Nothing will hold me back

Do you know my problem?
Only time!
Yes, only time
Can stop me;
Nothing will hold me back;
Only time can knock me out;
Otherwise, nothing else;
Time has that capability
Of stopping me;
But if time doesn’t stop me,
I will make it;
And make it big;
It’s no easy task;
That I know;
And know very well;
But I like it;
I really don’t like it easy;
Easy tasks don’t challenge;
How can you wake up
From slumber?
How can you get up
The sleeping giant inside you?
Through challenges;
I love them!
They are cute;
I always do all to rise
To my challenges.
If time is on my side,
I know what I will do.
I am taking on tough plans;
Daunting challenges,
And will see them through.
You don’t shy away
From the tough moments;
Rough roads are often great.

Love that delivers

Let’s sandpaper our love;
It’s surface is too rough
For my liking;
It’s as rough as a road
With potholes and bumps;
That make driving on it
A night mare;
What kind of love is this?
I don’t want the jitters
I am having;
Is that what love should be?
I want it no more;
We must sandpaper it truly;
It has to be smooth
And productive.
Love that delivers the goods.

Nothing is perfect

How was your day?
Has it been a rough sea
Or a smooth sea for you?
For me, it has been rough;
But that is not all;
It has been thrilling also;
Reflecting a great reality
Of life;
That the good and the bad
Go together always;
The walk hand in gloves;
A thing will be good
To some people,
And unacceptable to others;
Our ancestors put it so well:
“One man’s meat
Is another man’s poison”;
Nothing is perfect;
God alone is.
Stop wasting time
Looking for perfection
Which you will never find.

If you are diligent

The journey to success
Is not an easy one;
Never has it been;
And never will it be;
If someone tells you
It is an easy road,
Do not believe it;
For such a person
Tells a lie;
To deceive you;
The road to success
Is like the road
To paradise;
Which has never been
And will never be
Anyone who hopes
For a smooth ride
Will be disappointed;
Get ready
For a rough ride;
The road to success
Is full of rocks;
And potholes;
As slippery as
You cannot imagine;
Many have fallen
Never to rise again;
If you are diligent,
You will make it.
If you are not,
You will fall
And crack your skull;
And that will be all;
Are you diligent?
You better be,
And you will make it;
You will have
Not a smooth ride,
A successful trip.

If your road is rough

If your road is rough,
You are not alone;
My road has been rough;
Filled with many storms;
I had a tough time
To find my way through;
But thank God for that;
A big lesson I got to learn;
Today, I am strong;
And stand on my legs;
Will always stand my ground;
Whether or not the wind
Is strong,
Firmly, I will stand;
And if the storm becomes
Too strong,
Flat down, will I go;
And with a jump
To bounce back,
When the storm is gone;
If, like mine, your road
Is rough,
Do not attempt to give up;
You must remain strong;
And hold fast to what
You’re doing;
Soon the storm will pass.
And tall and strong
You must stand.
You are not quitter material;
You are champion stuff.
If your road is rough,
You are champion stuff.

Short cut to success?

Short cut to riches?
who says there is
A short cut to riches?
Is there a short cut to success?
None that I know;
I know no short cut to success;
I know no short cut to riches;
I know no short cut to
I know no short cut to the summit
Of the mountain of life;
If a short cut is what you
Are looking for,
You may look and look and look;
But you will not find;
Always, the road is long and rough;
But if you know how to go about it,
You will sail through safely;
The shore is at your reach;
The shore is reachable;
Don’t depart from where you are
Without having reached the shore
Where safety is better to shadow
The road, the quarters help you on.

Ready determined resolved

What a day I find so tough!
The path to travel so rough;
Potholes here and there;
My heart beats with fear
As I toil to make it work;
Yet, I crow like a cock;
Of one thing, I am happy;
Hence I jump like a puppy;
How right now I feel,
I feel as strong as steel;
Also, in my heart I am brave;
Enough courage I have;
The odds, I am ready to face;
Determined to run the race;
Big, I am resolved to make it
Whatever challenges I hit;
Nothing will put me down;
Elsewhere or in this town;
Here and now I take a vow;
No stumbling-block will I allow
To stand on my way
Or to destroy my day;
I will turn it into a backbone;
And will call it a stepping-stone;
Whatever the odds, I will ensure
I make my success sure.