Quote (Church)

“I think the Church is declining in the West and rising in Africa. It is not something to joke about. You should read the writing on the wall. The West has to sit up. There’s no doubt about it.”


If you hear the bell (Be inspired today 245 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you hear the bell
It rings
To get the people up;
It’s time you rise;
No time to waste in bed;
We sleep when to sleep;
And get up when to do so;
Each thing at its time;
That’s how to run your life.
Do otherwise
And see the days fleet by
And you have nothing
To show.
Life demands wisdom
And a heavy dose of care.
If not you blow it.
Who wants to blow it?
Do you?

Tested time and again

If you are like me, then you are tested time and again to see if you stand by your beliefs. Are you? That would be normal.

I am tested time and again to see if I stand by what I teach or encourage others to do. Many times I have performed poorly in the test; but this does not discourage me. Sometimes we rise and sometimes we fall, don’t we? Sometimes we stand strong and sometimes we are weak. The ideal is to keep on trying; to be conscious of what we should do and keep striving to do it even when we have tried and failed.

I have been trying a number of things on this site since yesterday. I haven’t succeeded. I am tempted to quit. Should I? That would be preaching virtue and practicing vice. I’ll keep on until I make it.

That is the spirit. Keep on with what you are doing if you know it’s good. Keep at it till you make it. That’s me. That should be you too. If discouragement seems overwhelming, shout out to me. I ‘ll come and stand by you. That is what is meant by journeying together.


It doesn’t go to all

IMG_20151108_164727Success is what everybody runs after;IMG_20151108_154155
For no one wants at all to suffer;
And to enjoy this rare commodity,
You must work hard with fidelity;
Success doesn’t go to all who seek it;
It only goes to those found fit;
And for being fit I say you are;
As any other can see even from afar;
In search of success you will rise and fall,
But when you find it you will stand tall;
And on your face you will put all the smiles;
And you and yours will live new lives.

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Quote fiveThere is nothing humanly possible that you cannot do if you are determined enough and work hard enough.


Quote seven
Knowing that you can achieve anything you set all your heart on, are you ready to set your heart on a lofty goal and go for it with all your heart? Be straight on this. Do not waver. Wavering is inviting failure. If you want it and state it clearly and emphatically, you place yourself in an excellent position to get it. So make yourself clear.Are you ready or not to set a lofty goal for yourself in life and go for it?