SIWO Global News 15th May 2018 #29

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PM meets Invictus Games athletes

Theresa May, PM and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson were at Horse Guards Parade to meet the 72 injured, sick, and wounded athletes from the military  representing UK.  It was a time of smiles and a photo shoot.  The Invictus Games  is wonderful idea of Prince Harry’s.  While travelling back to Britain from Afghanistan, he wanted to improve the quality of life for the injured fellow soldiers he was travelling with.  Soldiers from many countries are taking part and it has helped them in their journey of recovery. The Prince is busy with his wedding preparations an.  The Games will be held in Sydney, Australia in October.

U.N. Security Council Live

Live session of the U.N. Security Council was televised showing many countries, such as China, Turkey, South Africa and the EU with  the UK Ambassador to the UN as spokesperson calling on Israel to restrain from using live ammunition against the protesters.  This emergency situation arose due  to the killing of 62 Palestinians mostly young people.  Israel’s Ambassador to  the UN together with the US Ambassador was saying no country would tolerate attack on her border therefore the right action was taken.  The US rejected an inquiry into the matter and it has been suggested that the US has become part of the problem not the solution. Israel and US felt there were men from Hamas among the protesters and they were using the innocent prople as human shields In order to get through the fence.  It was a divided assembly even the U.N. Special    Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process spoke passionately about finding a solution quick before the situation worsens.  Two States, Israel and Palestine living next too each other  in peace is the goal to strive for.

Floods in South India, Go a and Sri Lanka.

Heavy rainfrainfall has caused flooding in South India.  The samegsame goes for Goa and Sri Lanka.

Royal Wedding Countdown

The World Press have arrived in the UK, specifically to Windsor for the wedding of the year. Saturday is the day and many tourists and well wishers have come too.  Wishing the couple well is the general consensus as to every problem there is an answer.

Inspirational Story

Where do you serve?

A nurse held a birthday party for her two year old.  She invited her colleague’s six year old daughter and the all the children had immense fun.  On the way home the six year old wanted her mother to take her to the Mall to look at toys, gifts and take pictures.  As children do, the little girl thought it was too early to go home.  While in the shop a lady dropped one of her items.  The nurse took it over and said, ” You don’t want to miss this precious item to give to your special someone.” The lady indicated it was for her mother, who is going to like it and the two shook hands and introduced themselves.  The nurse noticed the texture of the lady’s hands and mentioned that she must be busy.  “Oh yes, I serve in an airline company”, the lady replied.  The nurse added, “It must be exciting being an air stewardess.”

‘I served as an accountant for 5 years,  I had a great time serving there, I liked  numbers,  but I quit to study marketing.  Though suggesting she could probably still do both,  the nurse could see the steely determination of the lady.  They parted ways with another handshake and goodbyes.  What struck the nurse was the lady’s emphasis on the word ‘SERVE’.  She saw how ‘WORK’ always so sounded like ‘LABOUR’ This stranger had given her something to think about and share the essential essence of serving to many people.  Work is Labour that earns money or benefits.   Serve is service stretching out to help graciously with no demands for rewards yet it is motivating.

We normally ask, “Where do you work?”  So next time, try saying,   “Where do you serve?, or ” I serve in a …………company or in a hospital” as the case may be.  Remember your title or role doesn’t matter your heart matters.

Content from BBC news, Al Jazeera, TRT World, Sunny Skyz.



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SIWO Global News 14th May 2018 #28

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Balancing Celebrations in Israel

One hand there is celebration of the 70th anniversary of Israel, and on the other hand there is mourning of 55 Palestinian killed by soldiers and 1000 more injured, some of whom are not even of teenage. The opening of the US Embassy went ahead with many European countries voicing their disapproval.  South Africa has recalled their Ambassador.  Peace be to Jerusalem for all who dwell in her.

The MI5 Boss

Mr Andrew Parker was visible to the world publicly and strong in his rebuke of those who are forces of threat to UK, Europe and the world.  He mentioned terrorism and the use of nerve agents, and encouraged the EU and UK security to continue working together.

Tackling Obesity in Children

In Manchester statistics show that in the Reception class of 3-4 year olds, 25% of children are overweight.  By the time they reach Year 6, the end of primary education, 40% of them are overweight.  The measurements of the children are going to be done yearly, in order to review each child’s progress.  The work will have the input of the parents, carers and the Head teachers.  Taking active part will help families and schools to work together for the common cause of the health of the younger generation.

India Dust Clouds

Dust clouds continue to cause havoc and fatalities in the States of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.  Reports are of 70 dead and many injured over the weekend.

Royal Wedding Week

Like most couples Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must be checking off their to do list.  In the meantime, everyone else or most people excited about weddings per se are speculating about her dress, tiara, bouquets etc etc. The town of Windsor has been freshened up for the occasion and sales of souvenirs have increased

Inspirational Story

A Vet’s Unique Mobile Business

Before midnight of the 3rd of March 2009 a plan-to-action moment happened that made Dr Wendy McClelland an entrepreneur.  The vet drove around the icy streets of her town, Airdrie, Alta, in her green Saburu Outback posting the homes with milkbone doggie treats and flyers.

She was advertising her new Mobile veterinary business.  She got 2 calls the next day, she was excited.  Validation came of the need for her unique  business when a dozen calls followed in the ensuing days and weeks.

 Today, Vet To Go  employs 31 people and is a compassionate in-home care one-stop business.  Its spot was 72 on the 2017 Profit 500, a ranking by the Fastest -Growing Companies in Canada.

Dr Wendy McClelland is the Chief Medical Officer, and co-owner with Greg Habstritt, a series entrepreneur who started advising the business on service, product, accounting, branding, in fact all aspects of business not familiar to her. They diversified into many areas after surveying their clients’ needs and when a request increases, examples are for pharmacy, food(dietary) delivery, complimentary work, pet accessories, hi-tech clinic with a pharmacy and also a theatre to perform more complicated operations and a Paws to Rest.

Vets To Go has loyal following and clients spend more on pet accessories than on toys for their children.  Clients like the stress free care they and their pets feel because it is given in the comfort of their own home.  Dr Wendy McClelland wants any new service to elevate the quality of life for everyone; the staff,  the client and the pets.


Content from BBC news, Channel 4 news,

Reported: Susanna Dziworshie

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SIWO Global News 29th April 2018 #13

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Amber Rudd has just resigned as Home Secretary of the British government. The news came as I was writing on the SIWO Global News. The last few days has seen not only inconsistencies in her answers, regarding her knowledge of removal targets of illegal immigrants.  It also showed a lack of authority  She was hanging on by a thread and by the end of today, the Remainer was no more in her ministerial position.  The Prime Minister Theresa May said she had accepted Amber Rudd’ s resignation.

The countdown has started to the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on 19th May 2018 at St George’s  Chapel in the grounds Windsor Castle.  It is also called The People’s Wedding because everyone is invited to celebrate with them as it will be televised. There is worldwide interest in the occasion. Why? One could say love conquers all.  All what? What other people see as obstacles such as, she is American, actress and a mixed race divorcee.

President Trump was at a rally in the US among other things he said he criticised the new site new American Embassy in South London.  Its being arranged for him to meet the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and talk about the denuclearization of the Nuclear Weapons owned by North Korea.

In Paris, the competition to find the best baguette has been won by Mahmoud M’seddi. The winning baker will now supply the Prime Minister of France with his daily bread.  The 27 year old man said, that the secret of his prize winning  loaves is in the kneading.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame is critical of the International Criminal Court based in the Hague.  He complained that, they have so far only prosecuted people from African countries.

Inspirational Story

Rebel education is being practised by Elisa Guerra at her school, Colegio Valle de Filadelfia in Mexico.  Starting with a pre-school, she now has a primary and secondary schools too.  She had volunteered for 15 years at the Institute of Achievement of Human Potential and had no desire to teach.  When she felt her son was losing his individuality at school she decided to  set up her own school.  She took what she had learnt while volunteering  and applied it to the education in her school. Children start at 3 years of age, sometimes at 2 and the teaching methods stimulate the children’s interests, skills and abilities. They are able to start using the full potential of both sides of the brain. She created a school fit for the 21st century increased by boosting brain development and motor skills.

Some of the lessons the children learn are physical activity, gymnastics, woodwork, art, music, algebra, reading, playing musical instruments, different cultures, languages and role play.  She also goes into the community to introduce the flash cards system and demonstrate how a mother’s  loving, unique soft voice was the best tool to communicate this.

With the mother siiting and facing the child, the mother tells the child  she is going to learn about parts of the body. The mother then reads the flash cards quickly in a happy voice, with the word facing the child.  Each day the flash cards must be read three times.  It is important to read to their children, it prepares them with a good level of reading, speaking and social interaction for starting school.

Despite personal and  financial challenges she succeeded and expanded to Brazil.  Elisa was nominated for the ‘Best Educator in Latin America ‘ award and she was a finalist, in the top 50 of the 2015 Global Teacher.

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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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