My love for you

My love for you
Is my breakfast;
My love for you
Is my lunch;
My love for you
Is my dinner;
My love for you
Is what I want;
My love for you
Is what keeps me
Very happy;
My love for you
Is the key;
My love for you
Will never die.


Love promise

I have a place for you
In my heart;
A place no one else can
Ever fill;
This, I want you to know;
I want you to assure me
You are there for me;
In my heart, love burns
For you;
This is a love I have
Never known before;
I thank God that I met you;
I promise to love you
All the rest of my life.
I like you to promise same:

That you sincerely love me.

I wish to hear from you

Thank you
For thinking of me;
And sending me word
That you still
Think of me;
Can this be
The beginning of
A new beginning?
I feel excited;
I am still to come
To terms
With the fact that
You left me
For another;
How could you do that?
After all that
we have done
And all the love
We professed
For each other;
I keep hoping
That one day
You will come back
To me;
Can this be
The time?
Truly, I am excited;
And wish to hear
From you.
My heart still burns
For you;
And I believe
This will go for
A long time;
I recall with joy
How we started;
We thought of no other
But us;
I remember how
I anxiously waited
For you everyday
To come back home.
We were mad about
Each other;
Then all of a sudden
Our love hit the rocks;
I am so lonely;
Shall we revive our love?
That is what
I love to hear.

A Real- Life Love Story Of A Sailor And His Queen

He went onboard for 6 months again. And that ‘Long-Distance-Love’ phase struck us again. But, the wait for the calls and video calls was worth it all. It was difficult for me but he always gave me strength. He made sure that he gave me all his time when on port and wrote to me each day without fail no matter how tired he was.  To read more please CLICK HERE:-

I keep thinking of you

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Today, I got up very early;
What got me up was a dream
I had about you;
It was a sweet dream about you;
I felt raised above the ordinary;
Joy filled my heart as never before;
And can you guess what?
I have been thinking of you since;
Which is not uncommon for me anyway,
As far as you are concerned;
I keep thinking a lot of you and me;
Sometimes, this goes for hours;
I just find myself thinking
And thinking ceaselessly of you;
Many times I have tried to remove
My mind from you,
But each time I try,
My thoughts only go back to you;
The more I try, the more I think
Of you;
And the more I think of you,
The more I want to be with you.

I will faint

It looks like I will faint;
Do you know why?
Because I love you more
Than I can stand;
I’m happy to talk love
With you every blessed minute;
Nothing else interests me;
When I am with you
It’s love I want us
To talk about;
Haven’t you noticed that
My love for you is burning
My heart?
And that I can go crazy?
Nothing is as sweet as that
I love you.
Are you happy about our love
As I am?
You must stay with me now
And for ever.
Don’t say you will leave me
Because I will faint.

Thanks for your love

I was so lonely before
I met you;
Where were you?
It was so sad being
All alone;
I had no one to chat with;
My heart was full of
Sad thoughts;
I was so sad I thought
I would die.

Thank God I found you;
Everything changed;
See how happy I am;
I swim in your love;
I feel like
I will never die.
I thank you
For your sweet love;
I will always love you.