The world is round

Round, round goes the world;
The things we hate today,
May be our favourite tomorrow;
And what we love today,
We may hate tomorrow;
Today’s little Kids,
Tomorrow’s adults;
Children today,
Parents tomorrow;
Today we start
Tomorrow we end;
Nothing stands on the spot;
Everything on the move;
Going forward,
Going upward,
Going downwards;
When the sun rises
Early in the morning,
We know in the evening
It will set.
When young, you’re energetic;
Remember old age will come;
With it will go all energy;
The tides rise,
And the tides fall;
In a circle life goes.
That is why we say
The world is round.
Round, round goes the world.

Qualified to be the best

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If you dream to be the best
May that never be laid to rest,
Knock, if no one opens, insist;
If the going is tough, persist;
Whenever you lose a round,
Make sure you stand your ground;
Master the rules of the game;
That’s what is done to get to fame;
Do well to go the way of the great;
Which is never to be afraid;
Instead, have trust in the Lord;
Who is a never failing God.
You’re where all the great started;
Yet, they got to where they ended;
You too can do the same;
And enter the hall of fame.
Do not be afraid to be the first;
You are qualified to be the best.