Love that delivers

Let’s sandpaper our love;
It’s surface is too rough
For my liking;
It’s as rough as a road
With potholes and bumps;
That make driving on it
A night mare;
What kind of love is this?
I don’t want the jitters
I am having;
Is that what love should be?
I want it no more;
We must sandpaper it truly;
It has to be smooth
And productive.
Love that delivers the goods.


Nothing is perfect

How was your day?
Has it been a rough sea
Or a smooth sea for you?
For me, it has been rough;
But that is not all;
It has been thrilling also;
Reflecting a great reality
Of life;
That the good and the bad
Go together always;
The walk hand in gloves;
A thing will be good
To some people,
And unacceptable to others;
Our ancestors put it so well:
“One man’s meat
Is another man’s poison”;
Nothing is perfect;
God alone is.
Stop wasting time
Looking for perfection
Which you will never find.

If you are diligent

The journey to success
Is not an easy one;
Never has it been;
And never will it be;
If someone tells you
It is an easy road,
Do not believe it;
For such a person
Tells a lie;
To deceive you;
The road to success
Is like the road
To paradise;
Which has never been
And will never be
Anyone who hopes
For a smooth ride
Will be disappointed;
Get ready
For a rough ride;
The road to success
Is full of rocks;
And potholes;
As slippery as
You cannot imagine;
Many have fallen
Never to rise again;
If you are diligent,
You will make it.
If you are not,
You will fall
And crack your skull;
And that will be all;
Are you diligent?
You better be,
And you will make it;
You will have
Not a smooth ride,
A successful trip.

If your road is rough

If your road is rough,
You are not alone;
My road has been rough;
Filled with many storms;
I had a tough time
To find my way through;
But thank God for that;
A big lesson I got to learn;
Today, I am strong;
And stand on my legs;
Will always stand my ground;
Whether or not the wind
Is strong,
Firmly, I will stand;
And if the storm becomes
Too strong,
Flat down, will I go;
And with a jump
To bounce back,
When the storm is gone;
If, like mine, your road
Is rough,
Do not attempt to give up;
You must remain strong;
And hold fast to what
You’re doing;
Soon the storm will pass.
And tall and strong
You must stand.
You are not quitter material;
You are champion stuff.
If your road is rough,
You are champion stuff.

Short cut to success?

Short cut to riches?
who says there is
A short cut to riches?
Is there a short cut to success?
None that I know;
I know no short cut to success;
I know no short cut to riches;
I know no short cut to
I know no short cut to the summit
Of the mountain of life;
If a short cut is what you
Are looking for,
You may look and look and look;
But you will not find;
Always, the road is long and rough;
But if you know how to go about it,
You will sail through safely;
The shore is at your reach;
The shore is reachable;
Don’t depart from where you are
Without having reached the shore
Where safety is better to shadow
The road, the quarters help you on.

Ready determined resolved

What a day I find so tough!
The path to travel so rough;
Potholes here and there;
My heart beats with fear
As I toil to make it work;
Yet, I crow like a cock;
Of one thing, I am happy;
Hence I jump like a puppy;
How right now I feel,
I feel as strong as steel;
Also, in my heart I am brave;
Enough courage I have;
The odds, I am ready to face;
Determined to run the race;
Big, I am resolved to make it
Whatever challenges I hit;
Nothing will put me down;
Elsewhere or in this town;
Here and now I take a vow;
No stumbling-block will I allow
To stand on my way
Or to destroy my day;
I will turn it into a backbone;
And will call it a stepping-stone;
Whatever the odds, I will ensure
I make my success sure.

The road to success

The road leading to success
Is not smooth.
The road leading to success
Is rough and full of potholes.
The road leading to success
Is not bright;
The road leading to success
Is sometimes very dark;
The road leading to success
Is not always straight;
The road leading to success
Is sometimes full of bends.
Let not the roughness;
The potholes,
The bends,
or the darkness discourage you;