, buying expensive clothes etc. People knew he did not earn much so they never invited him to make donations here and there as the rich people did.

In ten years, Meko had accumulated enough capital to start a sales business. He went in for raw food business. It grew fast. Five years after he started, his life changed. One of his children who had worked very hard won a scholarship to study in the US. Two years later, another child followed. Within seven years all their children were abroad. The status of the family changed. Some of those who were big people at the start were coming to them for help. Meko became able to contribute generously to his church, and for development projects.

This is just one of millions of stories of people around the world who start off very humbly and end up in the sky. Earning a small salary can be a great blessing if you know how to manage your resources.

I hope this post helps someone somewhere who has only a small salary to make it big someday.All is to plan and manage your resources well. If you do this, small will become big.

Of course, anybody who earns a good salary and manages it well will be very well placed too. If on the other hand you earn big and manage poorly you can end up worse than someone who might have been your clerk in the office.

The whole thing thus lies on financial management.However small your earning is, maximize it.

The rich and the poor.

What type of life do you believe God has destined for you? A poor, a rich or a very rich life? What do you think is the main difference between those who are poor and those who are very rich? Do you know why 90% of people in the world are poor?

Experts say what makes some people rich and some poor is their belief.

The rich guys believe in money; that they can make it; that they have a right to be rich; that they are born to be rich. Because of this belief, they work hard and smart and this makes their belief come true.

The poor guys believe they are born to be poor; that they cannot be rich; that riches are not meant for everybody. Because of this belief, they do not put in much effort and this makes their belief come true.

What do you believe? Tell me what you believe about riches and I will tell you how rich or poor you will be.

Do you believe you are born to be rich or to be poor? Do you believe you have or do not have the stuff that makes people rich?