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“Common sense demands that you don’t take a risky road to show you are brave, when there is a safe road to get to your destination.” (Romilia quote)


Be inspired today 26 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Take risks

One of my best books is The Impossible is possible by John Mason.

One line that has captured my attention in this book is, “You can’t get your head above water if you never stick your neck out.”

I believe these words. We all should take note of this truth.

Further, John tells us,

“If you never take risks, you’ll never accomplish great things.”

This is so important. If you want to accomplish great things, you must not fear to take risks.

Give it a try

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What if you give it a try?
A dog won’t bite you;
And you could as well win big;
Don’t fear too much
That you may lose;
Give it a shot;
You never can know
What will happen unless
You give it a try;
Of course, it takes courage;
But which, for sure, you have;
I encourage you
To give it a try;
Give that new idea a try;
Give the new venture a try;
Does it look impossible?
Is it risky?
It may as well be,
But give it a try;
Only that way can you know
Whether or not
It is worth the while.

Do you have the courage to succeed in a big way?

Do you have mettle
To succeed in a big way?
You need backbone
To succeed big;
It takes great courage
To take the hard decisions
That bring big success;
Without such spine,
Do not hope
To make it in a way
That is outstanding;
You have to risk to do so;
And to risk,
You need mettle;
You need to be daring;
You need courage.
Do you have that courage?
Decide today
That you will muster
Whatever courage you need
To take the risks
That are necessary,
To make it big
As you want it to be.

Decide rightly today!

Decide for yourself today;
Decide what you want;
Decide what you like:
Decide where you will be:
Decide your place in life;
Decide your position;
Decide how to go;
Decide how to come;
Decide when to go;
Decide when to come;
Decide who to go with;
Decide who to drop;
Decide what to take along.

Dear beloved,
Life is built on decisions. Another word for decision is choice. When you decide, you make a choice. When you make a choice, you decide. And those choices or decisions are what build your life.

You have to be careful about the choices or decisions that you take. Prudence is advised. At the same time, you have to be daring. Do not be too prudent. Do not fear to risk; but take wise risks.

A wise risk is one that is well calculated. It is looking at all the sides of an issue and though the chance of success may be only a little higher, you decide to do it all the same.

A wise risk is not doing a thing despite the fact that there is every indication that you will fail.

That is a foolish risk or a foolish decision to take.

Often, we become too prudent and miss many of our opportunities. You will never leave your footprints on the ground if you are always going on tiptoes.

God will guide you to take the right decisions, make the right choices and take good risks. All you need is to put your trust in him; depend on him; surrender to him.

Yes! Turn to God every time for guidance when you want to take a decision or make a choice. He will guide you to do it rightly.

Do you remember?


Do you remember
The last time
You got scared?
Do you remember
The last time
You got embarrassed?
Do you remember
The last time
You got disappointed?
Do you remember
The last time
You got hurt?

How often do you
Get scared?
How often do you
Become embarrassed?
How often do you
Get disappointed?
How often do you
Get hurt?

If you are not
Often scared,
If you are not
Often embarrassed,
If you are not
Often disappointed,
If you are not
Often hurt,
It means
You don’t often take

When you go prudently,
You avoid
Being scared;
You avoid
Being embarrassed;
You avoid
Being disappointed;
You avoid
Being hurt.

When you are too prudent,
Success avoids you.
Success goes to those
Who embrace risk;
Success loves
Those who love
Taking chances.

SIWO Creative Writing Trigger 2

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SIWO’s creative writing trigger today is RISK. Write whatever you like about the word RISK. You have the leeway to write a story that talks about risk, create a poem, give a quote, or a joke etc.

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Four success quotes

“Someone with a success mindset is usually inspired by the success of others to fight harder to succeed. The one with a failure mindset instead feels intimidated and discouraged by the success of others. Instead of emulating them to become successful, they give up and blame others, unfavorable circumstances or ill-luck for their inability to succeed.

(Romilia Quotes)

2. “Don’t try to discourage me. I am too tough to be discouraged. That is what sets me apart from the crowd. ”

(Romilia Quotes)

3. “If you are comfortable in your comfort zone, do not envy those who are shining. If you want to shine, get out of your comfort zone. Try new things. Try new ways. Be brave.” (Romilia Quotes)

4. “To risk is must if you want to make it big. Nobody makes it big with taking bug calculated risks.” (Romilia Quotes)

We can know if you will win

We can know
If you will win,
From your level
Of determination.

We can know
If you will win,
From the way
You fight.

We can know
If you will win,
From how hard
You work.

From your ability
To persist,
We can know
If you will win.

From the courage
You display,
We can know if
You will win.

From your ability
To risk
We can know if
You will win.