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UK Fugitive arrested

Spanish police arrested Jamie Acourt, who was one of the five accused of the murder of Steven Lawrence.  He was arrested on drug charges and is expected to be extradited to London.  Undercover detectives were watching him in a gym before the arrest.  He had been using false identities and protection.

UK gun law under attack

President Trump at a National Rifle Association  (NRA) criticises the level of knife crime in the UK.  He is saying because of the tough gun laws, people are taking up knives. He reckons a prestigious hospital is amass with knife wounds.  A leading surgeon in London, Prof Karim Brohi has said Trump is wrong and it is “ridiculous” to think guns would stop knife crime.

Trump and Kim Jong Un

The two leaders are to have their much broadcasted meeting in Washington.  No other details been given.

Big Hawaii Island of Earthquakes- 6.9 on Ricthter Scale

Mount Kilauea spews lava and dangerous gas, leading to the State of Emergency in Hawaii.  People are watching forests, roads and vast residential areas are being encroached by fire, lava and  fiery cracks. The latest report is of huge fissures of lava and sulphur dioxide opening up. More residents are being evacuated. Some houses have been lost.

Mission to Mars

NASA has launched a probe into  space, to the Moon.  NASA Insight Explorer headed to Mars in a six month journey, to explore deeper inside its surface, to find how the rocky planet was formed.  The European Space Agency Exomars Project  is working  with NASA. The Europeans are contributing to the mission’s Central communications and Support.

EU Next Budget 2021-2027

The next long term EU budget is put set at €1279.4BN.  Matching ambitions with resources is the key. Savings would come from Common Agricultural Policy   and Cohesion Policy.  This would make funds available for Borders, Migration and Asylum, possibly up to €33BN.  This would enable 100,000 border guards/staff.  It is expected Education and Research as well as Horizon Europe and Euratom and Erasmus projects would benefit. Other areas such as Corporate Tax and Trading can be fund sources. There is also more money among less countries as UK is leaving the EU due to Brexit.

Russian Police and Putin

Russian Police have arrested 1300 protesters who are marching against Putin.  They refer to him as acting like a Tsar.  Navalny, the opposition leader of the  protesters was dragged and carried off by the police.

Countdown to the Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle is to take the British Citizenship Test in order to become a British citizen before her marriage to Prince Harry.

Inspirational Story

Uhuru Central Park

In Nairobi, children are on their skate boards weaving through the streets.  A young man saw the need for the children to have somewhere safe to play and develop. “Four wheels and a piece of wood makes a lot of difference to their lives” Zuko said.  In the Uhuru Central Park, George Zuko of the Kenya Skateboarding Society says “some people like skating in the streets doing longboarding and going down the hill.  One long boarder started while studying in the UK. On his return he practised and watched You Tube to get better at his skills.

Kenya has only had skate boarding for ten years.   Zuko saw most of the youth sitting at home with no jobs.  Through skating they can shake off the stress  and socialise.  They decided to build  a big  skate park and with the help the International group known as SkateAid they did.  Everyone helped doing all different jobs of weeding and cement work, and Shangi Park opened in 2013. It is 1000 square metres in size.  Skaters are from 8 years old and both boys and girls enjoy competing.  The group has helped an exceptional young skater  who was homeless and uneducated to get in a home and attend school where he is excelling in his subjects.

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