The road to salvation

The road to salvation
Is not smooth;
It’s full of potholes;
The road to salvation
Is not straight;
It’s full of curves or bends;
The road o salvation
Is not short;
It’s a long one.
The road to salvation
Is not easy;
It is a difficult one.
The road to salvation
Is calling;
Who is ready
To travel
This difficult road?


The road is long

The road is long and rough;
Yet, on it others have traveled;
And safely have they arrived;
Same, I will do;
I will keep on going;
I will not give up.
Bumps I will enter;
But I will come out;
I will fall;
And I will rise;
I may be discouraged;
But I will renew my spirits;
And keep on;
Until I reach where I want to go;
I am not stopping.

Yes! The road is long; but I’ll make it.IMG_20151114_122929

The rough road

Within the sweet flavor of success,
Hides the bitter taste of struggles.
When blisters fill my hands,
And sweat streaks down my spine,
I tell myself and sometimes the world at large,
How badly indeed, I’m suffering,
What I forget to note
Is a reality never to ignore;
That the rough road to travel,
Often, is the one that leads
To where the gold mine is found.