Don’t run away

Don’t run away
When the task at hand
Is difficult;
Don’t run away
When challenges
Raise their ugly heads
And stare at you
Straight in the eyes;
Don’t run away
When rain starts to pour
And you and you have
No umbrella;
Don’t run away
When you are required
To make an effort
But you find it difficult;
Don’t run away
And try to cover yourself
With excuses.
Excuses don’t solve any problem;
Instead they complicate them.
Don’t run away;
You will often be tempted
To run away;
But, you mustn’t;
Please, don’t run away.

Sprint don’t crawl

Why should you crawl
Like a baby
Who cannot walk
When you can run
Like a deer?
Make use of your feet;
If you want to reach
The winning line first,
Get going;
And do so on top speed.
Every runner wants
To arrive first;
Every competitor wants
To win the trophy;
And so everyone is putting
Their best effort.
You have to do same to win
Or you lose.
Effort is the prize you pay.
Make the effort;
And carry the trophy.