If you want riches…

Do you want riches?

Go for faith;

Riches will come.

Do you want power?

Go for faith;

Power will come.

Do you want fame? Stardom?

Go for faith;

Stardom will come?

What do you want?

Go for faith;

It will come.

If you want miracles,

Go for faith;

They will come.


The rich and the poor.

What type of life do you believe God has destined for you? A poor, a rich or a very rich life? What do you think is the main difference between those who are poor and those who are very rich? Do you know why 90% of people in the world are poor?

Experts say what makes some people rich and some poor is their belief.

The rich guys believe in money; that they can make it; that they have a right to be rich; that they are born to be rich. Because of this belief, they work hard and smart and this makes their belief come true.

The poor guys believe they are born to be poor; that they cannot be rich; that riches are not meant for everybody. Because of this belief, they do not put in much effort and this makes their belief come true.

What do you believe? Tell me what you believe about riches and I will tell you how rich or poor you will be.

Do you believe you are born to be rich or to be poor? Do you believe you have or do not have the stuff that makes people rich?

Whatever you want

Whatever you want
From this world,
You can have;
If you want to be rich,
You can be rich;
If you wan to succeed,
You can succeed;
If you want to be outstanding,
You can be outstanding;
If you want to be an expert,
You can be an expert;
And its your right to be
What you want to be;
But it’s not that easy at all;
If you fail to do
That which will make you rich,
You will remain poor;
If you fail to do
What will make you
Any of these things
You will surely be none
Of these things;
Do what you should do;
And get what you should get;
Do what you should do;
And be what you should be.

Do you have a small or a big mind?



People with small minds

Easily get angry;

People with big minds

Don’t .

People with small minds

Belittle others;

People with big minds uplift others;

People with small minds

See nothing good in others.

People with big minds

See everything good in others.

People with small minds

Easily become discouraged.

People with big minds

Hardly become discouraged.

People with small minds,

Easily surrender.

People with big minds

Hardly surrender

People with small minds

Have small dreams;

People with big minds

Have big dreams;.

People with small minds

Believe their place is at the bottom;

People with big minds

Believe their place is at the top,

People with small minds

Believe they were born to suffer;

People with big minds

Believe they were born to enjoy.

People with small minds

Believe they were born to be poor

And live in poverty;

People with big minds

Believe they were born to be rich

and live in opulence;.

Are you a person with a

A small mind

Or a person with

A big mind?

Tne real secret of riches

DSCN0479Who does not want to be rich? What is the real secret of riches. You will often hear a lot of negative things said about riches; but the truth is riches are worthwhile. Riches can be good. It all depends, of course, on how we get our riches and what use we make of them.

Ill-gotten riches are not good. Also riches that are not used for good are not good.

If there is any way you know to earn riches honestly and use them for good purposes, be as rich as you can.With riches you can do a lot of good in the world. There are billions of people who are suffering and dying because of poverty. With riches you will not lack people to help.

What is the secret of riches?wait for meYou have to want to be rich enough if you want to be rich. If you do, you will be able to do the other things that are necessary for you to be rich. In other words, if you want to be rich enough, you will find yourself searching for ways to be rich; and if you search enough, you will find.

Let’s re-share the earth’s resources.

The world is sufferingOnce you


A problem of sharing.

Some have too much.

Some have too little.

Some swim in abundance.

Some swim in misery.

Some live in heaven on earth.

Some live in hell on earth.

What do you suggest we doIMG_0182

To change this shameful situation?

Shameful because on the same planet

Some cannot be swimming in wealth

While others are perishing in misery.

What do you think?

How did we come to this?

You are here for a purpose


Your purpose hereDo you know your purpose?

You are here for a purpose.

You aren’t  here by mistake.

You are here by God’s design;

The product of his divine wisdom;

Put here for a mission;

A mission that none else can accomplish.

Get hold of your purpose

That you may do the will of He that put you here.

Dreams of Riches

Everyday millions of people around the world, if not more, dream of riches. They want to be rich and enjoy the things that riches bring. They admire and perhaps envy those who are rich and swim in wealth.

Many of these dreams end up being shattered. Only a few become rich.

Why are riches so difficult to come by? What is the secret of riches?

What would you tell a young person who comes to you seeking advice on how to become rich in this world?

Our story

Once upon a time, birds got to a new forest to settle.  The young birds settled on  the fresh trees with many leaves and pushed the old bird to settle on the dry tree that had no fresh leaves. They were happy and laughed at the old bird for settling on a tree with no eaves.

The old bird told them, “we must wait and see who is luckier in the end.”

The young birds laughed and said they were the luckier ones.

One day, the woodcutters came to cut down the for plank. They cut down all the fresh trees on which the young birds had settled destroying all the nests.

Considering that the dry tree on which the old bird had settled was of no use left it alone. The old bird’s nest was saved.

The young birds then understood that what an old man can see sitting down, a young man cannot see standing on the tallest tree.

Young people must listen to their parents and treat them with love and care. Do not say that your parents are old and of no use to you. If you wave their wisdom aside and proudly do what you like you are heading for doom.

Thoughts to ponder

The most successful people in the world are not those who sit and wait for opportunities to be tossed at them; but those who create their own opportunities as they journey through life.


The kid of people who surround you and the kind of people you most interact with determine the what you become and the kind of life you live.

Do you worry about what has happened and what may happen? One thing to know about worrying is it does not solve a problem. Instead, it can make a situation worse.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. That is why every step that you take in life counts. Step by step, a journey of one thousand kilometers is accomplished.Follow WORLD YOUTH RALLY  on Facebook

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A millionaire at 27? YOUNG SHALL GROW

Yes. He is called Anton Ivanov. He is 27-years old. He has made himself a millionaire.

Don’t say you are too young to be rich. No one is too young to be rich. You must use those brains God gave you and do whatever you really want to do.

I read with a lot of passion the story of Anton Ivanov to discover the secret of his wealth at his age when older people toil all their lives in vain.

Read what I discovered:

  • He had a burning desire to become a millionaire.
  • He read a lot of books on how to build wealth.
  • He got the right habits and principles of success and used them.
  • He was a great saver.
  • He invested well.
  • He had the courage to rake calculated risks.
  • He had a mature outlook on life.
  • He lived a frugal lifestyle.
  • He worked very hard.
  • He planned his work very well.

Read what he says: “I’m a testament that if you want something bad enough and you keep working towards it…you will get to where you want to go.”

I find this young man very great. What of you?

Does his strategy inspire you? Would you like to know more about it to follow his example and become the next millionaire? Say it in the comment box. Take note: one is never too young or too old to become rich.

Anton is just doing what others are doing and making millions. if you do same you will get the same results.



You’rE never too young

to be rich;

Never too old

To be rich.

Young or old,

You can be rich.

Strong or rich

You can be rich.

Riches are meant for all:

The young and the old.

The handsome and the ugly;

The strong and the weak.

Riches are meant for all.

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