If the election were rigged

‘What if the election were rigged?” Akabi asked her friend,Suze. Both of them had been dumbfounded when they got the final results. They had not expected or hoped for such results.

‘That is not impossible,” responded Suze. “Politicians are capable of anything; especially when they have money. But I wonder if anyone can do it and go free.”

“I think we are at the beginning of some real drama,” said Akabi. ‘What the days or months or years ahead may have in stock is hard to say.”

Akabi and Suze talked on and on. What they discussed was what was being discussed in many homes. The idea that the election might have been rigged was growing stronger and stronger in the country.

Election-rigging was nothing new any way. It was the method unscrupulous politicians used to climb to power without the mandate of the people.

Everywhere people were wondering if Akamancho’s victory was genuine or the election had been rigged in his favor. They wondered what would happen if it was later found that it had actually been rigged.


American election rigged?

Wonders shall never end.
Can you imagine even for one moment
That an American election is rigged?
If an American election is rigged,
Then where are we?
We look up to them as the ideal.
If an American election is rigged,
Aren’t we finished?
They are our example
Of free and fair elections.
If an American election is rigged,
What a blow to democracy that would be?
They are the champions of democracy.
It is hard to believe
An American election can be rigged.
I am waiting to see;
No one knows;
Times have changed and like many people,
They may preach virtue but practice vice;
Wonders shall never end.